2016 Short Course Worlds: USA Leads Final Medal Table With 29 Total


The 2016 FINA Short Course World Championships are now in the books, with Team USA leading the final medal table. The Americans came away with 29 total medals, including 8 golds, 14 silvers, and 7 bronzes. In day 6 finals, Jacob Pebley (200 back) and Kelsi Worrell (100 fly) each contributed an individual silver medal, while Madison Kennedy (50 free) brought in a bronze. The USA then closed the meet on a golden note, winning the women’s 400 medley relay.

Hungary picked up the 2nd highest total in the gold medal category, with iron lady Katinka Hosszu earning 7 medals for her country. In addition to her golds, Hosszu contributed a pair of silvers from the 50 back and 200 free, giving her 9 of Hungary’s 11 total medals. Also bringing in medals were David Verraszto (400 IM) and Peter Bernek (400 free).

Japan finished 2nd in the total medal count, winning 15 medals throughout the course of the meet. On the final night of competition, they added individual medals courtesy of Masaki Kaneko (200 back), Shinri Shioura (100 free), and Rikako Ikee (100 fly). Their men’s 400 medley relay also contributed with a bronze.

2016 FINA Short Course World Championships Final Medal Table

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
USA 8 14 7 29
JPN 2 2 11 15
RUS 6 5 3 13
HUN 7 2 2 11
AUS 2 2 7 11
CAN 2 3 3 8
ITA 1 4 2 7
NED 2 3 1 6
RSA 4 1 0 5
GBR 1 2 2 5
KOR 3 0 0 3
GER 2 1 0 3
JAM 1 1 1 3
BRA 1 1 1 3
CHN 1 0 2 3
DEN 1 0 1 2
LTU 1 0 1 2
POL 1 0 1 2
FRA 0 2 0 2
UKR 1 0 0 1
SLO 1 0 0 1
BLR 0 0 1 1

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4 years ago

Hmmmm… Hosszu alone is slightly worse than the United States whole team. That’s incredible. Phelpsian, in fact (yes, I’m going there). Overall a good meet all around (speaking from an American perspective), a few ARs as well as some pleasant surprises, like MA in the 100 IM. Would’ve loved to see Shields a bit le closer to le Clos, but he still did very well considering he just swam winter nats not too long ago. Really nice for a bunch of these post-collegiate athletes to get some attention too.

Reply to  Person
4 years ago

and all of them are individual

Reply to  Person
4 years ago

The question is why did Shields swim Winter Nats a week before if he was going to leave his best fly speed there.

Reply to  Bigly
4 years ago

Seems like he performed well at worlds even with competing the week before, but I agree I was thinking the same thing while watching him. You’d think when being qualified to compete for your country at a meet like worlds you’d prepare your best for it, even if it isn’t the most prestigious meet. He’s not in college, and is not taking a break, so why not just train for that? But hey, that :43 at nationals was awesome, right? Shields probably has the right intentions and seems like a good guy, so I’m not worried about it.

4 years ago

That adds up only 47 golds, I guess Russia has 6.

4 years ago

why on fina.org show usa 30 total medal ?

bobo gigi
4 years ago

Medal table is based on golds.
1. USA 8 golds
2. Hungary 7 golds with 1 swimmer
3. Russia 6 golds
. . .
21. France 0 gold 2 silvers

bobo gigi
4 years ago

As expected a pretty good meet for the US team. Even the US B-team wins the medal table.

bobo gigi
4 years ago

Without Manaudou France couldn’t expect much more. Several 4th places could have been transformed into bronze though.
I’m disappointed about Metella. He needs to change something.
Stravius has been a great leader for that team.

Human Ambition
Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

Imagine both Florent and Laure in the squad

bobo gigi
4 years ago

And still no single race video on youtube. I wonder what has changed since last time.

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

Try searching the Facebook page “Lacorchera”, they uploaded all finals and some prelims, it’s from the Spanish broadcasting.

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

bobo – we don’t know what has changed since last time with race videos, but we will point out that NBC and FINA quashed any video interviews by other media at the meet. So, if they’re trying to exert that much control over even interviews in the ‘mixed zone,’ it’s not a surprise that they’re doing the same with race videos.

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

Why the downvotes? This is a good point. I believe you’re in France (?) but the US broadcasters are similarly making it extremely difficult to follow this event. Some network (Universal?) obviously has the rights to broadcast FINA events but has decided not to. As a result, the videos can’t be posted on Youtube and the event is never broadcast, essentially rendering it impossible to see the races. Annoying. This happens with lots of niche sports in the US, notably cycling.

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Dave
4 years ago

Agree with Dave, & thanks to Braden & JCSF for their answers. Seems people still love to bash Bobo, often IMHO for no good reason at all. Further, NBC the other night showed almost more commercials than races. That was something else. anted to see the Canadian ladies faces during the medal ceremony but alas, NBC in its infinite wisdom found commercials more important.

4 years ago

Pretty amazing that Katinka won more individual gold medals than all of USA swimmers put together! And people still wonder why she wins swimmer of the year?!?

Reply to  Weirdo
4 years ago

USA-8 gold Hungary-7. Still amazing, but you might wanna check the math

Reply to  KTHW
4 years ago

Individual 😉

Reply to  KTHW
4 years ago

I said individual gold medals. Maybe you wanna check your reading. USA didn’t win many individual gold medals.

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