2020 U Sports Championships: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


The UBC Thunderbirds enter the final day of the 2020 U Sports Swimming Championships leading both the men’s and women’s scoring. The men’s side, where they lead Calgary by 148 points, is a runaway, while the women’s margin, 43, is still confident, but not insurmountable.

The last day of competition will include long course finals in the women’s 800 free, men’s and women’s 50 breast, men’s and women’s 200 back, men’s and women’s 100 free, men’s and women’s 200 IM, men’s 1500 free, and the 400 medley relays.

The session will feature some of the biggest stars of the meet in their individual finales. Canadian Record holder Markus Thormeyer cruised through prelims of the 200 back as the 4th seed and was also the top seed in the 100 free in 48.35. After winning both the 100 back (in a new U Sports record) and the 200 free earlier in the meet, he’ll be looking for four individual wins.

Also looking for a triple will be University of Manitoba’s Kelsey Wog, who already has victories this week in the 100 and 200 breaststroke. She’ll try to add a win in the 50 breaststroke after taking the top seed in prelims by more than a second plus the 200 IM where she’s the 3rd qualifier. Emily Overholt enters finals as the top qualifier in the 200 IM, where a 4th win would add to earlier wins in the 200 free, 400 IM and 400 free.

Women’s 800 Free – Timed Final

  1. Danica Ludlow (UOFC)- 8:45.45 *U Sports meet record
  2. Marit Anderson (UOFC)- 8:52.72
  3. Megan Dalke (UBCT)- 8:53.14

The Calgary women earned a 1-2 sweep in the 800 free timed final, led by Danica Ludlow‘s U Sports record time of 8:45.45. Teammate Marit Anderson touched 0.42s ahead of UBC’s Megan Dalke.

Men’s 50 Breast – Finals

  • Meet Record: Konrad Bald, McMaster, 2015 – 28.46
  1. Cale Kooyman (UOFA)- 28.90
  2. Tengbo Yu (MCGIL)- 28.96
  3. Will Barrett (OTT)- 29.06

Alberta’s Cale Kooyman came out on top of the men’s 50 breast final, touching 0.06s ahead of McGill’s Tengo Yu. Ottawa’s Will Barrett finished in third place with a 29.06.

Women’s 50 Breast – Finals

  • Meet Record: Fiona Doyle, Calgary, 2015 – 31.11
  1. Kelsey Wog (UM)- 31.21
  2. Hillary Metcalfe (UBCT)- 32.39
  3. Marie-Laurence Godin (USHER)- 32.51

University of Manitoba’s Kelsey Wog was lethal from the start, yet fell just a tenth short off the 2015 U Sports record. Wog’s time of 31.21, on the contrary, is good enough to rank 19th in the world this season.

UBC’s Hillary Metcalfe took a narrow runner-up finish at 32.39 while Sherbrooke’s Marie-Laurence Godin took third place at 32.51.

Men’s 200 Back – Finals

  1. Markus Thormeyer (UBCT)- 1:58.54 *U Sports meet record
  2. Richie Stokes (UOFC)- 2:01.70
  3. Anders Klein (UOFC)- 2:02.57

After cruising to 4th in SCM prelims, UBC’s Markus Thormeyer was red-hot in the 200 back final. At the finish, Thormeyer stopped the clock at 1:58.54, slicing a tenth off his 2019 U Sports record. His time now moves him up to #19 in the world this season.

Calgary’s Richie Stokes (2:01.70) and Anders Klein (2:02.57) went a 2-3 finish in the final.

Women’s 200 Back – Finals

  • Meet Record: Kylie Masse, Toronto, 2019 – 2:08.70
  1. Aleksa Gold (UT)- 2:13.62
  2. Lauren Crisp (UVIC)- 2:14.84
  3. Olivia Ellard (UBCT)- 2:14.99

Aleksa Gold carried on Kylie Masse‘s 2019 legacy as she won the 200 back for Toronto at 2:13.62. Finishing in second was Victoria’s Lauren Crisp at 2:14.84, touching 0.15s ahead of UBC’s Olivia Ellard.

