2023 Canadian Trials: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap



Day 4 prelims of the 2023 Canadian Swimming Trials are underway at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre in Toronto, Ontario. This morning’s prelims session will feature heats of the 200 fly, 100 free, and 50 breast, as well as finals of the para 100 fly and 50 free.

Today marks another big day for 16-year-old superstar Summer McIntosh, who has already broken a World Record (400 free) and another World Junior Record (200 IM) so far at these Trials. McIntosh is entered in the women’s 200 fly today, and while we shouldn’t expect anything too crazy to happen this morning, all eyes will absolutely be on her in tonight’s final of the event. She enters the meet with a personal best and Canadian Record time of 2:05.05, making her the only swimmer in the field this morning seeded under 2:10.

Meanwhile, another Canadian superstar swimmer, Maggie MacNeil, is set to race in the 100 free. We don’t get to see MacNeil race the LCM 100 free individually a ton, but she enters today as the top seed in the event by nearly a full second.

Josh Liendo has been swimming very well here in Toronto as well, and he comes into today as the top seed in the men’s 100 free with a 47.55. There’s no doubt Liendo has his eyes on Brent Hayden’s long-standing Canadian Record of 47.27, so we’ll be on the lookout for that.



  1. Katie Cosgriffe – 1:08.68
  2. Angela Marina – 1:10.09
  3. Emma Van Dyk – 1:14.57

Katie Cosgriffe took a little over half a second off her seed time en route to winning the para women’s 100 fly this morning in 1:08.68. Cosgriffe established herself as the frontrunner early in the race, splitting 31.84 on the first 50, then coming home in 36.84, which was also the fastest split in the field.

Angela Marina also clipped her seed time by 0.24 seconds, taking second with a 1:10.09.



  1. Nicholas Bennett – 58.18
  2. Alexander Elliot – 59.84
  3. Philippe Vachon – 1:11.37 (Tie)
  4. Noah Jaffe – 1:08.38 (Tie)

Nicholas Bennett and Alexander Elliot were out way ahead of the field this morning, speeding into the finish in 58.18 and 59.84 respectively. Both swimmers were just off their seed times, each coming in within half a second of those marks.

Bennett was out fast, splitting 27.06 on the first 50, then came home in 31.12 to touch the wall first comfortably. Elliott was just behind Bennett on both 50s, putting him into the finish second by a wide margin.

There was a tie for thrid between Philippe Vachon and Noah Jaffe. It was Jaffe who had the faster time, clocking a 1:08.38 to Vachon’s 1:11.37, but time is not all-important in para swimming. Rankings are determined using a formula based on each swimmer’s classification that takes into account how far they are off the World Record for their classification. Due to that, Jaffe and Vachon both ended up with 719 points for their swims this morning, resulting in a tie.


  • World Record – 2:01.81, Zige Liu (China) – 2009
  • Candian Record – 2:05.05, Summer McIntosh – 2023
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut – 2:09.21


  1. Summer McIntosh – 2:09.52
  2. Mabel Zavaros – 2:11.71
  3. Victoria Raymond – 2:13.19
  4. Kamryn Cannings – 2:13.47
  5. Katie Forrester – 2:13.49
  6. Catherine Minic – 2:15.02
  7. Mia West – 2:17.03
  8. Clare Watson – 2:17.06
  9. Danielle Hanus – 2:17.38
  10. Nina Mollin – 2:17.68

Summer McIntosh was firmly in control this morning as she cruised to a 2:09.52 to grab the top seed for tonight’s ‘A’ final in the women’s 200 fly. McIntosh showed off her speed just a little bit on the opening 100, splitting 28.60 on the first 50 and 32.52 on the second for a 1:01.12 on the first 100. She then swam 34.14 and 34.26 respectively on the final two 50s, bringing it home in 1:08.40 on the second 100.

We can expect a much faster race from McIntosh in finals tonight, both because she’s already the Canadian Record holder with a 2:05.05 that she swam this year, and because she’s been on fire at this meet so far. Tonight, she could become just the 11th swimmer in history to dip under 2:05 in the event.

Mabel Zavaros had a very solid morning swim, clocking a 2:11.71 for second place. Zavaros’ time was just off her seed of 2:11.68, putting her in a great spot for tonight.

Victoria Raymond had a big swim this morning, hitting a new personal best of 2:13.19 to take third overall, earning her a middle lane for tonight’s final.

Notably, Ella Jansen, the #2 seed in the event, did not swim the race. Jansen was entered with a 2:10.00, which makes her absence noteworthy, as the FINA ‘A’ cut stands at 2:09.21, meaning she would have had a really shot to pick up that cut and become Canada’s second 200 flyer at Worlds. Jansen is also entered in the 100 free prelims this morning.


