2018 Pro Swim Series – Columbus: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


The final day of the 2018 TYR Pro Swim Series circuit will feature the women’s and men’s 200 fly, 100 breast, 100 back and 200 IM, with early heats of the 800 free running this afternoon before the fastest heats swim with finals.

Among the highlights today will be Lilly King shooting for Yuliya Efimova’s 1:04.9 in the women’s 100 breast, Michael Andrew looking for a third straight best time in the men’s 100 breast, and Chase Kalisz getting after a tough triple in the 200 fly, 100 breast and 200 IM.

Women’s 200 Fly Prelims

  • PSS Record: 2:06.76, Cammile Adams (USA), 2012
  1. Leah Smith, Tucson Ford, 2:10.92
  2. Kelsi Dahlia, Cardinal Aquatics, 2:11.87
  3. Remedy Rule, Longhorn Aquatics, 2:13.90
  4. Lauren Edelman, Kentucky Aquatics, 2:14.42
  5. Grace Oglesby, University of Louisville, 2:14.50
  6. Bailey Nero, Auburn University, 2:14.89
  7. Gabi Albiero, Cardinal Aquatics, 2:15.16
  8. Allie Piccirillo, Northern KY Clippers, 2:15.25

Leah Smith of Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics lowered her best time to take the top seed in the women’s 200 fly, dropping her 2:11.27 from the Santa Clara stop down to 2:10.92. Kelsi Dahlia, who is the 3rd fastest American this year with a 2:09.22 from Indianapolis (Smith sits 8th), was 2nd to Smith in the last heat and qualifies into the final in that position in 2:11.87.

Remedy Rule and Allie Piccirillo won the other two circle-seeded heats to advance in 3rd and 8th, while Auburn’s Bailey Nero had her fastest swim since 2015 to qualify 6th in 2:14.89. 16-year-old Gabi Albiero swam a lifetime best by over a second to qualify 7th in 2:15.16.

Men’s 200 Fly Prelims

  • PSS Record: 1:55.29, Li Zhuhao (CHN), 2017
  1. Chase Kalisz, Athens Bulldogs, 1:59.77
  2. Nicolas Albiero, University of Louisville, 2:00.60
  3. Zach Harting, University of Louisville, 2:01.01
  4. Zane Grothe, Indiana Post-Grad, 2:01.61
  5. Jacob Johnson, Delaware Swim Team, 2:02.44
  6. David Dixon, Unattached/Club Mountaineer, 2:02.48
  7. Daniel Gloude, Ohio State Swim Club, 2:02.49
  8. Brendan Burns, Upper Main Line YMCA, 2:02.61

Chase Kalisz cruised to the win heat 7 of the men’s 200 fly, taking the top seed into tonight’s final as the only man sub-2:00 in 1:59.77. Kalisz holds a season-best of 1:55.63 from Austin, which stands as the fastest swim from an American this year.

Nicolas Albiero and Zach Harting, both of Louisville, share a 2:00.04 season-best this year, and they won the other two circle-seeded heats to easily advance in 2nd and 3rd. Zane Grothe swam the event for the first time this year, and had a solid showing of 2:01.61 for 4th overall, less than two tenths off his personal best from the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Women’s 100 Breast Prelims

  • PSS Record: 1:05.57, Rebecca Soni (USA), 2011
  1. Katie Meili, New York Athletic Club, 1:07.22
  2. Lilly King, Indiana Swim Team, 1:08.40
  3. Miranda Tucker, Club Wolverine, 1:09.62
  4. Silja Kansakoski, Arizona State, 1:09.70
  5. Mariia Astashkina, University of Louisville, 1:09.79
  6. Hanna Gresser, Ohio State Swim Club, 1:10.09
  7. Anna Keating, Machine Aquatics, 1:10.25
  8. Jamie Zhen Yeung, Club Wolverine, 1:10.39

27-year-old Katie Meili put up the top time of the morning in the women’s 100 breast, winning heat 6 of 7 in a time of 1:07.22. Lilly King went out very easy in the final heat, splitting just 33.61 at the 50, before turning up the heat with a 34.79 back half to touch in 1:08.40 and qualify 2nd. Look for a good race between these two tonight.

Miranda Tucker won the other circle-seeded heat for 3rd, and Silja Kansakoski of Arizona State cracked 1:10 for the first time this year in taking 4th.

Men’s 100 Breast Prelims

  • PSS Record: 58.86, Adam Peaty (GBR), 2017
  1. Michael Andrew, Race Pace Club, 1:00.03
  2. Devon Nowicki, Michigan Lakeshore, 1:01.02
  3. Reece Whitley, Penn Charter Aquatics, 1:01.44
  4. Chase Kalisz, Athens Bulldogs, 1:01.64
  5. Evgenii Somov, University of Louisville, 1:01.77
  6. Nick Zito, West Swim Club, 1:02.53
  7. Jason Mathews, Ohio State Swim Club, 1:02.98
  8. Charlie Swanson, Club Wolverine, 1:03.50

Michael Andrew used his early speed to get out in front of the last heat in the men’s 100 breast, out in 27.84 before touching in 1:00.03 to miss his season-best of 59.98 by just five-one-hundredths.

