2018 NCSA Spring Jr Nationals: Day 4 Live Finals Recap



  1. Isabelle Stadden – 51.33
  2. Phoebe Bacon – 51.60
  3. Caitlin Brooks – 52.48
  4. Grace Countie – 52.94
  5. Ellie Waldrep – 53.51
  6. Kaylyn Schoof – 53.64
  7. Talia Bates – 53.97
  8. Kobie Melton – 54.42

Isabelle Stadden threw down the 2nd fastest time by a 15-16 girl ever, while Phoebe Bacon went the 5th fastest. Both girls are 15, and have suddenly boosted themselves into direct competition with Regan Smith, who is just turned 16, and was starting to seem somewhat untouchable in her age group. Stadden was just .03 seconds off Smith’s NAG of 51.30, which is a little slower than her best time of 51.09 from when she was 14. Caitlin Brooks shaved .03 seconds off her best time.

Abigail Kapeller won the B final with a 54.13, while Sydney Winters took the C final in 54.07. Mackenzie McConagha won the D final with a 55.35, and Megan Armstrong took the E final with a 54.72


  1. Jack Dolan – 47.28
  2. Spencer Walker – 47.67
  3. Mitchell Whyte – 47.76
  4. Peter Simmons – 48.21
  5. Jack Dahlgren – 48.54
  6. Aidan Stoffle – 48.66
  7. Peter Larson – 48.87
  8. Robert Kondalski – 48.96

Jack Dolan and Spencer Walker were virtually tied at the 50 mark, with Walker going out in 22.80, and Dolan in 22.98. Dolan was then back in 24.30, compared to Walker’s 24.87. Both swimmers were off their best times, with Dolan coming in .18 seconds off his best of 47.10, and Walker coming in .45 seconds off his best of 47.22. Mitchell Whyte, who came in 3rd, shaved .08 seconds off his lifetime best of 47.84.

Darren Durocher won the B final with a 48.72, while Charles Korndorffer took the C final with a 49.22. Peter Makin won the D final in his first ever sub-50 second time of 49.13. Mitchell Milosch took the E final in 50.12.


  1.  Claire Tuggle – 4:41.36
  2. Ashley Strouse – 4:41.78
  3. Madison Homovich – 4:41.78
  4. Lola Mull – 4:46.56
  5. Grace Sheble – 4:47.85
  6. Sophie Skinner – 4:49.30
  7. Rachel Klinker – 4:50.00
  8. Addison Smith – 4:53.93

13 year old Claire Tuggle brought home the win in an exciting race. The field was tightly packed for the first half of the race, when Madison Homovich quickly broke away from the field, gaining a full body length over Tuggle and Ashley Strouse. She stayed in the lead until the last 50, when Tuggle threw down an incredible 54.87 final 100 split and Strouse was almost as fast at 55.15. Homovich was home in 56.25, getting passed by Tuggle, and out-touched by Strouse at the end. Tuggle’s time marks the 5th fastest 13-14 girls performance all-time, and the fastest 13 year old preformance by a full 3 seconds.  Strouse, who is 15, is now 33rd in the all-time rankings for 15-16 year olds. Homovich was off her best time of 4:39.74, which is 45th all-time 17-18.

Madison Kolessar took the B final with a 4:48.49, while Rebekah Hamilton took the C final in 4:51.46. Erin Cavanagh won the D final in 4:53.14, and Morgan Tankersley took the E finalin 4:50.39.


  1. Willie Davis – 43.98
  2. Jack Dolan – 44.06
  3. David Madej – 44.08
  4. William Davis – 44.58
  5. Brandon Hamblin – 44.75
  6. Peter Larson – 44.83
  7. Julian Hill – 44.87
  8. Charlie Scheinfeld – 45.99

Willie Davis dropped a second from his best time to go his first ever sub-44 100 free. He was out very fast, turning at the 50 in 21.08, and coming back in 22.90. He out-touched Jack Dolan, who was coming off his win in the 100 back. Dolan split the race tightly, going out in 21.44 and coming back in 22.62. David Madej was out the fastest in the field, posting a 21.01 on the first 50, but was back in 23.07.

Aitor Fungairino won the B final in a best time by .03 seconds, going 44.21, which was the 4th fastest time overall. Luke Maurer won the C final in 45.14, while Christian Bart won the D final with a 44.96. Michael Linnihan took the E final in 45.04


  1. Anna Keating – 2:09.63
  2. Abigail Arens – 2:10.04
  3. Ashley McCauley – 2:10.20
  4. Gillian Davey – 2:10.62
  5. Heather Maccausland – 2:11.66
  6. Kylie Powers – 2:12.44
  7. Annika Wagner – 2:13.03
  8. Valerie Tazari – 2:13.64

Anna Keating threw down a massive lifetime best of 2:09.03 to win the event. That marks a nearly 3 second drop from her previous best time of 2:11.98. She was very consistent on her last 3 50s, splitting 33.25, 33.73, and 33.15 respectively. That time is 6th all-time for 15-16 girls, and Keating is still 15. Abigail Arens, 16, also dropped nearly 3 seconds from her lifetime best of 2:12.85, going 2:10.04. That time brings her to 12th all-time for 15-16 girls.

Claire Grover won the B final with a 2:13.43, while Kayla Jones took the C final in 2:14.68. Grace Sheble won the D final with a 2:15.32, and Jordan Morgan took the E final with a 2:14.68.


