2019 World Junior Championships: Day 6 Prelims Live Recap


  • 50-Meter Course
  • Duna Arena, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Pool swimming: Tuesday, August 20 – Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • Heats 9:30am GMT+2 (3:30 am EDT / 12:30 am PDT)/ Semifinals and Finals 5:30pm GMT+2 (11:30am EDT / 8:30am PDT)
  • Meet site
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  • FinaTV Live Stream (subscription required)
  • Live results

Seven events are on the schedule for the last preliminary session of the 2019 FINA Junior World Championships. Four 200s are contested in Budapest in the morning where the Top-8 swimmers will advance directly into tonight’s final: The men’s 200m backstroke and butterfly and the women’s 200m breaststroke and freestyle. The last preliminary session concludes with the men’s and women’s 4x100m medley and the slower heats of the men’s 1500m freestyle.



  • WR 1:51.92 PEIRSOL Aaron USA Rome (ITA) 31 JUL 2009
  • CR 1:56.69 GONZALEZ Hugo ESP Indianapolis, IN (USA) 28 AUG 2017
  • WJ 1:55.14 KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS Budapest (HUN) 28 JUL 2017

Finals qualifiers:

  1. Wyatt Davis USA 1:58.62
  2. Cole Pratt CAN 1:58.73
  3. Carson Foster USA 1:59.28
  4. Charlie Brown GBR 1:59,28
  5. Arijus Pavlidi LTU 1:59.63
  6. (T-6)Egor Dolomanov RUS 1:59.75
  7. (T-6) Mewen Tomac FRA 1:59.75
  8. Joao Costa POR 2:00.07

The USA’s Wyatt Davis (1:58,62), Great Britain’s Charlie Brown (1:59,36) and Lithuania’s Arijus Pavledi (1:59,63) were the first three men who dipped under the 2 minutes mark in heat 5 of 7. Davis set a new personal best time, he improved his former best mark of 1:58,89. Davis won the bronze medal in the 100m and a silver in the 50m backstroke earlier this week. American Carson Foster took the win in heat 6 with a time of  1:59,28 but Wyatt Davis remained on top of the intermediate results before the last heat. Cole Pratt (CAN) grabbed the win in the last heat, he touched the wall in 1:58,73.


  • WR 2:19.11 PEDERSEN Rikke DEN Barcelona (ESP) 1 AUG 2013
  • CR 2:19.64 GUNES Viktoria Zeynep TUR Singapore (SGP) 30 AUG 2015
  • WJ 2:19.64 GUNES Viktoria TUR Singapore (SGP) 30 AUG 2015

Finals qualifiers:

  1. Evgeniia Chikunova RUS 2:27.23
  2. Mei Ishihara JPN 2:27.26
  3. Anastasia Makarova RUS 2:27.30
  4. Eszter Bekesi HUN 2:27.36
  5. Zheng Muyan 2:27.94
  6. Abby Arens USA 2:28.12
  7. Kayla van der Merwe GBR 2:28.15
  8. Nikoletta Trnikova SVK 2:28,43

Krista Jurado from Guatemala was clocked at 2:43,46 in heat 2 of 6. Lydie Stepankova (CZE) took the win in heat 3 with a time of 2:30,12, a huge improvement for her, she came into the competition with a personal best time of 2:35,39. The speed develelopped in heat 4 with four ladies under 2:30: Eszter Bekesi (HUN, 2:27,36), Kayla van der Merwe (GBR, 2:28,15), Nikoletta Trinikova (SVK, 2:28,43) and Thea Blomsterberg (DEN, 2:28,70). Van der Merwe is the silver medalist in the 50m and bronze medalist in the 100m breaststroke here in Budapest.

Mei Ishihara and Anastasia Makarova took the lead in the intermediate results after heat 4 of 5 in 2:27,26/2:27,50. Only Russia’s Evgeniia Chikunova was faster in the last heat, she took the top seed for tonight’s final in 2:27,23. Chikunova has won the gold medal in the 100m breaststroke earlier this week. The 14-year-old also is the reigning European Junior Champion. The USA’s Abby Arens advanced into the round of the top-8, she was clocked at 2:28,12.


