2016 U.S. Open – Day 4 Prelims Live Recap

2016 U.S. Open Swimming Championships

Day 4 – Friday, August 5, 2016

Women’s 200 Meter Freestyle

  • American: 1:53.61 7/31/2012 Allison Schmitt
  • U.S. Open Meet: 1:57.54 8/10/2012 Megan Romano

Day Four began with a couple of nice drops in the 200 free, as Ella Tierney of NASA Wildcat Aquatics went 2:03.18 to edge Dannie Dilsaver of Greater Nebraska (2:03.32) in heat 1; both women took nearly a second off their seed times. Madison Homovich of Marlins of Raleigh came back in the very next heat to drop 6/10 and post a field-leading 2:02.82; SwimMAC’s Nora McCullagh came in just behind her with 2:03.10.

The first of the circle-seeded heats went to Madisyn Cox in 2:01.33. She was followed by Boiliermaker Aquatics’ Allie Davis (2:01.59) and North Baltimore Aquatic Club’s Sierra Schmidt (2:02.16).

Rose Bi of Club Wolverine put up a strong back half to overtake Gator Swim Club’s Isabel Ivey, who’d led at the 100, and finish with 2:00.31 to take over the leaderboard. Ivey was second in the heat with 2:01.36. Marietta Marlins’ Stephanie Peters was third in 2:01.81.

The final heat went to H2Okie Aquatics’ Jessica Hespeler in 2:00.62, as she just out-touched Aggie Swim Club’s Sarah Gibson (2:00.72) at the end. Club Wolverine’s Becca Postoll was third in 2:01.97.

Top 8

  1. Rose Bi, Club Wolverine, 2:00.31
  2. Jessica Hespeler, H2okie Aquatics, 2:00.62
  3. Sarah Gibson, Aggie Swim Club, 2:00.72
  4. Madisyn Cox, Unattached TXLA, 2:01.33
  5. Isabel Ivey, Gator Swim Club, 2:01.36
  6. Allie Davis, Boilermaker Aquatics, 2:01.59
  7. Stephanie Peters, Marietta Marlins, 2:01.81
  8. Becca Postoll, Club Wolverine, 2:01.97

Men’s 200 Meter Freestyle

  • American: 1:42.96 8/12/2008 Michael Phelps
  • U.S. Open Meet: 1:46.23 12/2/2005 Pieter van den Hoogenband, PSV

The action in heat 1 was in the outside lanes, where Andrew Appleby of Ohio State Swim Club (1:52.33) and Johnthomas Larson of Edina Swim Club (1:52.67) were first to the wall.

Nicholas Grainger of Great Britain edged Zane Grothe of Badger Swim Club in the first of the circle-seeded heats, 1:48.85 to 1:49.08; Grothe made a huge push over the final 50 meters but fell just short of the heat win.

Australia’s Alexander Graham won the penultimate heat in 1:49.39. Maxime Rooney of Pleasanton Seahawks touched second in 1:50.15, while Jordan Sloan of Ireland was 1:51.07 for third.

Calum Jarvis of Wales went 1:48.21 to win the final heat of men’s 200 free; just behind him were Wisconsin Aquatics’ Michael Weiss with 1:49.95, and Ohio State Swim Club’s Joshua Fleagle with 1:50.29.

Top 8

  1. Calum Jarvis, Swim Wales, 1:48.21
  2. Nicholas Grainger, COSSS, 1:48.85
  3. Zane Grothe, Badger Swim Club, 1:49.08
  4. Alexander Graham, Australia, 1:49.39
  5. Liam Egan, Crimson Aquatics, 1:49.82
  6. Michael Weiss, Wisconsin Aquatica, 1:49.95
  7. Maxime Rooney, Pleasanton Seahawks, 1:50.15
  8. Joshua Fleagle, Ohio State Swim Club, 1:50.29

Women’s 100 Meter Breaststroke

  • American: 1:04.45 8/7/2009 Jessica Hardy
  • U.S. Open Meet: 1:04.45 8/7/2009 Jessica Hardy

With only three heats, everyone was guaranteed a seat at the table in finals. The first heat went to Franko Jonker of Aggie Swim Club with 1:09.52; Miranda Tucker was second in 1:09.59.

Jessica Hanson of Australia took heat 2 in 1:08.32 just ahead of Aquajets’ Olivia Anderson, who hit the wall at 1:08.53. The duo moved to the top of the qualifiers.

Bethany Galat of Aggie Swim Club won an exciting final heat in 1:09.14. Andee Cottrell of Cardinal Aquatics and University of Alabama Swim Club’s Bridget Blood tied for second with 1:09.22.

Top 8

  1. Jessica Hansen, Australia, 1:08.32
  2. Olivia Anderson, Aquajets Swim, 1:08.53
  3. Bethany Galat, Aggie Swim Club, 1:09.14
  4. Andee Cottrell, Cardinal Aquatics, 1:09.22
  5. Bridget Blood, University of Alabama, 1:09.22
  6. Franko Jonker, Aggie Swim Club, 1:09.52
  7. Miranda Tucker, UNA CW, 1:09.59
  8. Madisyn Cox, UNA TXLA, 1:09.98

Men’s 100 Meter Breaststroke

  • American: 58.94 6/26/2016 Kevin Cordes
  • U.S. Open Meet: 59.40 8/7/2009 Kevin Swander

John Bushman of Aces Swim Club won the first heat of men’s 100 breast in 1:04.14 ahead of SwimMAC’s Will Chan (1:05.01).

James Wilby of Loughborough won the first circle-seeded heat with 1:01.51. Pavel Romanov from University of Alabama went 1:03.02, just ahead of Levi Brock (1:03.49) of Indiana University.

