11 NCAA Division I Programs Currently Awaiting New Head Swim Coaches

In a year that seems to have much more turnover of head coaches in NCAA Division I swimming than usual, 11 programs are still without head coaches for next season. Wisconsin and TCU also had head coaching vacancies, but have recently seen those positions filled by Yuri Suguiyama and James Winchester respectively.

The reasoning for the vacancies is varied, with everything from longtime coaches simply retiring, to being dismissed for allegations of abuse. More schools will likely have vacancies in the future as coaches leave their positions to fill the vacancies that are currently open. The complete list of current vacancies is below:

Auburn (Men’s and Women’s) Brett Hawke
Florida (Men’s and Women’s) Gregg Troy
Virginia Tech Ned Skinner
Northwestern (combining programs) Abbey Steketee (women’s)/Jarod Schroeder (Men’s)
George Washington (Men’s and Women’s) James Winchester
Ball State (Men’s) Bob Thomas
Stony Brook (Women’s) Janelle Atkinson
Georgia Southern (Women’s) Laura Thomas
Unknown, but Kristin Walker is serving as interim head coach
Delaware (Men’s and Women’s) John Hayman
Holy Cross Barry Parenteau
St. Francis College Brooklyn Brian Guidera
No announcement made, job posting listed.

Here is a short recap of the 2 programs that already filled their vacancies:

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Becky D
4 years ago

Just so we remember, it would be helpful if all your future posts are headed by “STEVE NOLAN (MFM)”

4 years ago

Georgia southern is Women’s only

alternative facts are not facts
4 years ago

Whitney Hite did not resign. He was fired.

muddy canary
4 years ago

I wonder if coaches are more intrigued by the AU or U of F job? Both have interesting pieces and are obviously quite prestigious swim schools.

ACC fan
Reply to  muddy canary
4 years ago

AU is in Alabama! Not sure how that even gets in the Same conversation with Florida?

Reply to  ACC fan
4 years ago

Is Gainsville better than Alabama?

Reply to  ACC fan
4 years ago

Northern Florida is basically Alabama

Inside Scoop
4 years ago

There is likely going to be another DI position opening in the Northeast in the near future.

Hint: Penn State is not part of the Northeast

Becky D
Reply to  Inside Scoop
4 years ago

When you’re in the Southwest, the rest of the country is the Northeast.

4 years ago

Virginia Tech???

4 years ago
Reply to  Anon
4 years ago
Becky D
Reply to  Anon
4 years ago

Swimmer 1: “He played favorites.”
Swimmer 2: “He was always helpful to me.”

Kind of like a group of blind men standing around an elephant.

Reply to  Becky D
4 years ago

Swimmer 3:. They cut me, but they still treated me fairly

4 years ago

Spencer – gotta call you out bro you are missing Virginia Tech! (Anonymous already stated but seriously!)