  • World Record – 1:50.34, Kristof Milak (Hungary) – 2021
  • Candian Record – 1:54.49, Ilya Kharun – 2023
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut – 1:56.71


  1. Ilya Kharun – 1:57.84
  2. Patrick Hussey – 1:59.88
  3. Kevin Zhang – 2:00.34
  4. Ben Miller – 2:01.11
  5. Bill Dongfang – 2:01.61
  6. Yu Tong Wu – 2:02.23
  7. Benjamin Loewen – 2:02.65
  8. Michael Sava – 2:02.68
  9. Max Malakhovets – 2:02.74
  10. Diego Paz – 2:03.96

Ilya Kharun was excellent this morning, swimming a 1:57.84 to lead prelims by nearly two seconds. The Canadian Record holder in the event, Kharun has a personal best of 1:54.49, which he swam earlier this year. He swam a very controlled race this morning, splitting 26.16 on the first 50 then going 30.46, 30.55, and 30.67 on the final three 50s.

Patrick Hussey had a huge swim this morning, clocking a 1:59.88 to touch as the only swimmer other than Kharun under 2:00. Hussey was just off his personal best of 1:59.41, which he swam last summer at the Commonwealth Games. He’s got some work to do tonight to earn a World Champs qualification, however, as the ‘A’ cut stands at 1:56.71.


  • World Record – 51.71, Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden) – 2017
  • Candian Record – 52.59, Penny Oleksiak – 2021
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut – 54.25


  1. Mary-Sophie Harvey – 54.94
  2. Maggie MacNeil – 55.18
  3. Emma O’Croinin – 55.35
  4. Hanna Henderson – 55.36
  5. Brooklyn Douthwright – 55.44
  6. Katerine Savard – 55.51
  7. Elan Daley – 55.52
  8. Rebecca Smith – 55.54
  9. Sarah Fournier – 55.99
  10. Hannah Cornish – 56.07

Mary-Sophie Harvey put together a great prelims swim to clock the top time of the morning with a 54.94. She touched as the only swimmer in the field under 55 seconds, posting the fastest first 50 split in the field with a 26.40. The ‘A’ cut in the event stands at 54.25, though, so she’ll need to be even faster tonight in order to qualify for Worlds individually in the event.

Maggie MacNeil was second this morning, leading the field on the second 50 with a 28.51 split. MacNeil was well off her seed time of 54.38, so we’ll be looking for her to turn in a faster time tonight in finals.

Emma O’Croinin had a strong performance this morning, swimming a 55.35 for third. That time took 0.39 seconds off her seed. Hanna Henderson blew away her seed time of 56.99, roaring to a 55.36 for fourth overall.


  • World Record – 46.86, David Popovici (Romania) – 2022
  • Candian Record – 47.27, Brent Hayden – 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut – 48.51


  1. Josh Liendo – 48.65
  2. Javier Acevedo – 49.33
  3. Finlay Knox – 49.66
  4. Edouard Fullum-Huot – 49.92
  5. Tomas Navikonis – 49.95
  6. Stephen Calkins – 50.14
  7. Paul Dardis – 50.34
  8. Raine Arden – 50.50
  9. Artem Selin – 50.57
  10. Filip Senc-Samardzic – 50.61

Josh Liendo led the way this morning, posting a 48.65 to clear the field by nearly a second. He swam a stunningly conservative race, going out in 24.12 and coming home in 24.53. His second 50 was over a second faster than anyone else in the event this morning.

On the flipside, Javier Acevedo was out very fast this morning, leading the field with a 23.54 on the opening 50. He ended up finishing second overall with a 49.33, just off his seed time of 49.12.

Finlay Knox clocked the third-fastest time of the morning with a 49.66, putting himself in the middle of the pool for tonight’s final.

Edouard Fullum-Huot clipped his seed time of 50.06, dipping under 50 seconds to finish fourth this morning with a 49.92.


  • World Record – 29.30, Benedetta Pilato (Italy) – 2022
  • Candian Record – 30.23, Amanda Reason – 2009


  1. Rachel Nicol – 31.22
  2. Avery Wiseman – 31.41
  3. Sydney Pickrem – 31.46
  4. Sophie Angus – 31.50
  5. Shona Branton – 32.02
  6. Nina Kucheran – 32.05
  7. Danika Ethier – 32.11
  8. Alexanne Lepage – 32.37
  9. Kathryn Ivanov – 32.46
  10. Kelsey Wog – 32.70

Rachel Nicol was on top of her game this morning, clipping her seed time and earning the top seed for tonight’s final with a 31.22. She touched just ahead of Avery Wiseman, who also clipped her seed time, swimming a 31.41. Sydney Pickrem, another top Canadian breaststroker, came in third this morning with a 31.46.

