Fiona Doyle Breaks Irish Record on Day four prelims of the Canadian World Championship Trials

Women’s 200 IM

The three medalists in the 400 IM qualified in the top three positions heading into the 200 IM final.

After finishing second to Alexa Komarnycky in the 400 IM Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson came back on the final day of competition and  qualified first in the 200 IM posting a time of 2:16.09. Marni Oldershaw, who collected the bronze in the 400 IM, qualified second just behind Seltenreich-Hodgson touching in a time of 2:16.81.

Komarnycky, who won the 400 IM and seems to back on her game in the medley events qualified third in a time of 2:17.41.

One should not count out two time Olympian Stephanie Horner who qualified sixth in a time of 2:18.12.

The FINA A standard for this event is a 2:14.97.

Men’s 200 IM

Qualifying first in a time of 2:01.92 was Andrew Ford who swam this event in London and qualified for the semi-finals eventually placing 15th.

Alec Page, who is already on the team qualifying in the 400 IM and 4 x 200 freestyle relay, qualified second touching in a time of 2:03.57.

Mack Darragh who finished just outside of the medals in the 400 IM qualified third posting a time of 204.39.

Keep an eye on 2008 Olympian Jake Tapp who at the Olympic Trials last year qualified for the final in a time of 2:04.66 and than challenged Ford for the win by posting a time of 2:02.75. The same thing may be in the cards tonight, but the fast starting Tapp will have to have an improved breaststroke and freestyle if he is to win the event.

The FINA A standard for this event is a 1:59.99

Women’s 50 freestyle

Chantal Vanlandeghem qualified first in a time of 25.53 just off the FINA A time of 25.34. She was followed by three teammates from PPO, Olympic semi-finalist Victoria Poon who posted a time of 25.78, Hannah Riordan qualified third in a time of 25.79 and Sanderine Mainville who qualified fourth touching in a time of 25.96.

Vanlandeghem, Poon and Mainville have all qualified for the team in the 4 x 100 freestyle relay (Poon also qualified in the 100 freestyle) so this evening for these three will be an opportunity to add races to their schedule in Barcelona.

Men’s 50 freestyle

Chris Manning was the only swimmer this morning to break the 23 second mark, qualifing first in the 50 freestyle finishing in a time of 22.82. He was followed by Luke Peddie who qualified second in a time of 23.02 and Kelly Aspinall who qualified third in a time of 23.13.

Tommy Gossland, who finished second in the 100 freestyle will be another swimmer to watch in tonight’s final where he is going in seventh in a time of 23.34.

The FINA A standard in this event is 22.33.

Women’s 200 breaststroke

The women’s 200 breaststroke has been one of the premier events in Canadian swimming for many years; in 1984 Anne Ottenbrite won gold at the Los Angeles Olympics, in 1988 Alison Higson broke the world record in the event, in 2009 Annamay Pierse broke the world record in the event and collected a silver medal at the 2009 World Championships and in 2011 Martha McCabe took home the bronze.

McCabe who is looking to have success again in Barcelona, will have to qualify in the 200 breaststroke to make the trip, after finishing fifth in the 100 breaststroke earlier in the meet.

McCabe qualified first posting a time of 2:27.65. Ashley McGregor qualified second in a time of 2:29.17 followed by Fiona Doyle who broke the Irish National Record qualifying third in a time of 2:30.21.

Tera Van Beilen who swam the 200 breast in London qualified fourth in a time of 2:30.78.

The FINA A standard in this event is a 2:27.88.

Men’s 200 breaststroke

Ashton Baumann is looking to match his sister’s success in the 1500 freestyle, which she won on the first night of competition. Baumann qualified first in the 200 breaststroke finishing in a time of 2:16.27.

He was followed by 16 year old James Guest who qualified second posting a time of 2:16.76 with Martin Liivamagi of Estonia qualifying third in a time of 2:17.79..

The FINA A standard in this event is a 2:27.88.





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Cathy Morley Foster
11 years ago

Martin Liivamagi, a Cal alum, is from Estonia.

11 years ago

International swimmers are still not allowed in A finals, therefore Richard will be in lane 6, and Jason Block as well as Mack Darragh will advance to the A final. Liivamagi and Kozlovskij will swim in the B.