Devon Nowicki of Michigan Lakeshore improved his 2016 best time of 1:01.06 by .04 in qualifying 2nd, touching in 1:01.02, and Reece Whitley improved his season-best by a few tenths to win the other circle-seeded heat and qualify 3rd in 1:01.44.

Chase Kalisz swam his second of three events on the day, as he looks to lock down the PSS title. He dropped a big personal best of 1:01.64 to advance in 4th, well under his previous mark of 1:04.10 from 2015.

Women’s 100 Back Prelims

  • PSS Record: 58.96, Emily Seebohm (AUS), 2016
  1. Ali Deloof, Club Wolverine, 1:00.76
  2. Asia Seidt, Kentucky Aquatics, 1:01.43
  3. Emi Moronuki, Phoenix Swim Club, 1:01.67
  4. Bridgette Alexander, Kentucky Aquatics, 1:01.85
  5. Ali Galyer, Kentucky Aquatics, 1:01.98
  6. Megan Moroney, Cavalier Swimming, 1:02.07
  7. Erin Earley, Cavalier Swimming, 1:02.22
  8. Annabel Crush, Lakeside Swim Team, 1:02.73

Ali Deloof topped the women’s 100 back prelims in 1:00.76, with Asia Seidt of Kentucky touching 2nd to her in the last heat for the #2 seed in 1:01.43.

Japan’s Emi Moronuki won heat 6 for 3rd overall in 1:01.67, and Bridgette Alexander lowered her season-best of 1:01.93 to 1:01.85 for 4th. Also of note was Erin Earley of Cavalier Swimming, qualifying 7th overall with her 2nd fastest swim ever, fastest since 2015, in 1:02.22.

Men’s 100 Back Prelims

  • PSS Record: 52.40, David Plummer (USA), 2016
  1. Justin Ress, Wolfpack Elite, 54.53
  2. Grigory Tarasevich, Cardinal Aquatics, 54.82
  3. Ryosuke Irie, Team Elite, 55.00
  4. Nicolas Albiero, University of Louisville, 55.47
  5. Alex Boratto, Penn Charter Aquatics, 56.09
  6. Rob Zofchak, Club Wolverine, 56.22
  7. Zachary Poti, Arizona State, 56.29
  8. Joe Clark, Cavalier Swimming, 56.32

Justin RessGrigory Tarasevich and Ryosuke Irie all cruised to heat wins in the men’s 100 back, qualifying 1st, 2nd and 3rd into what should be an exciting battle in tonight’s final.

Nicolas Albiero made his 2nd A-final of the day in 4th, and Rob Zofchak of Club Wolverine lowered his PB by a tenth in 6th.

Women’s 200 IM Prelims

  • PSS Record: 2:08.66, Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 2015
  1. Evie Pfeifer, Longhorn Aquatics, 2:13.74
  2. Asia Seidt, Kentucky Aquatics, 2:15.57
  3. Vien Nguyen, Unattached, 2:16.86
  4. Kathryn Ackerman, Michigan Lakeshore, 2:16.97
  5. Lilly King, Indiana Swim Team, 2:17.00
  6. Kristen Romano, Ohio State Swim Club, 2:17.66
  7. Katherine Douglass, Chelsea Piers Aquatics, 2:17.77
  8. Miranda Tucker, Club Wolverine, 2:17.91

Evie Pfeifer and Asia Seidt both dropped personal best times in heat 6 of the women’s 200 IM, qualifying 1st and 2nd for the final in 2:13.74 and 2:15.57 respectively.

In 4th, 16-year-old Kathryn Ackerman improved her personal best by nearly a second in 2:16.97, and Lilly King went a season-best 2:17.00 for 5th.

Men’s 200 IM Prelims

  • PSS Record: 1:56.32, Michael Phelps (USA), 2012
  1. Chase Kalisz, Athens Bulldogs, 2:02.87
  2. Carson Foster, Mason Manta Rays, 2:03.19
  3. Jake Foster, Mason Manta Rays, 2:03.85
  4. Grant House, Arizona State, 2:04.17
  5. Daniel Gloude, Ohio State Swim Club, 2:04.69
  6. Takeharu Fujimori, Phoenix Swim Club, 2:05.03
  7. Tommy Cope, Club Wolverine, 2:05.08
  8. Keegan Foulke, University of Louisville, 2:05.34

Chase Kalisz cruised to the top seed in the men’s 200 IM, swimming his third event of the session in 2:02.87. Kalisz leads all Americans this year with his 1:57.50 from the Austin stop in January.

