2018 US Winter National Swimming Championships Live Stream & TV Schedule

Braden Keith
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November 23rd, 2018 National, News

The 2018 US Winter National Swimming Championships will be live-streamed on USASwimming.org and telecast on the Olympic Channel. Prelims, as usual, will be live-streamed on USA Swimming’s home page. Mirroring this summer’s National Championship meet, which caused frustration for fans having to flip back-and-forth between platforms, the evening sessions will be split between USA Swimming and the Olympic Channel/NBCSports.com, with interested viewers having to flip between the two to see the B Finals and then the A finals.

There will then be two re-packaged broadcasts of the finals on NBC’s networks. The day after the meet’s conclusion, on Sunday, December 2nd, the finals highlights will be aired in a 2-hour segment on NBC Sports Network at 10PM Eastern. They’ll be re-aired 2 weeks later on NBC at 3PM Eastern Time.

Date Network Time (ET) Event Live or Delay Webcast
November 28 N/A 6 p.m. ET 800 Freestyle Heats Live usaswimming.org
November 29 N/A 9 a.m. ET Day 2 Prelims Live usaswimming.org
November 29 Olympic Channel 5 p.m. ET Day 2 A Finals Live nbcsports.com
November 29 N/A 5 p.m. ET Day 2 B Finals Live usaswimming.org
November 30 N/A 9 a.m. ET Day 3 Prelims Live usaswimming.org
November 30 Olympic Channel 5 p.m. ET Day 3 A Finals Live nbcsports.com
November 30 N/A 5 p.m. ET Day 3 B Finals Live usaswimming.org
December 1 N/A 9 a.m. ET Day 4 Prelims Live usaswimming.org
December 1 N/A 5 p.m. ET Day 4 Finals Live usaswimming.org
December 2 NBC Sports Network 10 p.m. ET Finals Taped nbcports.com
December 16 NBC 3 p.m. ET Finals Taped nbcports.com

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Not Shocking
2 years ago

Disappointed, but not surprised, that we’re sticking with a setup that doesn’t allow any true swim fans to watch finals in their entirety in one spot. Not exactly the same but I personally feel it compares to if during a baseball game we showed the 1st two outs of every inning on network TV then you have to switch to cable for out #3. Or maybe the 1st half of football on NBC then the second half on ESPN.

2 years ago

Agree 100% with “not shocking”. And for us cable-cutters, you’re screwed all around with NBC owning all the coverage of major international events in swimming as well as the other fun-to-watch olympic style sports, like track-and-field. Sure, it’s “free”!!! Just watch the stream by logging in with your cable carrier. Well, that doesn’t work if you don’t get cable. I guess the “netflix model” is where we’re at. Pay to watch. Sucks, but i suppose that’s what it is.

start time
Reply to  wetbook
2 years ago

says tv finals start at 5p but meet info says finals start at 6p
did they change the start time for finals – anyone know

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