U.S. Breaks Boys 4×100 Free Relay World Junior Record (3:15.79), Diehl Splits 48.6

by Spencer Penland 15

August 27th, 2022 International, News



  • Jr World: 3:15.80 – USA (J Magahey, L Urlando, A Chaney, C Foster) (2019)
  • Jr Pan Pac: 3:17.67 – USA, USA (R Hoffer, D Krueger, C Craig, D Kibler) (2016)


  1. United States (Thomas Heilman, Henry McFadden, Daniel Diehl, Kaii Winkler) – 3:15.79
  2. Australia (Flynn Southam, Marcus Da Silva, Anders McAlpine, Jamie Mooney) – 3:18.06
  3. Japan (Tatsumi Edward Scott, Yoshitoku Narushima, Yamato Okadome, Ryosuke Hasunuma) – 3:19.94

The U.S. boys 4×100 free relay team of Thomas Heilman, Henry McFadden, Daniel Diehl, and Kaii Winkler tore to victory tonight at the 2022 Junior Pan Pacs, breaking the World Junior Record in the process. We’ve seen a ton of Championship Records go down through the first 3 days of this meet, but this performance marks the first WJR to be broken this week.

Australia’s Flynn Southam, who won the boys 100 free in a Championship Record last night, led Australia off in 48.43, but it was all Team USA from there on. Heilman got out to a 49.14 on the American lead-off, handing off to Henry McFadden, who split 49.04. 100 backstroke champion Daniel Diehl came up huge for the team, splitting 48.66 on the 3rd leg, then Kaii Winkler anchored in 48.95. At the finish, the U.S. team was 3:15.79, blowing away the previous Junior Pan Pacs Record of 3:17.67, and taking 0.01 seconds off the World Junior Record, which stood at 3:15.80 from the 2019 World Junior Championships.

Here is a splits comparison between the old World Junior Record from 2019 and the U.S. team’s performance tonight.

Splits USA (Heilmann, McFadden, Diehl, Winkler) – 2022 Jr Pan Pacs  USA (Magahey, Urlando, Chaney, Foster) – 2019 World Jr Champs
1st Leg Thomas Heilman (49.14) Jake Magahey (49.51)
2nd Leg Henry McFadden (49.04) Luca Urlando (48.73)
3rd Leg Daniel Diehl (48.66) Adam Chaney (48.64)
4th Leg Kaii Winkler (48.95) Carson Foster (48.92)
FINAL TIME 3:15.79 3:15.80

Comparing the U.S. team tonight to the previous WJR squad, Heilman’s lead-off made a huge difference, coming in 0.37 seconds faster than Jake Magahey was on the 2019 team’s lead-off. Notably, Heilman’s swim came after he broke the Championship Record in the boys 100 fly final earlier in the session, setting a new U.S. 15-16 National Age Group Record (51.98) in the process.

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3 months ago

Does this count for Heilman being the fastest 15-16 LCM 100 Free now? It’s a lead off. Beats Dressel’s 49.28.

Last edited 3 months ago by AquaTiger
3 months ago

Beat those Aussies!

Oi! Oi! Oi!

3 months ago

Old record swimmers turned out to be pretty successful! Hope these four can meet or surpass them.

3 months ago

Heilman’s lead-off made a huge difference”
to be accurate, everyone was slower than in the previous relay, except for Heilman. He didn’t just make a huge difference, he was the only one who made the difference But there is nothing to be ashamed about being a bit slower than Luca and Carlson

3 months ago

Awesome Relay! Congrats to those boys and the coaching staff who put it together..

3 months ago
3 months ago

Very impressive, but I can’t get over the fact that a competition of this caliber is hosted in a venue that is utter shit

Reply to  Brad
3 months ago

What’s wrong with the pool? The water’s wet ain’t it?

Reply to  PhillyMark
3 months ago

water isn’t wet but i get what u mean

Faulty Touch Pad
Reply to  Brad
3 months ago

Agreed, I’ve seen summer league meets hosted at nicer facilities/ actually have starting wedges.

Reply to  Brad
3 months ago

I think the kids are likely willing to trade starting wedges for a week in Hawaii, lol. It’s also likely there aren’t too many 50 meter pools in Hawaii. I will admit they could have spent a couple hours powerwashing the blocks and deck before the meet.

Last edited 3 months ago by Dave
Reply to  Brad
3 months ago

please do not comment on the pool in Lima

Reply to  NB1
3 months ago

Lima’s pool is pretty tho

3 months ago

The us machine of generating talent year in and year out is enviable.