Yoga for Swimmers – Ariana Kukors Talks Yoga

 Yoga has become an important element within the training regime of many successful swimmers. Former world record holder Ariana Kukors was ahead of her time when she incorporated it into her training program as a teenager.

“I started when I was a freshman in high school,” says Kukors. “My Mom and I would go to Bikram’s on the weekends and over time I tried other styles.”

She was motivated to begin for both the physical and psychological benefits the practice offers, “I wanted to become more flexible, but I also wanted it for the mindfulness practice and the ability to focus on the breath.”

Once developing a consistent practice she experienced both of those benefits and more, “I like the detoxing elements to it as well. It has always felt like a cleanse.”

While swimming Kukors would do a separate session away from the pool typically on weekends. The amount she did during the season fluctuated, “I really felt that it would come and go depending on when I needed it. Yoga was always something I knew I had in my toolbox and I used it often.”

Like many Kukors has a favourite pose. So what is her favourite pose? “Dancer’s Pose.”

Learn to do Dancer’s Pose by watching this pose tutorial brought to you by Swimming Specific Yoga.


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