Sophie Angus, the champion in the women’s 100 breast last night, came in fourth this morning with a 31.50. Pickrem didn’t swim the 100 breast yesterday, but Nicol came in second and Wiseman in third, so tonight’s final should be a really great race.


  • World Record – 25.95, Adam Peaty (Great Britain) – 2017
  • Candian Record – 27.45, Scott Dickens – 2009


  1. James Dergousoff – 27.63
  2. Gabe Mastromatteo – 28.05
  3. Luca Chiandussi – 28.13
  4. Justice Migneault – 28.19
  5. Brayden Taivassalo – 28.21
  6. Apollo Hess – 28.48
  7. Stephen Moore – 28.54
  8. Neil Simpson – 28.63
  9. Steve Frantskevich – 28.83
  10. Graeme Aylward – 28.88

James Dergousoff had a great swim this morning, finishing as the only swimmer in the field under 28 seconds, touching in 27.63. That puts him in great position heading into tonight, as only Gabe Mastromatteo was seeded faster than that time. Mastromatteo was second this morning, swimming a 28.05, which was half a second off his seed of 27.53.

Apollo Hess, who was the only swimmer other than Dergousoff and Mastromatteo who as seeded under 28 seconds, came in sixth this morning with a 28.48.

Luca Chiandussi had a massive swim this morning, blowing away his seed time of 28.83 with a 28.13, finishing third overall.



  1. Shelby Newkirk – 34.27 (911 points)
  2. Kylin Tan – 34.04 (904 points)
  3. Aurelie Rivard – 28.79 (888 points)

Shelby Newkirk was off her seed time of 33.53, but her 34.27 this morning was still enough to win. Once again, it’s important to note that the overall time doesn’t determine placing in para swimming. Rather, it’s a formula based off each swimmer’s classification and the World Record in their classification that gives them a total score, and those scores are used to determine placing.

Kylin Tan had a huge swim, taking nearly a full second off her seed time to finish second.

Aurelie Rivard rounded out the top three this morning with a 28.79, posting the fastest overall time in the event.



  1. Nicolas Turbide – 24.74 (866 points)
  2. Philippe Vachon – 29.62 (769 points)
  3. Jagdev Gill – 26.32 (736 points)

Nicolas Turbide clipped his seed time by 0.03 seconds, swimming a 24.74 to win the men’s 50 free. Turbide won the event handily, scoring nearly 100 points more than second-place finisher Philippe Vachon.

Vachon, who already tied for third in the 100 fly at the beginning of the session, came in second with a 29.62. That swim was just 0.04 seconds off his seed time.

Jagdev Gill rounded out the podium with a 26.32, finishing third. He was a bit off his seed time of 25.58.

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2 months ago

Why is the Day 4 Finals thread still not up?

2 months ago

I’m going with a 2:03.61 for McIntosh

Sherry Smit
2 months ago

Great swim for Emma O’Cronin in the 100 Free. Excited to see her in finals, maybe a spot on the 4×100 FR with such a weak field

Former Cal Student
2 months ago

It amuses me that it’s Candian in the title and when the records are listed for every event. I know the copy & paste error all too well.

2 months ago

just based off how fast McIntosh was in the 200 IM despite her breaststroke leg being like 2 secs slower, especially with how fast she took out the fly leg and how fast she came home on the free, I think a textile WR is very much in reach. I predicted a 2:07.2 in the IM and she exceeded that despite going slower than I expected in breast so I’m going with a 2:03.72 here

2 months ago

Catherine Minic to upset 200 fly???

2 months ago

I’m sure this has been commented on elsewhere, and apologies for my ignorance, but I’d there a reason Ruslan Gaziev isn’t swimming here? I was excited to see what he could go after a great NCAA season. Usually going 40 in yards for the guys who aren’t very underwater reliant translates to a 47 LC.

Reply to  oxyswim
2 months ago

Maybe he’s exhausted just like Taylor ruck

Argentina on top 🇦🇷
2 months ago

In other news:

Chelsea Hodges will undergo a hip surgery and won’t be able to swim at Trials/Worlds.

Reply to  Argentina on top 🇦🇷
2 months ago

Yeah that sucks. Out for the whole year! Hopefully she’s better in time for Paris