Watch Adam Peaty Swim 56.88 For New 100 Breaststroke World Record


After posting a very fast yet seemingly relaxed 57.59 in the morning prelims of the 100 breaststroke, Adam Peaty unleashed an incredible 56.88 in the second semifinal heat to shave fully 22/100ths from his previous World Record of 57.10, set in 2018 at the European Championships.

The British breaststroke icon has been redefining the limits of the stroke ever since 2015 when he became the first man under 58 in the 100 breast with a 57.92.

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Peaty won the gold medal in an otherworldly 57.13, which stood for two years before he bested it in 2018. Now, with a 56.88 to his name, Peaty has completed “Project 56,” which he first mentioned in 2017 in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Now, Peaty is both the only swimmer to break 58 and 57 in the 100 meter breaststroke.

Skip ahead to 7:50 if you only want to see Peaty’s race.

A comparison of Peaty’s splits from the 2018 European Championships and today’s 2019 World Championships reveals Peaty has improved both front-end and closing speed.

26.75 26.63
30.35 30.25
57.10 56.88

Peaty now owns the 16 fastest swims in history in the event, and 18 of the top-20.


  1. Adam Peaty, 56.88
  2. Adam Peaty, 57.10
  3. Adam Peaty, 57.13
  4. Adam Peaty, 57.47
  5. Adam Peaty, 57.55
  6. Adam Peaty, 57.59
  7. Adam Peaty, 57.62
  8. Adam Peaty, 57.75
  9. Adam Peaty, 57.79
  10. Adam Peaty, 57.87
  11. Adam Peaty, 57.89
  12. Adam Peaty, 57.92
  13. Adam Peaty, 58.04
  14. Adam Peaty, 58.15
  15. Adam Peaty, 58.18
  16. Adam Peaty, 58.21
  17. Ilya Shymanovich, 58.29
  18. Adam Peaty, 58.36
  19. Adam Peaty, 58.41
  20. Cameron van der Burgh, 58.46


  1. Adam Peaty, Great Britain, 56.88 — WORLD RECORD, Championship Record
  2. Yan Zibei, China, 58.67 — Asian Record, Chinese Record
  3. James Wilby, Great Britain, 58.83
  4. Yasuhiro Koseki, Japan, 58.89
  5. Andrew Wilson, United States, 58.95
  6. Dmitriy Balandin, Kazakhstan, 59.03
  7. Anton Chupkov, Russia, 59.15
  8. Kirill Prigoda, Russia, 59.21

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Tall N Wet

Would probably be in the 55s if body suits were still allowed 🤷‍♂️

Mr Piano

and 54 if he roids up

Tall N Wet

I actually wouldnt mind an Independent league that allowed you to take AS

Ol' Longhorn

Doubt he can get more jacked that he is.


Absolutely incredible.


Yeah it’s pretty cool but it would be even more incredible if breaststroke was a real stroke.


Wow edgy


It was literally the only stroke other than freestyle at the first Olympics

Don Megerle

Agree, he barely kicks breaststroke at all. Just dolphin kicking for 100 meters.


One of the most astonishing things I’ve ever seen in a swimming pool. He was out 0.13 faster than any American man has ever gone in a 50br, then he almost broke 30s coming home. It’s mindblowing when you break it down.

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