2016 U.S. Open – Day 3 Finals Live Recap

2016 U.S. Open Swimming Championships

Day Three – Thursday, August 4, 2016

Women’s 400 Meter IM – Final

  • American: 4:31.12 6/29/2008 Katie Hoff
  • U.S. Open Meet: 4:38.38 12/1/2006 Katie E Hoff

Aggie Swim Club’s Bethany Galat won her second U.S. Open title to kick off competition on Thursday night. Galat was out first at the 100 on a strong butterfly leg, but Mia Nonnenberg from University of Alabama Swim Club took over the lead after the backstroke lead. Galat had a quick breaststroke leg, as did Madisyn Cox, and both pulled ahead of Nonnenberg heading into the freestyle. Galat came home and got the win with 4:38.66. Cox, who nearly caught Galat at the end, touched second in 4:39.85. Nonnenberg was third with 4:42.66.

Madison Homovich from Marlins of Raleigh went 4:48.87 to beat Sandpipers of Nevada’s Hailey Houck (4:49.47) to take the B final. Melissa Postoll from NASA Wildcat Aquatics was third with 4:41.69.

Longhorn Aquatics’ Regan Barney edged Aquazot Swim Club’s Kate Krolikowski, 4:53.73 to 4:54.33, to win the C final.

Top 8

  1. Bethany Galat, Aggie Swim Club, 4:38.66
  2. Madisyn Cox, Unattached TXLA, 4:39.85
  3. Mia Nonnenberg, Univ Alabama Swim Club, 4:42.66
  4. Hannah Moore, NC State University, 4:45.01
  5. Hannah Kastigar, Aberdeen Swim Club, 4:48.79
  6. Savannah Faulconer, Y-Spartaquatics, 4:49.37
  7. Sam Lisy, Indiana University, 4:51.88
  8. Brooke Zeiger, University of Minnesota, 4:59.57

Men’s 400 Meter IM – Final

  • American: 4:03.84 8/10/2008 Michael Phelps
  • U.S. Open Meet: 4:11.11 8/1/2013 Sebastien Rousseau

The championship final proved to be more exciting at the end than in the beginning, when it looked like Michael Weiss of Wisconsin Aquatics would walk away with the victory. Weiss was out in 56.65, more than a body length up on the field already. Weiss went through the 200 at 2:00.04 and was now more than 3 body lengths ahead. Mark Szaranek of Gator Swim Club, Tom Peribonio of Gamecock Aquatics, and Stanford Swimming’s Max Williamson all moved up on the breaststroke leg, though, and suddenly it was no longer a sure thing for Weiss. Szaranek, Peribonio, and Williamson all came home faster than Weiss, and finished 1-2-3 with 4:17.61, 4:18.25, and 4:20.79, respectively.

Carter Grimes from Sandpipers of Nevada led over the first half of the race, turning at 2:05.25 at the 200 wall, with Lincoln Select Swimming’s Brennan Balogh just behind. Kieran Smith of Ridgefield Aquatic Club surged to take the lead in the breaststroke, and while he touched first at the end, he was disqualified and Grimes got the B final win with 4:24.76. Cardinal Aquatics’ Ryan Massey was second in the heat with 4:25.19. Saint Petersburg Aquatics’ Robert Finke came in third at 4:25.97.

John Bushman of Aces Swim Club won the C final with 4:25.80 over Jonathan Rutter (4:26.78) of Powel Crosley, Jr. YMCA.

Top 8

  1. Mark Szaranek, Gator Swim Club, 4:17.61
  2. Tom Peribonio, Gamecock Aquatics, 4:18.25
  3. Max Williamson, Stanford Swimming, 4:20.79
  4. Michael Weiss, Wisconsin Aquatics, 4:22.20
  5. Alexander Lebed, Unattached-FL, 4:23.71
  6. PJ Ransford, Club Wolverine, 4:27.19
  7. Tommy Anderson, Irish Aquatics, 4:27.66
  8. Johnthomas Larson, Edina Swim Club, 4:27.92

Women’s 100 Meter Butterfly – Final

  • American: 55.98 7/29/2012 Dana Vollmer
  • U.S. Open Meet: 58.18 8/6/2009 Elaine Breeden

Aggie Swim Club’s Sarah Gibson pulled out a tough back half to get the win in the women’s 100 fly with 58.39. Fifth at the 50 wall with 27.66, Gibson swam the only sub-31 over the second 50, to pass the field and get her hand to the wall first for the U.S. Open title. Second went to North Carolina Aquatic Club’s Hellen Moffitt in 58.58. Eva Merrell of Aquazot Swim Club was third in 58.70.

The B final was a splashfest at the end, everyone coming to the wall together. The win went to Isabel Ivey in 1:00.51, just 2/100 ahead of Wisconsin Aquatics’ Dana Grindall (1:00.53). Grace Oglesby from Cardinal Aquatics was third in 1:00.61.

Julia Menkhaus of SwimMAC Carolina took the C final in 1:00.70 over Cardinal Aquatics’ Hannah Magnuson (1:01.84).