  1.  Charlie Scheinfeld – 1:55.94
  2. Casey Storch – 1:56.67
  3. Izaak Bastian – 1:57.90
  4. Kyle Barker – 1:58.40
  5. Bernhard Christianson – 1:58.60
  6. Michael Chang 1:59.21
  7. Jason Louser – 1:59.32
  8. Andrew Grespin – 2:01.89

Charlie Scheinfeld blaasted a best time by over 2 seconds, holding off Casey Storch on the 2nd half of the race. Scheinfeld’s previous best time was 1:58.21. He was on pace to go about a 1:53 through the 150 mark, splitting 26.01, 29.21, and 29.43 on the first 3 50s. His final 50 fell off quite a bit however, floating up to 31.29. Scheinfeld will be swimming for Texas next year, a team which is in desperate need of a breaststroker, where his time would have been the 3rd fastest on the team this year, behind only a 1:55.58 and 1:55.88.

William Myhre won the B final with a 1:59.73, while Eli Pouts won the C final with a 2:01.51. Gabriel Parnell took the D final in 2:03.22, and Sean Hogan won the E final with a 2:02.24.


  1. Talia Bates – 52.87
  2. Victoria Huske – 53.15
  3. Abigail Harter – 53.51
  4. Sydney Harrington – 53.58
  5. Isabella Gati – 53.63
  6. Kaylyn Schoof – 53.75
  7. Abigail Gibbons – 53.92
  8. Mallory Beil – 54.33

Talia Bates broke 53 seconds for the first time, going out in a virtual tie with Victoria Huske, and coming back faster than Huske to win the event. Bates was out in 24.73 to Huske’s 24.74, and came back in 28.14 to 28.41. Huske won the the 50 fly last night with a 23.60. The rest of the field was very tight, with 3rd-7th being separated by just .41 seconds.

Jasmine Hellmer won the B final in a 53.70, while Mallory Jump took the C final in 54.09. Kobie Melton took the D final in 54.50, and Chloe Corbitt won the E final with a time of 54.86.


  1. Willie Davis – 47.65
  2. Zach Brown – 47.66
  3. William Davis – 48.01
  4. Charles Korndorffer – 48.09
  5. Philip Manoff – 48.17
  6. David Madej – 48.26
  7. Henry Claesson – 48.68
  8. Konnar Klinksiek – 48.78

Willie Davis pulled out the win in an incredibly tight race with Zach Brown, finishing just .01 seconds apart. Willie Davis was out in 22.39 and back in 25.26, while Brown was out in 22.62 and back in 25.04. William Davis, who came in 3rd, was out the fastest, posting a 21.94 on the first 50, but came home much slower than Willie Davis and Brown.

Adrain Aguilar won the B final in a tight race with Drake Barberii, touching in 48.48 to 48.60. Hugh Robey won the C final with a 49.29, while Horace Qiao won the D final with a 49.31. Michael Jia won the E final with a 49.48.


  1. Aquajets – 1:31.75
  2. Delta Aquatics – 1:32.21
  3. Huntsville Swim Association – 1:32.34

The Aquajets team of Jordan McGinty, Peyton D’Emanuele, Abigail Kapeller, and Isabelle Stadden combined to win the event by half a second. McGinty was out in 23.51, followed by D’Emanuele at 23.51 as well. They combined for a 47.02 on the first 100. Kapeller and Stadden split 22.52 and 22.21 respectively, putting up a 44.73 on the back 100, which was the fastest in the field. Grace Countie split a blistering 22.07 on the 3rd leg of the Marlins of Raleigh relay.


  1. Academy Bullets – 1:21.66
  2. New Trier – 1:21.90
  3. Nation’s Capital – 1:22.24

Illinois teams had a 1-2 finish in the men’s 200 free relay, with Academy Bullets winning and New Trier coming in 2nd. The Academy team of Caleb Carlson, Spencer Walker, William Kamps, and Horace Qiao posted incredibly consistent splits to win the relay. Carlson led off with a 20.41, followed by Walker at 20.53, Kamos at 20.36, and Qiao at 20.36, marking only a .17 second range between their splits. New Trier’s Ryan Gridley ahd the fastest split in the field, posting a 20.11 on the 2nd leg of his relay.

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5 years ago

Regan Smith swimming Speedo Sectionals in Ohio this coming week. It’s been at least a year since she swam what is likely a relatively rested short course meet. She’ll have a great shot at 4-5 of the 15-16 NAG’s. Will be fun to see. Bacon and Stadden certainly threw down this week.

bobo gigi
5 years ago

Thanks to USA swimming for posting quickly the races. Even if I’d prefer to be able to watch that meet live but unfortunately since last year “foreigners” can’t watch the meets broadcasted on the US swimming website’s anymore. Still better than nothing.

Women’s 100 back

Men’s 100 back

Women’s 500 free

Men’s 100 free

Women’s 200 breast

Men’s 200 breast

Women’s 100 fly

Men’s 100 fly

bobo gigi
5 years ago

Wow! Huge women’s 100 back. Isabelle Stadden has a special meet so far. A big revelation, at least for me. Amazing how many great female backstrokers come from Minnesota. And Aquajets is contributing a lot.
Another big time drop for Claire Tuggle. You can see with how she builds her races and how she finishes why she’s a very special talent. Add to that a great technique and you understand why she’s gonna be a star in the coming years.
Big swims for Ashley Strouse, Phoebe Bacon and Anna Keating too.
Unless he plans to be a backstroker in the future, I don’t understand why Jack Dolan has ruined his 100 free by swimming the 100 back… Read more »

Reply to  bobo gigi
5 years ago

Yeah why be good at multiple races. Plenty of people have nailed that double over the last few years, just comes down to the type of training he did during the year. In HS you should be able to put together a 100 back and 100 free in the same day

5 years ago

Regan’s 16 now.. birthday in early Feb

Das Swimmer
5 years ago

MN keeps producing top young backstokers. Bootsma, R Smith, Stadden. Plus many girls at 52 over the last few years.

5 years ago

Tuggle lights it up again. Pulls out a win in the last 50 as well; knows how to race like a young pro.