2016 U.S. Open – Day 5 Finals Live Recap

2016 U.S. Open Swimming Championships

Day 5 Finals – Saturday, August 6

Women’s 1500 Meter Freestyle (fastest heat)

  • American: 15:25.48 8/4/2015 Katie Ledecky
  • U.S. Open Meet: 15:52.10 3/26/1988 Janet Evans, Fullerton

The time to beat out of the afternoon heats, from Rose Bi of Club Wolverine, was 16:27.48. Madison Homovich of Marlins of Raleigh was second with 16:30.37. The final heat began with a quick 300 from Erica Sullivan from Sandpipers of Nevada, but the field soon caught up to her and Sierra Schmidt was in the lead by the 600. Indiana University’s Stephanie Marchuk had pulled even with Sullivan by then, and the two traded stroke for stroke for another 400 meters. By the 1200 Marchuk was a body length up on Sullivan and looked to be closing on Schmidt. Katy Campbell was further back in 4th. Sullivan found another gear over the final 200 meters, though, and ended up passing Marchuk at the end.

Schmidt won with 16:20.40, her second-best time after the 16:12.84 she swam at FINA World Juniors last summer. Sullivan dropped just over 8 second to come in second with 16:25.92, and moved to #20 on the all-time list for 15-16 girls with the swim. Marchuk claimed third with 16:26.99.

Top 8

  1. Sierra Schmidt, North Baltimore, 16:20.40
  2. Erica Sullivan, Sandpipers of Nevada, 16:25.92
  3. Stephanie Marchuk, Indiana University, 16:26.99
  4. Rose Bi, Club Wolverine, 16:27.48
  5. Madison Homovich, Marlins of Raleigh, 16:30.37
  6. Katy Campbell, Swim Pasadena, 16:38.70
  7. Sarah Gibson, Aggie Swim Club, 16:42.66
  8. Hailey Houck, Sandpipers of Nevada, 16:47.37

Women’s 200 Meter IM – Final

  • American: 2:06.15 7/27/2009 Ariana Kukors
  • U.S. Open Meet: 2:11.06 8/3/2013 Justine Mueller

Aggie Swim Club’s Bethany Galat was out first but Madisyn Cox controlled the back half of the race, and ended up with a strong 2:11.27 to win and nearly take down the meet record. Galat was runner-up with 2:12.63. Sian Whittaker of Australia placed third in 2:14.53.

Gator Swim Club’s Isabel Ivey, pulled off yet another great swim, winning the B final with 2:15.93. That was more than 1 second faster than her previous best, and it vaulted Ivey to #37 on the all-time list for 15-16 girls, with one year left to improve her position. Mia Nonnenberg of University of Alabama Swim Club was second in 2:16.44. Greater Nebraska’s Dannie Dilsaver was third in 2:17.99.

Katie Glavinovich of Aquazot Swim Club won the C final with 2:17.62, improving her PB by 9/10 and moving onto the all-time 100 list for 15-16 girls (at number 94). Alexis Yager from Academy Bullets was runner-up in the heat with 2:18.37.

Top 8

  1. Madisyn Cox, Una TXLA, 2:11.27
  2. Bethany Galat, Aggie Swim Club, 2:12.63
  3. Sian Whittaker, Australia, 2:14.53
  4. Miranda Tucker, Una CW, 2:14.72
  5. Hannah Moore, NC State University, 2:16.29
  6. Lisa Bratton, Aggie Swim Club, 2:16.45
  7. Julia Poole, Marlins of Raleigh, 2:16.93
  8. Hannah Kastigar, Aberdeen Swim Club, 2:18.29

Men’s 200 Meter IM – Final

  • American: 1:54.00 7/28/2011 Ryan Lochte
  • U.S. Open Meet: 1:59.26 11/30/2006 Michael F Phelps

Gator Swim Club’s Mark Szaranek, who had put up the fastest time in the morning heats, cruised to an early lead in the championship final of the men’s 200 IM. Stanford Swimming’s Max Williamson was just behind, which was where he needed to be heading into the breaststroke leg. Williamson outsplit everyone by at least 1 second in the breast, then held on to bring it home with a winning 2:00.97. Gamecock Aquatics’ Tom Peribonio snuck pas Szaranek at the end, out-touching him by 3/100, 2:01.75 to 2:01.78.

With no C final in men’s 200 IM, Ian Finnerty of Indiana University led the charge with a dominant 2:03.02 to win the B-final. Jonathan Rutter of Powel Crosley, Jr. YMCA was runner-up with 2:05.00.

