USA Olympic Swim Team 2016 – Carpool Karaoke

Courtesy of USA Swimming

In the long-anticipated follow up to their mega-viral “Call Me Maybe” video from the 2012 Olympics, the 2016 U.S. Olympic Swim Team has tweaked the format for this year. As the team rolls through the streets of Atlanta, on the way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Games, they did a little “carpool karaoke” in the format of James Corden’s the Late Late Show.


2016 US Olympic Swim Team
Car groups (in order of appearance)

* Car #1
Elizabeth Beisel – IG/twitter: @ebeisel34
Caeleb Dressel – IG/twitter: @caelebdressel
Ryan Held – IG/twitter: @heldilox
Melanie Margalis – IG: @mmargalis / twitter: @melmargalis
Jordan Wilimovsky – IG: @jwilimovsky / twitter: @j_wilimovsky

* Car #2
Michael Phelps – IG: @m_phelps00 / twitter: @MichaelPhelps
Allison Schmitt – IG/twitter: @arschmitty
Amanda Weir – IG/twitter: @AmandaJoWeir
Kevin Cordes – IG: @kevincordes / twitter: @KwCordes
Connor Jaeger – IG/twitter: @conjaeg

* Car #3
Maya DiRado – IG: @mayadorito / twitter: @MayaDiRado
Missy Franklin – IG: @missyfranklin88 / twitter: @MissyFranklin
Dana Vollmer – IG: @dana.vollmer / twitter: @danavollmer
Abbey Weitzeil – IG/twitter: @abbeyweitzeil
Cierra Runge – IG/twitter: @CierraRunge

* Car #4
Katie Ledecky – IG: @kledecky / twitter: @katieledecky
Anthony Ervin – IG/twitter: @AnthonyErvin
David Plummer – IG: @plumm006 / twitter: @davideplummer
Molly Hannis – IG: @hannis707 / twitter: @mollyhannis
Kelsi Worrell – IG/twitter: @kelsiwhirl

*Car #5
Conor Dwyer – IG/twitter: @ConorJDwyer
Chase Kalisz – IG/twitter: @chasekalisz
Gunnar Bentz – IG/twitter: @thegunnybunny
Hali Flickinger – IG: @haliflickinger / twitter: @Hali_Flickinger
Jay Litherland – IG: @jaylitherland / twitter: @j_litherland

* Car #6
Simone Manuel – IG: @swimone13 / twitter: simone_manuel
Lia Neal – IG: @lia_neal / twitter: @LiaNeal
Townley Haas – IG/twitter: @TownleyH
Jack Conger – IG: jack_conger

* Car #7
Leah Smith – IG: @leahsmith19 / twitter: @lgsmith19
Olivia Smoliga – IG: @osmoliga / twitter: @oliviasmoliga
Cody Miller – IG: @codymiller / twitter: @swimiller
Lilly King – IG/twitter: @_king_lill

* Car #8
Ryan Lochte – IG/twitter: @ryanlochte
Cammile Adams – IG/twitter: @CammileAdams
Katie Meili – IG: @katiemeili / twitter: @katie_meili
Jimmy Feigen – IG/twitter: @JimmyFeigen
Kathleen Baker – IG/twitter: @KathleenBaker2

* Car #9
Nathan Adrian – IG/twitter: @NathanGAdrian
Tom Shields – IG/twitter: @BeefyTShields
Ryan Murphy – IG/twitter: @ryan_f_murphy
Josh Prenot – IG/twitter: @joshprenot
Jacob Pebley – IG: @jacob.pebley / twitter: @jacob_pebley

* Not Shown
Blake Pieroni – IG: @blakepieroni / twitter: @bpieronigold
Clark Smith

Technical Director / Editor: Russell Mark @russellmark1226


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Lane Four

CLASSIC! Move over, Call Me Maybe! LOL LOL LOL LOL Excuse me, I need to watch this again!


They should have stopped at Call me maybe


Katie in the driver’s seat! I thought she didn’t have her license!

samuel huntington

I believe one of the reasons she redshirted this year was to get her license, so I’m assuming she has it now


It looks like she’s stationary when she’s shown in the driver’s seat so maybe she never actually drove the car.

Wouldn’t mind being in that car rockin’ out to We’re all alright!


I think that’s the joke. Ervin is laughing for because they’re just sitting there.

Also, the song is called “In the Street” and was originally written by Big Star in the early 70s. Big Star was a great but short lived band. The cover being played was done by Cheap Trick.

Swim pop

Immortalized by The Replacements in their tribute song “Alex Chilton.”


Actually immortalized by “That 70’s Show”.


That Cal car!

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