Brothers Carson and Jake Foster were both 2:03 in qualifying 2nd and 3rd, and Grant House and Daniel Gloude both swam PBs for 4th and 5th.

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3 years ago

1:00.03 for MA. Sub 1:00 tonight maybe under his personal best? 59.82. He looked really good.

DIstance Swimmer
3 years ago

57.99 for MA tonight

Reply to  DIstance Swimmer
3 years ago

100 free?

Reply to  DIstance Swimmer
3 years ago

MA gets hot at the weirdest times. Its pretty exciting to see him killing it at this meet. And where did Zane Grothe’s 2:01 200 fly come from?

Philip Johnson
3 years ago

Does anyone know the events MA will swim at nationals? 100 breast, 200 IM, 50 free I assume, anything else?

Reply to  Philip Johnson
3 years ago

I would assume some, if not all, of the other 50s so he could maybe grab a spot in one of them for worlds next year. But who knows. This is MA we’re talking about. You can never be sure about anything with him.

3 years ago

You can be sure he will go 21 on 50 and barely break 50 on 100

too impressed
Reply to  Philip Johnson
3 years ago

100 fly wouldn’t surprise since he’s now 2nd among Americans this year

Thomas Selig
Reply to  Philip Johnson
3 years ago

Isn’t the 200 IM just before the 50 free? If so, I don’t think he’ll swim it (not finals anyway). He has a very good chance of making the team in the 50 free, while he’s a bit of a long shot in the IM.

Agree with Too Impressed re 100 fly.

Reply to  Philip Johnson
3 years ago

He set goal times for the 50 free, 50 breast, 50 fly, 100 breast, and 100 fly. I would guess that that is his lineup.

Reply to  Philip Johnson
3 years ago

Wednesday – 100 Free
Thursday – 50 Fly
Friday – 100 Fly, 50 Breast, 50 Back??? (that’s a back to back triple)
Saturday – 100 Breast
Sunday – 200 IM??, 50 Free

If I had to guess he would not do the 200IM on Sunday to be ready for the 50 free which is at end of a long meet. No clue what he’s planning to do on Friday though. He could make it in the 50 Breast and 50 Back. But now that he’s added the 100 Fly it’s going to be interesting what he does.

Reply to  Philip Johnson
3 years ago

All the 50s and the 1breast and fly. That would be my guess.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Philip Johnson
3 years ago

200 IM? It would be very silly. The 50 free is on the same day.

3 years ago

So Leah Smith’s Olympics is shaping up. 200/400/800/1500 free, 400 IM, 200 fly, 800 free relay. This is not physically possible, is it?

A non-e mouse
Reply to  rsgnsf
3 years ago

I would be somewhat surprised to see her swim the 1500. And the 200 free is not going to be a lock for her individually. 400/800 Free, 400 IM, 200 Fly, 800 free relay is what I’d pick her for

Reply to  rsgnsf
3 years ago

It really depends how the competition in 400IM will look like in two years. With aging Hosszu it may happen that it will be the best chance for Leah to medal individually. The competition in freestyle disciplines is promising to be hotter than in IM event unless some other young IM prodigy surfaces before Olympics.

Reply to  Yozhik
3 years ago

She’s stll the second best 400 freestyler in the world until proven otherwise, IMO.

Reply to  Caleb
3 years ago

She is and this achievement puts her in the same group of King, Manuel and Comerford. But it was done two years ago and a lot of things have happened since then. Should the Olympics be this year the place on the podium in 400 free for Leah isn’t given. She faces the competition with young swimmers on a rise and two more years may benefit her opponents more than her. The situation in 800 is even tougher.

Reply to  Yozhik
3 years ago

Hossu not old. She is 29. In Tokyo Katinka Hossu is still good.

Reply to  Kristiina
3 years ago

And in the Paris she will be even greater.
I didn’t tell that she is bad. I said that she is aging and that doesn’t help to set new personal bests. The level she may be in two years will not be dominant most likely. Plus I was talking about Leah’s opportunity to medal that actually means to be on podium. It could be together with Hosszu.

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Kristiina
3 years ago

29 is considered old in swim years.

3 years ago

Kaliz contition is very bad. Nearly before US nationals is situation very unclear. Three or four man possible crab of Pan Pasific sports. Kaliz is not clear favourite..

Reply to  Kristiina
3 years ago


Reply to  Kristiina
3 years ago

Not bye. C.Kalisz times is bad in Columbus Pro series. Competition is indoor pool also.

Reply to  Kristiina
3 years ago

He is doing 4 events a day. This is clearly a training meet.

Reply to  Kristiina
3 years ago

Bye again.

Reply to  Kristiina
3 years ago

Yeah, bye

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