Watch Summer McIntosh Break Hosszu’s 400 IM World Record (Race Video)


Summer McIntosh is an unstoppable force. Her power was on full display during the 400 IM final on night five of the 2023 Canadian Swimming Championships. She became the quickest female in history in the event by putting up a 4:25.87 to beat Katinka Hosszu‘s 4:26.36 time from 2016.

You can read more about McIntosh’s in this article and you can watch the race video below:

Video Credit: Dave Ling

By delivering this world record, McIntosh became a two-time world record breaker after she swam a 3:56.08 400 freestyle on the first day of the meet. McIntosh has one race left, the 200 freestyle, in which she holds a best time of 1:54.13 from earlier this year at the Fort Lauderdale Pro Swim Series.

That time is a bit over a second slower than Federica Pelligrini‘s 1:52.98 world record from 2009. It’s a legendary record, but considering McIntosh’s track record at this meet so far, we might just see a third world record fall on Sunday.

Make sure to check back in for the sixth and final day of racing at the 2023 Canadian Swimming Trials tomorrow.

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Masters Swimmer
2 months ago

Would LOVE to see Pelegrini’s super suit assisted record go down. Super suits were a disaster for swimming- and swimmers today have plenty of other advantages from pool design, stroke changes, underwaters, supplementation etc etc.

Stephen Strange
Reply to  Masters Swimmer
2 months ago

At least Pellegrini won Olympics and World Championships (in textile).

I am so annoyed with Beiderman’s records.

Reply to  Stephen Strange
2 months ago

And of course there’s the women’s world record in the 200m butterfly. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a lot more than just the super suit helping that one out.

Reply to  Ben
2 months ago

I’m not sure when that will be touched.

Reply to  Stephen Strange
2 months ago

While I agree it’s also worth noting that PB was an elite freestyler without the suits through 2016, regularly swimming 1:44-145 mid and medaled at 2015 worlds and finaled at 2016 Olympics

The suit absolutely made him otherworldly, it also coincides with alot natural growth as well. He was 1:46 in 2008 and 1:44 in 2011. No slouch.

Reply to  Horninco
2 months ago

He gets a lot of hate because I feel like he represents exactly what was wrong with the super suits. However, the guy made 3 consecutive Olympic finals in the 200 free, all of which were without true super suits. He was always a great swimmer, but the rubber suit carried him to a different level

2 months ago

Wow! Last week Leon swam unbelievable times at the NCAA meet, which were the result of arguably the best underwater swimming ever. This swim is the opposite, with minimal underwater swimming and just pure animal above water swimming. Sure makes the case that there are lots of different ways to swim fast depending on what your talent and gifts are. Awesome!

2 months ago

Unreal! Her breaststroke looks straight out of the 80’s theory of how to swim it. Tweak that and she’s 4:22+.

Andy Hardt
Reply to  swimswamfan
2 months ago

It’s an interesting idea. Compared to Hosszu, McIntosh has faster splits in every stroke except for breaststroke. But Hosszu was a fly/back specialist too, and McIntosh actually has a decent breaststroke (, so it’s not tautological.

It seems to me that Hosszu’s faster breaststroke split is more about the difference in pacing strategies than anything. Hosszu really blasted the breaststroke leg. See this comparison to Ye Shiwen, who I believe has been 2:22 in the 200 breasstroke:

I’ll also point out that McIntosh’s pacing worked out really well for her today. After a blazing front half, she not only kept the breaststroke quick, so also set herself up for a very fast freestyle… Read more »

Reply to  Andy Hardt
2 months ago

she’s 16 she will get physically stronger in Paris she’ll only be a couple of weeks shy of her 18th birthday i think she might go 4:22 and i wouldn’t be surprised

2 months ago

Watched it live here in Canada. Thrilling day for her and her family again.
Sadly our main sports portals are not giving these great achievements much love and attention.

Reply to  Ron
2 months ago

I was live there as well Ron and was thrilled for her. Glad to see the crowd really get behind her as she split each stroke.

Kudos to the PA announcer for keeping the crowd up to date as Summer got closer to the record.

Agree about the main sports outlets not giving more attention for these historic swims.

Reply to  Riser
2 months ago

She will be a household name after Paris and not many swimmers have ever achieved that.

2 months ago

The lane 3 official:
OMG YAY SUMMER NEW…(play it cool, play it cool).

Reply to  Swammer
2 months ago