2018 Men’s Pac-12 Championships: USC Holds 21-Point Lead After Diving


The 2018 Men’s Pac-12 Championships are set to take place this weekend in Federal Way, Washington, but the men’s diving events are already complete. All divers competed last week while the women’s Pac-12 meet was taking place. That means the men’s teams already have some points on the board as they head into the swimming events, which will begin Wednesday with timed finals of the 200 medley relay and 800 free relay.

Heading into the swimming portion of the meet, USC is the leader with 115 points. Henry Fusaro and Dashiell Enos brought in big points when they went 1-2 in the 3-meter final. Enos also placed 2nd on the platform and 6th on the 1-meter, while Fusaro was the runner-up on the 1-meter. Joining them as a finalist was Dylan Marin, who placed 7th in the 1-meter.

With that, the Trojans have a 21-point lead over Stanford. The Cardinal is aiming for their 3rd-straight title this season, but Cal is also a threat. The Bears have 82 points so far, putting them 33 points behind USC and just 12 points behind Stanford. The team with the biggest deficit to make up after diving is Arizona, as they’re at least 43 points behind any other team. For a look at complete diving results, click here. Below are the team scores through last week’s diving events.


Place Team 1-Meter Score 3-Meter Score Platform Score Total Score
1 USC 42 46 27 115
2 Stanford 29 30 35 94
3 Cal 23 25 34 82
4 Arizona State 25 18 29 72
5 Utah 24 29 18 71
6 Arizona 11 6 11 28

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Swimmer Thieroff
2 years ago

Because that’ll DEFINITELY last.

2 years ago

what this doesn’t mention is that Cal used 4 divers to get that 82 points so that leaves one less swimmer they can use in the swim meet correct? That is a pretty big deal that Stanford outscored Cal’s 4 divers using just their 2. USC also scored 3 divers to everyone else’s 2 which is how they were able to rack up so many points.

Reply to  iliveforthis
2 years ago

Actually this is good news for us Bear fans. Last year we entered this meet down over 100 points behind Stanford and 90+ behind USC after diving.

Reply to  Calswimfan
2 years ago

I agree Calswimfan, I think this was a good strategy for Cal to use 4 divers because all of them were scoring every time. From a points standpoint, those 2 divers will score more than a 19th swimmer can in his 3 events. So Cal is set up much better this year where diving isn’t going to hurt them. All i was trying to point out is that the article didn’t mention that certain teams had to use more divers to get their points which effects the swim meet we are about to watch.

Reply to  iliveforthis
2 years ago

Yeah cal’s depth past 15 swimmers goes downhill fast so for this meet where you can substitute even a minuscule amount of points (diving) will benefit them

Bearly Breathing
2 years ago

(deleted duplicate comment)

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