Watch: Katie Ledecky Post 200 Free Press Conference


Tonight, Katie Ledecky qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics in her second event after taking first place in a loaded 200 free field.  Ledecky spoke with members of the media after the race, touching on her schedule in Rio, swimming the 100 free tomorrow, and a variety of other topics.

Asked about chasing Shane Gould, who held every world record from the 100 to 1500 freestyle at one point, Ledecky replied:

I don’t think about who I am chasing or any of the historical implications or anything; that’s your job. My job is to swim fast in the pool and do the best that I can.

On the 100 freestyle:

We were walking back here and Bruce was like, come on, the clock is ticking, I have 12 hours to teach you how to swim a 100 Free, but I think I’ve shown him this week that I have a little bit of speed, and I think I’m ready for the 100 tomorrow.


Read the full transcript here.

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Lazy Observer

Love this woman. There is something sharp or no-nonsense about her personality that is distinct from her peers. A steadiness I admire a lot.

Also, need to be sleeping and just in that mood where I don’t want to, so all these videos and posts are serving me very well.