Men’s 100 Free – Finals

  1. Markus Thormeyer (UBCT)- 49.36
  2. Davide Casarin (OTT)- 50.51
  3. Alexander Pratt (UBCT)- 51.17

Earning his 4th win this weekend was UBC’s Markus Thormeyer, swimming the only sub-50 LCM 100 free time of the evening at 49.36. Toronto’s Davide Casarin touched in next at 50.51 while UBC’s Alexander Pratt completed a UBC 1-3 finish in the event.

Women’s 100 Free – Finals

  • Meet Record: Sandrine Mainville, Montreal, 2015 – 54.73
  1. Hoi Lam Tam (UBCT)- 55.50
  2. Aleksa Gold (UT)- 56.35
  3. Ainsley McMurray (UT)- 56.58

UBC’s Hoi Lam Tam swam not only a lifetime best but earned the Thunderbirds a dominant 100 free win at 55.50. Yet right behind Lam Tam was a Toronto 2-3 finish, led by 200 back champ Aleksa Gold (56.35) and Ainsley McMurray (56.58).

Men’s 200 IM – Finals

  • Meet Record: Montana Champagne, Ottawa, 2019 – 2:02.09
  1. Brodie Young (UBCT)- 2:04.10
  2. Brian Palaschuk (UOFR)- 2:04.50
  3. Robert Hill (UOFC)- 2:04.74

It was a tight race among the top 3 finishers in the 200 IM final, all clocking in 2:04s. Brodie Young (2:04.10) was able to touch ahead of Regina’s Brian Palaschuk (2:04.50) for another UBC Thunderbird win.

Calgary’s Robert Hill snuck in for third at 2:04.74.

Women’s 200 IM – Finals

  • Meet Record: Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, UBC, 2016 – 2:12.85
  1. Kelsey Wog (UM)- 2:10.87 *U Sports meet record
  2. Emily Overholt (UBC)- 2:12.86
  3. Hannah Genich (UT)- 2:16.98

Kelsey Wog earned her 4th win this weekend as she destroyed the U Sports meet record by nearly 2 seconds at 2:10.87. Wog’s time now ranks 10th in the world this season.

UBC’s Emily Overholt came in second at 2:12.86, good enough to rank 23rd in the world. Toronto’s Hannah Genich took the bronze at 2:16.98.

2019-2020 LCM WOMEN 200 IM

View Top 26»

Men’s 1500 Free Timed Finals

  • Meet Record: Eric Hedlin, Victoria, 2019 – 15:34.16
  1. Davide Casarin (OTT)- 15:30.55 *U Sports meet record
  2. Hau-Li Fan (UBCT)- 15:33.13
  3. Eric Hedlin (UVIC)- 15:40.17

After placing second in the 100 free final earlier in the meet, Toronto’s Davide Casarin took down the 2019 U Sports record with his title-winning time of 15:30.55. UBC’s Hau-Li Fan was also under the former record, placing second at 15:33.13.

Victoria’s Eric Hedlin took the bronze medal at 15:40.17.

2020 U Sports Most Outstanding Swimmers of the Meet/Swimmers of the Year

Women’s 400 Medley Relay – Finals

  • Meet Record: Toronto, 2019 – 4:05.55
  1. UBC (Ellard, Metcalfe, Overholt, Ham Tam)- 4:09.72
  2. Toronto (Gold, McDonald, Genich, McMurray)- 4:10.63
  3. Victoria (Crisp, Hellard, Hanus, Hedges)- 4:13.92

Men’s 400 Medley Relay – Finals

  • Meet Record: UBC, 2019 – 3:41.62
  1. UBC (Thormeyer, LeFranc, Lim, Pratt)- 3:42.55
  2. Toronto (Wall, Aylward, Nitski, Kidd)- 3:45.97
  3. Calgary (Klein, Blackmon, Hill, Latkovic)- 3:46.12

Top 5 Women’s Team Scores

  1. UBC (British Columbia) — 1092.5
  2. Toronto — 978.5
  3. Calgary — 864
  4. Victoria — 552.5
  5. Montréal — 499

Top 5 Men’s Team Scores

  1. UBC (British Columbia) — 1087
  2. Calgary — 873
  3. Toronto — 765
  4. McGill — 691
  5. Ottawa — 515.5



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4 years ago

Way to go TBirds!!

4 years ago

Wog was impressive. 36.5 BR leg of 2IM is world class

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