Top 8

  1. Max Williamson, Stanford Swimming, 2:00.97
  2. Tom Peribonio, Gamecock Aquatics, 2:01.75
  3. Mark Szaranek, Gator Swim Club, 2:01.78
  4. Alexander Lebed, Unattached, 2:02.52
  5. Michael Andrew, Race Pace Club, 2:03.37
  6. Vini Lanza, Indiana University, 2:03.40
  7. Andrew Appleby, Ohio State Swim, 2:04.26
  8. Jack Lindell, Edina Swim Club, 2:06.85

Men’s 800 Meter Freestyle (fastest heat)

  • American: 7:43.60 7/31/2013 Michael McBroom
  • U.S. Open Meet: 7:47.27 8/8/2009 Chad La Tourette

Badger Swim Club’s Zane Grothe took off like he’d been shot out of a cannon, and was already way out front by the third turn. He continued to build his lead while behind him there was some jockeying for position. True Sweetser of Gator Swim Club and Swim Wales’ Daniel Jervis were battling for second place. Sweetser was able to pull away over the second half of the race, and he even began to close in on Grothe over the final 200 meters. Grothe’s lead was too large, however, and he got the win at 7:51.58 for the number 9 performance in the world this season. Sweetser finished with 7:53.32, moving to number 13 in the world rankings for the season. Jervis placed third in 7:59.16.

In age group rankings, Sweetser moved all the way up to 3rd on the all-time list for 17-18 boys. Fifth-place finisher Robert Finke of Saint Petersburg Aquatics, who is still 16, put up the sixth-fastest time ever for 15-16 boys with his 8:01.99.

Top 8

  1. Zane Grothe, Badger Swim Club, 7:51.58
  2. True Sweetser, Gator Swim Club, 7:53.32
  3. Daniel Jervis, Swim Wales, 7:59.16
  4. Liam Egan, Crimson Aquatics, 8:01.48
  5. Robert Finke, Saint Petersburg, 8:01.99
  6. PJ Ransford, Club Wolverine, 8:02.88
  7. Logan Houck, Sandpipers Of Nevada, 8:05.97
  8. Ben Lawless, Unattached, 8:06.71

Women’s 50 Meter Freestyle – Final

  • American: 24.07 8/17/2008 Dara Torres
  • U.S. Open Meet: 24.90 8/8/2009 Jessica Hardy

The Australian women dominated the 50 free championship final with a 1-2 finish from Shayna Jack (25.13) and Holly Barratt (25.18). Cardinal Aquatics’ Mallory Comerford came in third with 25.52.

Isabel Ivey of Gator Swim Club went 25.57 to win the B final ahead of Academy Bullets’ Kayla Filipek, 25.84, and Aquazot Swim Club’s Eva Merrell, 26.01.

Jamie Stone from Mount Hood Aquatics won the C final in 26.20 over Ally Kleinsorgen of Randolph YMCA, 26.31

Top 8

  1. Shayna Jack, Australia, 25.13
  2. Holly Barratt, Australia, 25.18
  3. Mallory Comerford, Cardinal Aquatics, 25.52
  4. Casey Fanz, Poseidon Aquatics, 25.62
  5. Chase Kinney, Wisconsin Aquatics, 25.63
  6. Ali Deloof, Club Wolverine, 25.81
  7. Marissa Berg, Wisconsin Aquatics, 26.13
  8. Hadley Lindsay, Australia, 26.36

Men’s 50 Meter Freestyle– Final

  • American: 21.37 8/7/2015 Nathan Adrian
  • U.S. Open Meet: 21.73 8/8/2009 Nicholas Brunelli

University of Minnesota’s Bowen Becker won the final event of the 2016 U.S. Open, dropping a personal-best 22.23 to claim the men’s 50 free title. It looked like Race Pace Club’s Michael Andrew was in control of the race, but Becker accelerated over the second half of the race and put nearly a half-body length between them at the end. Becker broke the Gophers’ team record with his swim. Andrew took second with 22.42. Australia’s William Stockwell took third with 22.50. Erik Risolvato of Puerto Rico looked like he might overtake Andrew and Stockwell but he finished fourth with 22.66.

The B final went to Luke Pechmann of Canyons Aquatic Club in 22.72. University of Denver Hilltoppers’ Kyle Robrock was second in 22.97, stopping the clock just .03 ahead of University of Alabama Swim Club’s Laurent Bams.

Australia’s Alexander Graham earned the victory in the C final with 22.87. Portland Aquatic Club’s Sid Farber was runner-up in 23.29.

Top 8

  1. Bowen Becker, University of Minnesota, 23
  2. Michael Andrew, Race Pace Club, 42
  3. William Stockwell, Australia, 50
  4. Erik Risolvato, Unattached, 66
  5. Curtis Coulter, Ireland, 89
  6. Blake Jones, Australia, 10
  7. Cannon Clifton, Wisconsin Aquatics, 14
  8. Mazen El Kamash, Grand Canyon Aquatics, 20


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