2016 US Olympic Trials: Day One Prelims Live Recap


The 2016 U.S Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska begin this morning with five races, and inevitably six Olympic roster spots that will be up for grabs in finals.

The men’s 400m IM is one of the most anticipated races of the day, pitting Olympic gold medallists Ryan Lochte and Tyler Clary against Chase Kalisz as he hopes to qualify for his first Olympic team.

Several other events feature tight head-to-head can’t miss battles that will have veterans battling up-and-c0mers, a common theme to these trials.

Following this morning’s prelims, the semifinalists in the women’s 100m butterfly and 100m breaststroke will be revealed as will the finalists in the men’s 400m IM, women’s 400m IM, and men’s 400m freestyle, giving us the first idea of who might be the first few swimmers on the U.S Olympic squad.

MEN’S 400m IM

2016 Top seed: Tyler Clary (4:09.03)
World record: 4:03.84 – Michael Phelps
American record: 4:03.84 – Michael Phelps
U.S Open record: 4:05.25 – Michael Phelps
U.S Nationals record: 4:05.25 – Michael Phelps
JR World record: 4:14.07 – Brandonn Almeida (Brazil)
2012 Winning Time: 4:07.06 – Ryan Lochte

In a head-to-head battle that sets the pace for tonight’s final, Chase Kalisz got the better of multi-time Olympic medallist and defending 2012 Olympic champion Ryan Lochte in heat four of the men’s 400m IM.

Lochte was out quick in 56.06 to Kalisz’s 57.14 and extended his lead to just over two-seconds at the halfway mark with a strong backstroke leg. Kalisz took control on the breaststroke however, splitting a 1:10.26 in order to take control of the race with 100 meters to go. Despite a charging Lochte on the last 50, he held on to touch in at 4:11.86 to Lochte’s 4:11.98.

The two posted the fastest times during the ‘A’ flights and are expected to be the top two seeds following the completion of the ‘B’ flights later in the session.

Behind Lochte and Kalisz during heat four were Gunnar Bentz and Sean Grieshop who took the fourth and fifth seeds heading into tonight’s finals. Bentz hit hard on the breaststroke and freestyle legs to come home in 4:13.67, just slightly ahead of Grieshop’s 4:14.00.

The time for 17-year-old Grieshop broke the former world junior record held by Brandon Almeida of Brazil at 4:14.07.

Jay Litherland took the third seed overall after the ‘A’ flights with a very strong 4:12.57 in heat five. Litherland demonstrated a very impressive back-half highlighted by a huge freestyle leg that put him out in front to touch in at 4:12.57.

Josh Prenot, whose breaststroke prowess allowed him to come back strong on Tyler Clary who had the lead at the 200, was second in 4:14.19. His breaststroke split of 1:07.91 was the fastest of the entire field. Michael Weiss was third in heat five with a 4:15.21, Clary was fourth in 4:15.41.

This is the first time since the 2004 Olympic Trials that Ryan Lochte is not the top seed heading into the 400m IM final.


  1. Chase Kalisz (4:11.86)
  2. Ryan Lochte (4:11.98)
  3. Jay Litherland (4:12.57)
  4. Gunnar Bentz (4:13.67)
  5. Sean Grieshop (4:14.00)
  6. Josh Prenot (4:14.19)
  7. Michael Weiss (4:15.21)
  8. Tyler Clary (4:15.41)

For official results, click here.


2016 Top seed: Dana Vollmer (56.94)
World record: 55.64 – Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden)
American record: 55.98 – Dana Vollmer
U.S Open record: 56.38 – Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden)
U.S Nationals record: 56.42 – Dana Vollmer
JR World record: 56.99 – Penny Oleksiak (Canada)
2012 Winning Time: 56.50 – Dana Vollmer

Kelsi Worrell made a statement this morning in heat 13 of the 100m butterfly prelims with a wicked 56.84  performance which now ranks her fourth in the world this season. Even with a long finish, Worrell managed to dominate the event, as 2012 Olympic champion and current American record holder Dana Vollmer took the second seed over half-a-second behind her.

Vollmer won the 14th and final heat with a 57.50, going out strong and holding onto her tempo as she approached the touch.

As expected, the two are well ahead of the rest of the field heading into tonight’s semifinals. Cassidy Bayer was the closest to Vollmer, and even she was almost a full second and a half behind her in 58.91. Kendyl Stewart, who represented the United States at the 2015 World Championships, was fourth overall in 59.07.

Behind Stewart is a huge clump of swimmers all within eight-tenths of a second of one another. Despite Worrell and Vollmer, there are no discernible leaders who stand out for tonight’s semifinal.

TOP 16

  1. Kelsi Worrell (56.84)
  2. Dana Vollmer (57.50)
  3. Cassidy Bayer (58.91)
  4. Kendyl Stewart (59.07)
  5. Eva Merrell (59.12)
  6. Katie McLaughlin (59.14)
  7. Sarah Gibson (59.19)
  8. Hali Flickinger (59.24)
  9. Felicia Lee (59.45)
  10. Lauren Case (59.52)
  11. Kaitlyn Jones (59.52)
  12. Cammile Adams (59.56)
  13. Claire Donahue (59.61)
  14. Ivy Martin (59.65)
  15. Hellen Moffitt (59.67)
  16. Natalie Labonge (59.87)

For official results, click here.