  • WR 1:50.73 MILAK Kristof HUN Gwangju (KOR) 24 JUL 2019
  • CR 1:53.87 MILAK Kristof HUN Indianapolis, IN (USA) 1 JAN 2012
  • WJ 1:53.79 MILAK Kristof HUN Netanya (ISR) 30 JUN 2017

Finals qualifiers:

  1. Luca Urlando USA 1:55.98
  2. Kuan-Hung Wang TPE 1:56.86
  3. Tomoru Honda JPN 1:57.58
  4. Federico Burdisso ITA 1:57.58
  5. Egor Pavlov RUS 1:58.38
  6. Ethan Preez RAS 1:58.67
  7. Sebastian Lunak CZE 1:59.13
  8. Leon Marchand FRA 1:59.17

The clock stopped at 2:02,71 for George Mathew (IND) in heat 3 of 6, a new personal best time.  Japan’s Tomoru Honda had his hands at the wall first in heat 4 in 1:57,58 ahead of Russia’s Egor Pavlov in 1:58,38. Pavlov grabbed the bronze medal in the 100m butterfly earlier this week. Heat 5 showed some nice morning speed with Italy’s Federico Burdisso powered to the win in 1:57,58 followed by Sebastian Lunak (CZE, 1:59,13) and Leon Marchand (FRA, 1:59,17). Burdisso won the silver medal in the 100m fly here in Budapest. 17-year-old Leon Marchand earned bronze in the men’s 400m IM yesterday and set a new French National Record.

Two men from the last heat were faster with USA’s Luca Urlando who took the top spot for the final in 1:55,98 and Kuan-Hung Wang (TPE) who placed second overall.



  • WR 1:52.98 PELLEGRINI Federica ITA Rome (ITA) 29 JUL 2009
  • CR 1:57.08 RUCK Taylor CAN Indianapolis, IN (USA) 28 AUG 2017
  • WJ 1:55.43 YANG Junxuan CHN Gwangju (KOR) 24 JUL 2019

Finals qualifiers:

  1. Lani Pallister AUS 1:59,07
  2. Claire Tuggle USA 1:59,55
  3. Erika Fairweather NZL 1:59,87
  4. Emma O’Ccroinin CAN 1:59,98
  5. Nagisa Ikemoto JPN 2:00,01
  6. Paulina Nevmovenko RUS 2:00,08
  7. Fannia Fabian HUN 2:00,27
  8. Katrina Bellio CAN 2:00,92

The youngsters in the first three heats swam times over 2.10, with Inana Soleman (SYR) winning heat 1 in 2:13,31, Yanci Vanegas (GUA) 2:13,51) in heat 2 and Anastasiya Zelinskaya in heat 3 (UZB, 2:10,39). Fatima Alkaramova (AZE) was clocked with the fastest time in heat 4 of 9 in 2:05,84. The winner of heat 5, Singapore’s Ahley Lim, posted a time of 2:04,98. The young ladies in heat 6 gained more speed, Karyna Snitko (UKR) had her hands at the wall first with a time of 2:03,01.

Erika Fairweather (NZL, 1:59,87) and Emma O’Croinin (CAN, 1:59,98) were the first swimmers who cracked the 2 minutes mark in heat 7. All ladies in heat 8 stayed over 2 minutes, the heat was won by Japan’s Nagisa Ikemoto in 2:00,01.

Leni Pallister (AUS) and Claire Tuggle (USA) battled for the win in heat 9. Pallister touched the wall first in 1:59,07, Tuggle came in 2nd in 1:59,55. Four swimmers from the last heat made it into the round of the top-8 with Fanni Fabian (HUN) and Katrina Bellio (CAN) placing 7th and 8th overall. Only Canada has two women in tonight’s final. The second U.S. swimmer, Ahley Strouse, placed 12th overall.

Leni Pallister has won the 400m, 800m and 1500m freestyle already. Perhaps she can close this Junior World Championships tonight Ledecky-like with wins in the 200m up to 1500m freestyle.


  • WR 3:27.28 USA – United States Of AmericaRome (ITA) 2 AUG 2009
  • CR 3:36.15 USA – United States Of America Indianapolis, IN (USA) 28 AUG 2017
  • WJ 3:35.17 RUS – Russian FederationBuenos Aires (ARG) 10 OCT 2018

Finals qualifiers:

  1. USA – United States of America 3:38,41
  2. CAN – Canada 3:39.89
  3. RUS – Russian Federation 3:40.05
  4. ITA – Italy 3:40.73
  5. BRA – Brazil3:41.49
  6. AUS – Australia 3:42.30
  7. CZE – Czech Republic3:43.74
  8. HUN – Hungary 3:43.75

Italy won heat 2 of 3 in a time of 3:40,73, three seconds ahead of the Czech Republic. The USA took the win in the last head ahead of Canada and Russia. USA’s Wyatt Davis set the fastest time in the opening 100m backstroke in 54,71 and his teammate Jack Armstrong brought the relay  home with the quickest time in the 100m freestyle (49,48).



