Zsu Jakabos Adds Win in Eindhoven

Day 3 of the 2013 Eindhoven Cup in the Netherlands saw fast times continue to go on the board

Hungarian Zsu Jakabos continued a great meet by running away with the 200 fly in 2:07.66. That’s the fastest time in the world outside of China this year. Great Britain’s Jemma Lowe took 2nd in 2:09.64.

In the men’s 200 free, 19-year old Dion Dreesens pulled off a mild upset with a 1:47.93. Scottish swimmer Robbie Renwick was 2nd in 1:47.99, and defending champion in this race Sebastiaan Verschuren was 3rd in 1:50.17. Verschuren, historically, has been a bit better at this meet.

One day after breaking the Swedish Record in the 200 IM, Simon Sjodin won the 100 fly in 53.26. That topped Russia’s Evgeny Korotyshkin, who was 2nd in 53.39, followed by Mike Marissen in 53.70.

Brazilian Henrique Martins, who is coming up on his World Championship Trials meet, was 4th in 54.58.

Britain’s Hannah Miley won the women’s 400 free in 4:09.59. The Netherlands’ Moniek Nijhuis won the 50 breaststroke in 30.99; and Damir Dugonjic won the same for the men’s race in 27.80.

In semi-final action, Ranomi KromowidjojoFemke Heemskerk, and Sarah Sjostrom were all 54.2’s in their 100 frees. Germany’s Britta Steffen sat behind them in 55.00.

Full, live meet results available here.

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11 years ago

Mireia Belmonte swam faster on the spanish championships.

(That was against her btw, she swam 2.07.38 there, Mireia went 2.06 something.)
So this is no4 on the world rankings. Lets wait till the Mesa Grand Prix and check those results.

Reply to  Ivan
11 years ago

Why wait till Mesa Grand Prix?

11 years ago

Jakabos, probably by far the prettiest swimmer on the world.. ( and please no Overly Zealot religious answers on this comment )

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
11 years ago

One of the few times I agree with you Raf lol.

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
11 years ago

So Rafael, you’ve seen every female swimmer on earth? I seriously doubt it.

Ms. Jakabos is an attractive young athlete (swimmer) but there are thousands and thousands of others too.

Trust me on that one.

Reply to  Sam
11 years ago

Sam.. so please tell of a Olypic Level swimmer now who is as pretty as she.. (Rice is no longer swimming so don´t ) if we talked about every swimmer I´ve seen a lot of Amazing Pretty swimmers here in Brazil who is a Amateur swimmer.. but are Stunning level beaties

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
11 years ago

I’ve long thought that Britta Steffen looked like the athletic version of actress Nicole Kidman. And it seemed like a lot of people were asking ‘who’s that babe in the Call Me Maybe video?’ in reference to Lauren Perdue.

On the men’s side, nothing I’ve seen has ever come close to the beefcake pictures of Ryk Neethling from the mid 00s.

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
11 years ago

I have no idea who is more attractive and honestly, I have never even thought about it. I don’t care either. I read SWIMSWAM to know about who is swimming fastest, coaching ideas, meet results and many other things.

I don’t rank swimmers on their looks and I can’t see what they look like with swimcaps and goggles on. It does not matter either. I rank them on how fast they can swim.

If I want to look at great looking females, there are millions of internet websites that have lots of photos of them.

Your comment is silly and juvenile.

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
11 years ago

I totally agree with you Raf.
I noticed this fact years ago…LOL.

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