Katinka Hosszu Shatters Infamous Ye Shiwen 400 IM WR


After a 4:28.58 in prelims, the second-fastest 400 meter IM in history, Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszu has obliterated the World Record in Saturday evening’s finals. The swim is Hosszu’s first career Olympic medal.

Hosszu at one point was over 5 seconds ahead of the World Record pace, and while the infamous Ye Shiwen closing pace was still three seconds better than Hosszu closed, the Hungarian still finished in 4:26.36 – breaking the World Record by more than two seconds. The old mark was a 4:28.43 done by Ye at the 2012 Olympics. This marks 4 out of the last 5 Olympics in which this World Record has been broken.

Hosszu stayed calm on the butterfly, as she does in this race, but from there on this race was between her and the World Record line, and the World Record line didn’t have a chance. Breaking a World Record by 2 seconds is almost unheard-of in the modern era, on the level of Katie Ledecky in the distance freestyles.

Comparative Splits:

  • Ye 1:02.19, Hosszu (AM) 1:01.28, Hosszu (PM) 1:00.91
  • Ye 1:09.54, Hosszu (AM) 1:08.08, Hosszu (PM) 1:07.48
  • Ye 1:18.02, Hosszu (AM) 1:17.14, Hosszu (PM) 1:16.11
  • Ye 58.68, Hosszu (AM) 1:02.07, Hosszu (PM) 1:01.86

Hosszu versus the Record:

  • 1:00.91 – 1.28 under
  • 2:08.39 – 3.34 under
  • 3:24.50 – 5.25 under
  • 4:26.36 – 2.07 under

This marks the second swimming World Record of the 2016 Olympic Games. As Ye’s swim was also the old Olympic Record, Hosszu got that as well, plus breaking her own Hungarian and European Records from prelims.

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Just saying
7 years ago

Yi’s performance is very common among young female swimmers – peaked before growth stop for many intensive training programs.

Just saying
7 years ago

I saw many young female swimmers dropped chunk of times before they stopped growth, especially those from intensive training programs.

Just saying
7 years ago

Actually, doping is much easier and more likely in U.S. Type Swimming systems than Chinese government controlled system.

Ryan Broshears
Reply to  Just saying
6 years ago

Wrong-the Chinese rash of doping sanctions in the 90s proved institutionalized doping. Not just an errant individual-the govt sanctioned it.

7 years ago

Can’t believe how some people here still insisted that USA has the best systems and are so strict on anti doling when USA has had 9 Olympics medals stripped due to doping. China had one Olympics medal stripped due to athlete underage. Hungary 4 medals stripped. Albeit, only swimming medal stripped was achieved by the great red white and blue

7 years ago

Why are people still questioning Ye’s swim when she still hasn’t failed any PED? Only Olympics medal ever stripped from swimming was an American swimmer! Give credits to both swimmers still!

7 years ago

Congrats to Hosszu breaks the WR.
Also congrat Ye,you can ged rid of the shackle of WR.
And I want to tell the people who slander Ye is a doper from 4years ago,and don’t admit their faults until today.
In Buddhist theory,people is guilty of famation which is a major sin will go to hell.
Buddha bless you.

7 years ago

Yet no articles about the Hungarian doping have surfaced. When ye beat lochte’s record she was accused of doping!!! So wrong, and racist

7 years ago

At this point everyone will label a WR as suit aided or doping! Come on guys! People have skill too!

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