2018 Men’s Pac-12s Day 1 Recap: Arizona’s Dobbs Pops Off 19.7 Fly Split


The 2018 Pac-12 Men’s Championships are set to begin tonight in Federal Way, Washington. Tonight, swimmers will line up to race in the 200 medley relay and 800 free relay. Read on for live recaps from tonight’s events.

Though no swimming events have been contested yet, the teams already have some points on the board as the diving events took place last week. Heading into the meet, USC has a slight lead over Stanford and Cal. You can read more about the diving events and see the current team standings here.


  • Pac-12 Meet Record: 1:22.31, Cal, 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:24.82
  1. GOLD: Cal, 1:23.14
  2. SILVER: Arizona, 1:24.32
  3. BRONZE: USC, 1:24.43

The Bears got off to a fast start as they dominated the 200 medley relay. Freshman Daniel Carr grabbed the early lead with a 21.16 back split, while Connor Hoppe rolled through the breast leg with the fastest split of the field in 23.10. Justin Lynch came through with a 20.02 fly split. Anchoring was freshman Ryan Hoffer, who put up the only sub-19 of the field in 18.86.

Arizona picked up the silver, highlighted by a strong 19.74 fly split by Chatham Dobbs. With that, he’s now tied as the 5th fastest man ever in a 50 fly relay split. It was also the 7th fastest performance all-time. Dobbs joined up with teammates Thomas Anderson (back- 21.61), Matt Salerno (breast- 23.64), and Chad Idensohn (free- 19.33).

Arizona, USC, and Stanford (1:24.73) were all under the NCAA ‘A’ cut. The Trojans got a 21.30 back split from freshman Robert Glinta and a 23.31 breast split from Carsten Vissering. Santo Condorelli (fly- 20.53) and Ralf Tribuntsov (free- 19.29) finished things off for USC. Stanford’s Ryan Dudzinski (back- 21.86) and Matt Anderson (23.56) took on the front half, handing off to Andrew Liang (fly- 20.03) and Sam Perry (free- 19.29).


  • Pac-12 Meet Record: 6:12.07, Cal, 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 6:20.05
  1. GOLD: Cal, 6:13.30
  2. SILVER: ASU, 6:16.59
  3. BRONZE: Stanford, 6:17.98

The Bears swept the relays tonight, with Andrew Seliskar dropping a seconds from his best time in a 1:32.12 leadoff split. Mike Thomas (1:35.06), Zheng Quah (1:32.31), and Michael Jensen (1:33.81) followed to secure the win. Arizona State had a young relay with a sophomore and 3 freshman. Cameron Craig led them off in 1:32.72, followed by Grant House (1:33.82), Evan Carlson (1:34.42), and Dylan Boyd (1:35.63) as they took the silver.

Stanford had 4 men in the 1:34-range to take the bronze with Abrahm DeVine (1:34.20 leadoff), Liam Egan (1:34.89), James Murphy (1:34.76), and Grant Shoults (1:34.13). USC (6:18.97) wound up 4th, highlighted by a 1:32.45 from Dylan Carter on the 3rd leg.


  1. University of Southern Calif      177   2. Univ of California, Berkeley      162
  3. Stanford University               156   4. Arizona State University          134
  5. Utah, University of               125   6. University of Arizona              62

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3 years ago

I’m very interested in seeing what Hoffer goes individually at this meet but more importantly at NCAAs. 18.8 on a relay split is slower than his HS flat start. I’m sure he’ll be faster at NCAAs, but I wonder if he’ll drop from his HS times.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
3 years ago

Long taper big reward

Justin Thompson
Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
3 years ago

He’s doing a UT taper for this meet and probably lifted on Monday.?️?️‍♂️

Bearly Breathing
Reply to  Justin Thompson
3 years ago

He said his 18.8 split felt “monotonous”

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
3 years ago

I’m very interested as well. He went so fast as a high schooler that I worry he missed some essential foundational training. 18.8 is very fast though, maybe he’ll come around for NCAAs. The battle between him and Dressell should be great!

3 years ago

Chatham Dobbs ever stayed healthy for an extended period of time he would turn a lot of heads around the country. Amazing he goes that fast considering he doesn’t swim for Virginia.

Bearly Breathing
Reply to  Buckeyeboy
3 years ago

> Amazing he goes that fast considering he doesn’t swim for Virginia.
What does this mean?

Reply to  Bearly Breathing
3 years ago

I believe he’s making fun of all the people on this site that are obsessed with DeSorbo, the Head Coach at Virginia. I thought it was hilarious.

UVA seems to be doing great, so I understand the praise, and it may all be warranted. It’s just apparent that a lot of people are extremely high on UVA after this past season.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
3 years ago

The reason people are high on UVA is that DeSorbo took the mess Auggie created and actually did something with it…

Reply to  Iswimbymyself
3 years ago

What specific aspects of the program were a mess? Just curious 🙂

Reply to  CACrushers
3 years ago

Recruiting to start. They just got 3 recruits that are currently juniors that will make a better class than the previous coaches got the entire time they were there.

Joe brown42
3 years ago

Stellar job by Dobbs

Reply to  Joe brown42
3 years ago

He’s endured a tough career of injuries. Very excited to see him make such an introduction to this championship season.

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