Katinka Hosszu Shatters Infamous Ye Shiwen 400 IM WR


After a 4:28.58 in prelims, the second-fastest 400 meter IM in history, Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszu has obliterated the World Record in Saturday evening’s finals. The swim is Hosszu’s first career Olympic medal.

Hosszu at one point was over 5 seconds ahead of the World Record pace, and while the infamous Ye Shiwen closing pace was still three seconds better than Hosszu closed, the Hungarian still finished in 4:26.36 – breaking the World Record by more than two seconds. The old mark was a 4:28.43 done by Ye at the 2012 Olympics. This marks 4 out of the last 5 Olympics in which this World Record has been broken.

Hosszu stayed calm on the butterfly, as she does in this race, but from there on this race was between her and the World Record line, and the World Record line didn’t have a chance. Breaking a World Record by 2 seconds is almost unheard-of in the modern era, on the level of Katie Ledecky in the distance freestyles.

Comparative Splits:

  • Ye 1:02.19, Hosszu (AM) 1:01.28, Hosszu (PM) 1:00.91
  • Ye 1:09.54, Hosszu (AM) 1:08.08, Hosszu (PM) 1:07.48
  • Ye 1:18.02, Hosszu (AM) 1:17.14, Hosszu (PM) 1:16.11
  • Ye 58.68, Hosszu (AM) 1:02.07, Hosszu (PM) 1:01.86

Hosszu versus the Record:

  • 1:00.91 – 1.28 under
  • 2:08.39 – 3.34 under
  • 3:24.50 – 5.25 under
  • 4:26.36 – 2.07 under

This marks the second swimming World Record of the 2016 Olympic Games. As Ye’s swim was also the old Olympic Record, Hosszu got that as well, plus breaking her own Hungarian and European Records from prelims.

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Hosszu showed no fatigue after that… Something doesn’t look good and smells bad.


Agreed. Funny how she swam better after her husband became her coach. Anyone remember Angel Myers or Michelle Smith? Both of them got faster after their men became their coaches…

Irish Ringer

Aye, Michelle Smith was a great swimmer indeed.


Myers coached by a man but the same one all her life….her father. Highly speculated that Dara Torres spiked her drink or sample


Both of them swam at USC, under Dave Salo.


“The one thing I will say is that history in our sport will tell you that every time we see something, and I will put quotation marks around this, ‘unbelievable’, history shows us that it turns out later on there was doping involved. […] Any time someone has looked like superwoman in the history of our sport they have later been found guilty of doping” – John Leonard

Ryan Broshears

Angel Myers came out of Americans program-they trained in a 17 yd pool for several years. Angel and her brother Jamie were natural swimmers- fast sprinters- I saw them every year 2x a year at their invitational and state. Angel went from slight but strong to an absolute beast- not just her body but her facial seemed to swell. We had another swimmer from our team go there and in a year she had the same result.


Agree,i just hope she’s clean.


Come on guys. International swimmers and fans probably said the same thing about Phelps in 08 and Ledecky now. Congrats Katinka on an Amazing swim


No one questioned Phelps to the same extent as Ye’s swim at London.

Steve McGlamery

Yes, why is that? Perhaps because Phelps is American and Ye is Cinese? Huh? Maybe? You think?

Ryan Broshears

No- Chinese had no international swim program pre 90s until they got the former GDR coach-if you’re not familiar w that history then you know too little to comment. Shortly after the Chinese women burst on the scene smashing WRs and winning relays-a sign of depth-unusual in a burgeoning program. The Chinese were then hit w over 30 doping sanctions far more sufficient than required to suspect institutionalized doping. If they have a history of institutionalized doping what has changed? Not the govt. Chinese officials were caught in Beijing altering birth records to allow gymnasts who were too young to compete. US swimming has a history of clean swimmers that is strong enough to root out cheats from within-i.e. it… Read more »


It was probably just adrenaline. I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to demolish a world record en route to Olympic gold

Christie Pitter

Her pupils looked dialated after race and her attitude was not even close to humble…….she almost seemed arrogant and brash……something just seems off about the whole thing. Something stinks in this instance, BIG time. Are there any drug tests after a race and if there aren’t maybe there should be


Ye Shiwen… SMASH


Words can not describe how glad I am to see that record fall.


Lol you think this new record is any less shady ? Lol


Yellow 🙂


^ …except for the words in your post?

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