Michael Andrew of Race Pace Club won heat 3 with 1:01.03. He was followed by Matthew Wilson of Australia (1:02.25), and Marat Amaltdinov of Boilermaker Aquatics (1:02.64).

The final heat went to Andrew Wilson of Longhorn Aquatics in the only sub-1:00 performance, 59.58. University of Minnesota’s Conner McHugh was second in the heat with 1:01.25, while Youssef El Kamash of Grand Canyon Aquatics was third with 1:01.73.

Top 8

  1. Andrew Wilson, Longhorn Aquatics, 59.58
  2. Michael Andrew, 17 Race Pace Club, 1:01.03
  3. Conner McHugh, University of Minnesota, 1:01.25
  4. James Wilby, Loughborough, 1:01.51
  5. Youssef El Kamash, Grand Canyon Aquatics, 1:01.73
  6. Tommy Sucipto, Australia, 1:01.98
  7. Matthew Wilson, Australia, 1:02.25
  8. Marat Amaltdinov, Boilermaker Aquatics, 1:02.64

Women’s 100 Meter Backstroke

  • American: 58.33 7/30/2012 Missy Franklin
  • U.S. Open Meet: 59.11 8/1/2008 Hayley McGregory

Kate Moore from Marlins of Raleigh opened the women’s 100 back heats with a 1:03.67-to-1:03.91 win over Casey Fanz of Poseidon. Laura Savariau of Firestone Akron took heat 2 in 1:02.92; Marcie Maguire of Ridgefield Aquatic Club was 1:03.28 for second.

Holly Barratt of Australia just touched out Kentucky Aquatics’ Bridgette Alexander, 1:00.93 to 1:00.94, to win the first circle-seeded heat. Madison Myers of Firestone Akron was third in 1:02.43.

Regan Smith of Riptide Swim Team dropped .65 to finish first in the penultimate heat with 1:00.31. Smith broke Missy Franklin’s 2009 National Age Group record by .19 with that swim.

Club Wolverine’s Ali Deloof posted the morning’s fastest time in the last heat, going 1:00.27. Tasija Karosas of Longhorn Aquatics was second in 1:01.01. Aquazot Swim Club’s Eva Merrell took third with 1:01.42.

Top 8

  1. Ali Deloof, Club Wolverine, 1:00.27
  2. Regan Smith, Riptide Swim team, 1:00.31
  3. Sian Whittaker, Australia, 1:00.65
  4. Holly Barratt, Australia, 1:00.93
  5. Bridgette Alexander, Kentucky, 1:00.94
  6. Tasija Karosas, Longhorn Aquatic, 1:01.05
  7. Eva Merrell, Aquazot Swim Club, 1:01.42
  8. Hellen Moffitt, North Carolina, 1:02.02

Men’s 100 Meter Backstroke

  • American: 51.94 7/8/2009 Aaron Peirsol
  • U.S. Open Meet: 52.51 8/7/2009 Nicholas Thoman

Not to be outdone by Regan Smith, 14-year-old Destin Lasco of Pleasantville Aquatics dropped a huge 56.84 to come within 1/100 of the National Age Group record in the boys’ 13-14 age group and win heat 1 by a full body length. It was his best time by 1.5 seconds.

In the first circle-seeded heat it was Luke Kaliszak of University of Alabama Swim Club over H2Okie Aquatics’ Robert Owen, 55.23 to 55.37.

Indiana University’s Bob Glover rose to the top of the qualifiers’ list with a heat 3 win in 54.83. Australia’s Zac Incerti was runner-up in the heat with 55.68, just ahead of Alabama’s Crews Wellford (55.87).

New York Athletic Club’s Arkady Vyatchanin blasted a 54.57 to win the final heat by a body length and log the morning’s top time in the men’s 100 back. Second in the heat was Club Mountaineer’s Bryce Bohman with 55.98. Third place went to Cardinal Aquatics’ Aaron Greene in 56.80.

Top 8

  1. Arkady Vyatchanin, New York Athletic Club, 54.57
  2. Bob Glover, Indiana University, 54.83
  3. Luke Kaliszak, University of Alabama, 55.23
  4. Robert Owen, H2okie Aquatics, 55.37
  5. Zac Incerti, Australia, 55.68
  6. Crews Wellford, University of Alabama, 55.87
  7. Bryce Bohman, Club Mountaineer, 55.98
  8. Brett Pinfold, Wisconsin Aquatics, 56.75


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Dustin and Will
7 years ago

Destin is my man PVA brother

tea rex
7 years ago

That is a personal best for Andrew Wilson, is it not?!
USA Swimming times database has his PR as 59.65 from 2015 summer nationals!

tea rex
7 years ago

Michael Andrew scratched the 100 back?
I thought he would go after that race because he didn’t swim it at trials…

7 years ago

Why is Arkady not swimming in Rio?

tea rex
Reply to  YoungFish11
7 years ago

He has no nationality 🙁
Denounced his Russian sports citizenship, and was expected to compete for Serbia, but they did not approve him in time. Sad!

bobo gigi
7 years ago

Things always go in threes. The troll is here too.

Interesting session to come tonight.

Can Andrew swim close to Wilson in the 100 breast?
Will Mr Lasco break the NAG record in the 100 back?
Will Regan Smith improve her NAG record and why not win the final in the 100 back?

7 years ago

How’d Pinfold do? Surprised he didn’t make finals when he split a 1:47 last night.

7 years ago

I have been following Regan Smith for so many years now and it makes me really happy that she’s finally broken a Missy’s record!
Breaking Missy’s legendary record is nothing to scoff at.

She could be a major player in 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Maybe even snatch a gold or two.

7 years ago

Ok Destin Lasco also gets a shoutout, just miss it MA nag record 56.84 by one one hundredth. Hope he gets it tonight. Great swims by the two 14 yr olds.

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