  • WR 3:50.40 USA – United States Of America Gwangju (KOR) 28 JUL 2019
  • CR 3:58.38 CAN – CanadaIndianapolis, IN (USA) 28 AUG 2017
  • WJ 3:58.38 CAN – CanadaIndianapolis (USA) 28 AUG 2017

Finals qualifiers:

  1. USA – United States of America 4:02.58
  2. RUS – Russian Federation 4:04.57
  3. ITA – Italy 4:05.18
  4. CAN – Canada 4:06.07
  5. AUS – Australia 4:09.03
  6. GER – Germany 4:09.71
  7. HUN – Hungary 4:10.56
  8. SVK – Slovakia 4:14.36

The USA’s relay took the win in heat 2 of 2 with the fastest time overall of 4:02,58, nearly 2 seconds faster than Russia who won heat 1.

En route to the relay victory, USA’s Lillie Nordmann showed a strong perfomance on the 100m butterfly leg with a time of 57,76. Her teammate Amy Tang set the fastest time of the field in the 100m freestyle posting a time of 54,32.


  • WR 14:31.02 SUN Yang CHN London (GBR) 4 AUG 2012
  • WJ 14:51.55 HORTON Mack AUS Brisbane (AUS) 1 APR 2014 5
  • CR 14:56.60 HORTON Mack AUS Dubai (UAE) 31 AUG 2013

Greece’s Alexandros Kachris took the win in the first of the slower heats with a time of 15.37,52. Ireland’s Daniel Wiffen wasn’t able to take the lead in the intermediate results with his time of 15:39,74 in heat 2. Huu Kim Son Nguyen was clocked at 15:31,99 in heat 3. France’s Tommy-Lee Camblong took the lead in the intermediate results. He posted a time of 15:18,33 in the last slower heat. Camblong improved his personal best time by 4,5 seconds.

The fastest heat will take place during tonight’s finals session and will include the gold, silver and bronze medalists from the 800m freestyle Franko Crgic (CRO), Ilia Sibirtsiv (RUS) and Thomas Neill (AUS). Crgic will start on lane 4.









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4 years ago

Amy Tang has put up some fantastic relay splits!

4 years ago

Cole Pratt 1:54 200 back next year 🔥

Reply to  Markyspitz
4 years ago

Keep dreaming …

4 years ago

Will Magahey anchor the 400 medley relay in the final?

Reply to  MÊME
4 years ago

The scheduling is odd indeed. Chaney has the 100 free final before the relay.

Reply to  Zanna
4 years ago

He should be OK. There are eight finals between the 100 free, which is first on the schedule, including the 1500, before the medley.

4 years ago

Milak’s world record how can be the time from 2017? Last year he went 1:52.71 at the Hungarian Nationals, still as a junior.

Reply to  Judit
4 years ago

The 1.52.71 wasn’t ratified by FINA

Reply to  Boknows34
4 years ago

He turned 18 before that swim, maybe that’s the reason. Although, with FINA it’s hard to tell,maybe they thought it was too quick 🙂

Reply to  CHEEBA
4 years ago

But there are 18 year old boys at this event too, I am confused by FINA.

Reply to  Judit
4 years ago


Reply to  John
4 years ago

FINA is dragging their feet?

Reply to  Judit
4 years ago

It could be something simple like missed paperwork, no drug test performed, drug test analyzed at a facility that was not accredited. As someone else said, you don’t know with FINA.

Reply to  Dan
4 years ago

Remember that at European Champs 2018 he posted 1.52.7 too. Could they have missed the paperwork there? I dont think so…and he was a Junior there…
Fina is a disgrace…this is Just so Urlando has the chance break a WJR😓

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  GrameziPt
4 years ago


Reply to  GrameziPt
4 years ago

Every time we ask FINA representatives about this stuff they basically say “I dunno, I guess the paperwork didn’t come through.” I think it’s probably a lack of organization moreso than willful ignorance of record-setting swims.

Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

Have you guys ever posted a “real” WJR compilation? i.e. fastest swims for the 18/U, ever? Get those Thorpe and Phelps swims onboard?

The Ready Room
Reply to  Caleb
4 years ago

^ Seconded; would love to see this

Reply to  Caleb
4 years ago

We did when they first came out. if there’s interest, we can for sure update it.

bear drinks beer
Reply to  Judit
4 years ago

The WJRs are just ridiculous. Times before 2014 don’t count and times after 2014 are not guaranteed to get ratified. Then what’s the point of the record?