2016 Top seed: Connor Jaeger (3:44.81)
World record: 3:40.07 – Paul Biedermann (Germany)
American record: 3:42.78 – Larsen Jensen
U.S Open record: 3:43.53 – Larsen Jensen
U.S Nationals record: 3:43.53 – Larsen Jensen
JR World record: 3:44.60 – Mack Horton (Australia)
2012 Winning Time: 3:47.67 – Peter Vanderkaay

Zane Grothe took it upon himself to lead the way in the prelims of the men’s 400m freestyle by taking the top seed with a heat four win in 3:47.03. Grothe managed to hold on for the win, taking down Townley Haas and Michael McBroom who were with him for most of the race.

McBroom ended up touching behind Grothe in 3:47.70 to take the third seed overall heading into tonight’s finals. Haas was third with a 3:48.09 performance that currently ranks him fifth overall.

Assuming nobody from the “B” flighted heats betters their performances, all three swimmers are locks for tonight’s final.

Conor Dwyer won heat five of the 400m freestyle with a very similar time to Grothe’s, clocking in at 3:47.15 to beat 1500m freestyle American record holder Connor Jaeger. Jaeger was second in 3:47.97 for fourth overall.

True Sweetser, Clark Smith, and Grant Shoults make up the remaining top eight.


  1. Zane Grothe (3:47.03)
  2. Conor Dwyer (3:47.15)
  3. Michael McBroom (3:47.70)
  4. Connor Jaeger (3:47.97)
  5. Townley Haas (3:48.09)
  6. True Sweetser (3:48.20)
  7. Clark Smith (3:48.86)
  8. Grant Shoults (3:50.52)

For official results, click here.


2016 Top seed: Maya DiRado (4:31.71)
World record: 4:28.42 – Ye Shiwen (China)
American record: 4:31.12 – Katie Hoff
U.S Open record: 4:31.07 – Katinka Hosszu (Hungary)
U.S Nationals record: 4:31.12 – Katie Hoff
JR World record: 4:39.01 – Rosie Rudin (Britain)
2012 Winning Time: 4:31.74 – Elizabeth Beisel

Sarah Henry had the most impressive swim coming out of prelims with a solid 4:36.93 to win the fourth heat of the women’s 400m IM.

Henry was battling with 2012 Olympian Elizabeth Beisel for the majority of the race, taking the lead following the breaststroke leg. Beisel tried to catch her on the free but Henry kept moving forward, claiming the eventual win.

Henry’s time makes her the 12th fastest swimmer this season in the event, and the fourth fastest American.

Beisel was second in 4:37.61, the second fastest time overall after the ‘a’ flighted heats. Bethany Galat finished third behind Beisel in heat four, also demonstrating a very solid second half much like her Texas A&M teammate Henry.

Galat was a 4:38.39, the third fastest performance overall from this morning.

Maya DiRado ended up winning heat five as expected, dropping a 4:38.54 time. She had control of the race right from the get-go, holding off advances from Caitlin Leverenz who picked up some ground during the breaststroke leg.

Madisyn Cox, Katie Mills, and Lindsey Clary are the remaining three finalists, and albeit someone in the ‘b’ flighted heats betters their times, will be competing in tonight’s final.


  1. Sarah Henry (4:36.93)
  2. Elizabeth Beisel (4:37.61)
  3. Bethany Galat (4:38.39)
  4. Maya DiRado (4:38.54)
  5. Caitlin Leverenz (4:39.55)
  6. Madisyn Cox (4:40.97)
  7. Katie Mills (4:41.40)
  8. Lindsey Clary (4:42.04)

For official results click here.


2016 Top seed: Cody Miller (59.51)
World record: 57.92 – Adam Peaty (Britain)
American record: 58.96 – Eric Shanteau
U.S Open record: 59.01 – Mark Gangloff
U.S Nationals record: 59.01 – Mark Gangloff
JR World record: 1:00.12 – Anton Chupkov (Russia)
2012 Winning Time: 59.68 – Brendan Hansen

It took a few heats for things to really heat up in the men’s 100m breaststroke as Andrew Wilson dropped a 59.76 in heat 12 to be the first swimmer under one-minute during prelims.

Following Wilson’s performance, 17-year-old Michael Andrew stepped up to the blocks and absolutely flew. With a 59.96 performance, Andrew became the youngest American swimmer in history to swim under one-minute in the 100m breaststroke. His time ranks him fifth heading into tonight’s semifinals.

The final heat featured a bloodthirsty battle between both Cordes and Miller who did not disappoint. Cordes came home like a rocket, holding off a charging Miller to touch in for the win at 59.05 to 59.33. His time was just four one-hundredths shy of the U.S Nationals meet record and the U.S Open record of 59.01.

The time ranks Cordes third in the world this year.

Lost in the commotion of the Cordes-Miller battle was a huge swim by Cal’s Josh Prenot. Prenot rocked a 59.76 at the touch to take the fourth seed overall.

TOP 16

  1. Kevin Cordes (59.05)
  2. Cody Miller (59.33)
  3. Andrew Wilson (59.76)
  4. Josh Prenot (59.76)
  5. Michael Andrew (59.96)
  6. Marcus Titus (1:00.44)
  7. Brendan McHugh (1:00.46)
  8. Will Licon (1:00.50)
  9. Nic Fink (1:00.58)
  10. Alex Evdokimov (1:01.14)
  11. Ian Finnerty (1:01.14)
  12. Sam Tierney (1:01.15)
  13. Reece Whitley (1:01.20)
  14. Connor Hoppe (1:01.38)
  15. Brandon Fiala (1:01.40)
  16. Chuck Katis (1:01.41)

For official results click here.

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