2012-2013 NCAA Championship Qualifying Standards

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Though still not officially released by the NCAA in any public locale, we have been able to confirm that the Time Standards posted on the results from last weekend’s All-Florida Invite are those that are expected to be in effect for the 2012-2013 season.

Keep in mind that in the new system, athletes who only qualified for the meet on the strength of relay participation will not be able to swim individual events just because they have “B” times. Those who have been invited in individual events can swim other events in which they have B-cuts. This has resulted in many (though not all) of the B-cuts becoming much softer than in past years. Meanwhile, the A-times seem to have become tougher overall – though not by much.

Click here to read an interview that Jenny Wilson did with CSCAA consultant Bob Groseth, who helped push this new qualification system.

Women AWomen BEventMen AMen B
22.0522.9950 Free19.3020.19
48.0349.99100 Free42.4544.29
1:43.991:47.99200 Free1:33.631:37.99
4:38.134:47.79500 Free4:15.894:24.99
16:01.1216:30.591650 Free14:47.7015:30.39
52.1355.09100 Back46.0248.49
1:53.171:59.19200 Back1:41.311:46.39
59.511:02.49100 Breast52.6055.39
2:08.702:15.99200 Breast1:54.311:59.79
52.1154.49100 Fly45.9448.29
1:54.601:59.59200 Fly1:42.961:47.99
1:55.962:01.59200 IM1:43.621:49.09
4:05.984:19.39400 IM3:43.883:54.49
1:29.801:30.62200 Free Relay1:18.361:19.19
3:17.273:19.49400 Free Relay2:53.942:55.93
7:07.897:12.59800 Free Relay6:25.906:29.48
1:38.421:39.14200 Medley1:26.381:27.44
3:35.393:37.56400 Medley Relay3:10.913:12.78


  1. Confused says:

    400 IM dropped from list of NCAA events?

  2. Huh? says:

    All of the B-Cuts in individual events end in a 9. Is that statistically possible or are they changed arbitrarily to look better?

  3. Matt Tallman says:

    The times have been officially on the NCAA site for some time.

    • Braden Keith says:

      Matt – I think they’ve been on the .org, but the rest of us don’t have access to that anymore. Did you see them on the .com too?

  4. ryan proud says:

    any swimmer with a b cut can go to nationals? or what are the rules?

  5. peter says:

    The girls 100 back is really easy… that is just faster than the YMCA National cut

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