Brett Feyerick Breaks Lasco’s 9-10 National Age Group Record in 50 Back

While many of his NCAP teammates were off swimming at the 2014 DC Metro Championships over the weekend, 10 year old Brett Feyerick was quietly breaking a National Age Group Record in Annapolis.

At the Riva Swim center on Sunday, Feyerick swam a 27.52 in the 50 yard backstroke, which won the race by 5 seconds and broke the 10 & under National Age Group Record that was held by Destin Lasco at 27.96 from 2012.

Feyerick trains directly under Kevin McCarthy at the Georgetown Prep site run by Bruce Gemmell.

Given the names that have rolled through the backstroke races in that age group in the last few years (Michael Andrew, Destin Lasco, Vinny Marciano), for Feyerick to knock another four-tenths of a second off of the record is pretty impressive. Consider that headed into 2010, the record was a 28.64, and in four years (almost to the day) , we’ve already seen it go down by 1.1 seconds.

Feyerick had been #2 all-time in the age group coming into this meet, with a 28.32 from the Tom Dolan Invite in December.

Top 4 all-time in the age group

  • Brett Feyerick, 27.52, 2014
  • Destin Lasco, 27.96, 2012
  • Michael Andrew, 28.58, 2010
  • Mitchell Friedemann, 28.64, 2003


  1. bobo gigi says:

    Very impressive record.
    I remember watch him at the last Tom Dolan Invitational and he was very dominant in his age category.
    Another NCAP future star in the making?

    • Rafael says:

      I Actually find quite disturbing to see there is a official record for 9-10 year old KIDS and can´t bode well with putting competitve pressure over them (and unfortunately there are some parents and coaches who does that)

      • Coach says:

        There’s always records….it’s not pressure it’s motivation. What should be done is disabling/ not allowing negative comments on articles of age groupers. That will mess with their minds.

        • Coach says:

          For instance all of the airheads commenting beneath me when this kid just made such a milestone in his life!

          • Danm133 says:

            We aren’t dissing his swim, we are making fun of the fact that gogupplies seems to think that this kid is going to be the next Aaron Peirsol.

      • Morgan Priestley says:

        RAFAEL, that’s actually a big reason as to why USA Swimming doesn’t keep a top 100 listing for 10 and unders.

  2. GoGupplies says:

    That is very, very cool! The future is looking brighter every day for USA!!!

  3. Swammer says:

    Well, in my opinion, Feyerick has the potential to continue his success at NCAP. He will likely get older and start training under Bruce Gemmell, which can’t hurt!

  4. bobo gigi says:

    A little publicity for my work. :)
    You can see the NAG record progression in history for 11/12 and 13/14-year-old boys and girls in SCY and LCM.
    I’ve also made a recap list of all these NAG record holders to see how many have had much success later in their swimming careers.
    Link here.

  5. Daniel says:

    I personally know Brett. He swims in my lsc. He is AMAZING. You should stop talking bull about him. You people are just jealous he is faster than you.

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