Top 8

  1. Sarah Gibson, Aggie Swim Club, 58.39
  2. Hellen Moffitt, North Carolina Aquatic Club, 58.58
  3. Eva Merrell, Aquazot Swim Club 58.70
  4. Alys Margaret Thomas, Swim Wales
  5. Claire Donahue, South Florida, 59.18
  6. Aliena Schmidtke, Unattached-OH, 59.34
  7. Mallory Comerford, Cardinal Aquatics, 59.51
  8. Hannah Saiz, Schroeder YMCA, 59.64

Men’s 100 Meter Butterfly – Final

  • American: 49.82 8/1/2009 Michael Phelps
  • U.S. Open Meet: 51.65 8/1/2013 Tom Shields

Indiana University’s Vini Lanza controlled the A final of the men’s 100 fly, turning first at the 50 in 24.98 and coming home faster than the rest of the field, in 27.90, for the only sub-53. Lanza stopped the clock at 52.88, nearly half a body length in front. Zach Harting of Cardinal Aquatics and Australia’s Nicholas Brown powered through their second 50s to pass Michael Andrew of Race Pace Club; Andrew had been second at the 50 wall but faded to fourth over the second half. Harting was runner-up to Lanza, touching in 53.30. Brown took third with 53.44.

Maxime Rooney of Pleasanton Seahawks blasted a lifetime-best 53.25 to win the B final; he moved up to #20 on the all-time list for 17-18s with the swim. Wisconsin Aquatics’ Cannon Clifton touched out teammate Harrison Tran, 54.04 to 54.05.

Kyle Robrock of University of Denver Hilltoppers went 54.87 to win the C final over Yellow Jackets/Georgia Tech’s Youssef Hammoud, 56.15.

Top 8

  1. Vini Lanza, Indiana University, 52.88
  2. Zach Harting, Cardinal Aquatics, 53.30
  3. Nicholas Brown, Australia, 53.44
  4. Michael Andrew, Race Pace Club, 53.67
  5. Bryce Bohman, Club Mountaineer, 53.86
  6. Josh Quallen, Cardinal Aquatics, 53.92
  7. Laurent Bams, University of Alabama Swim Club, 54.23
  8. – Matthew Grauslys, Irish Aquatics, DQ

Women’s 800 Meter Free Relay – Timed Finals

  • American: 7:42.56 7/30/2009 USA World Championship Team (D Vollmer, L Nymerer, A Kukors, A Schmitt)
  • U.S. Open Meet: 8:00.84 8/1/2013 Longhorn Aquatics (S Denninghoff, Q Carrozza, A Hooper, S Tucker)

Bethany Galat (2:06.79), Claire Rasmus (2:03.60), Caitlynn Moon (2:03.77), and Sarah Gibson (1:59.41) pulled off a stunning come-from-behind victory to propel Aggie Swim Club to victory with 8:13.57, after having trailed both Indiana University and Aquazot Swim Club at the 600. Indiana (Stephanie Marchuk, Grace Vertigans, Rachel Matsumura, and Marie Chamberlain) came in second with 8:15.43. Aquazot placed third in 8:20.69 (Kate Krolikowski, Katie Glavinovich, Eva Merrell, and Riley Lexvold).

Top 7

  1. Aggie Swim Club, 8:13.57
  2. Indiana University, 8:15.42
  3. Aquazot Swim Club, 8:20.69
  4. SwimMAC Carolina, 8:25.14
  5. Marlins of Raleigh, 8:25.64
  6. Gator Swim Club, 8:26.05
  7. Ozaukee Aquatics, 9:01.35

Men’s 800 Meter Free Relay – Timed Finals

  • American: 6:58.55 7/31/2009 USA World Championship Team (M Phelps,R Berens, D Walters, R Lochte)
  • U.S. Open Meet: 7:18.82 8/6/2009 Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics (J Brown, A Ritter, A Tipton, A Thompson)

The men’s 4×200 free relay proved just as exciting as the women’s, with lead changes up to the end. Australia’s Alexander Graham jumped to the early lead from the outside in lane 1, but Badger Swim Club’s Zane Grothe (1:47.38) took control of the second leg to gain the advantage at the halfway mark, passing both Australia and Cardinal Aquatics. Australia dominated over the second half, though, to get the win with 7:23.48. Graham (1:48.95), Nicholas Brown (1:53.93), Zac Incerti (1:49.49), and Blake Jones (1:51.11) contributed to the Australians’ victory.

Wisconsin (Cannon Clifton, Anthony Lyons, Ryan Stack, and Brett Pinfold) came in second with 7:23.87. Pinfold’s 1:47.47 anchor very nearly caught Australia, but came up just short. Badger (Richard Mannix, Grothe, Jack Collins, and John Nunez) claimed the third step of the podium with 7:27.28.

Top 6

  1. Australia, 7:23.48
  2. Wisconsin Aquatics, 7:23.87
  3. Badger Swim Club, 7:27.28
  4. Cardinal Aquatics, 7:29.98
  5. Indiana University, 7:31.99
  6. Edina Swim Club, 7:42.56



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