Torie Sentenced to 5 to 10 Months in Jail For Statutory Sexual Assault

Collegiate club swimmer Ryan Torie has been sentenced to five to ten months in county jail after pleading guilty to felony statutory sexual assault, according to The Mercury news. Torie was permanently banned by USA Swimming earlier this spring.

The 21-year-old Torie was charged with four felonies in 2017: unlawful contact with a minor – sexual offenses, statutory sexual assault: 4-8 years older, corruption of minors – defendant age 18 or above and criminal use of communication facility. That’s according to Pennsylvania court records, which list the offense dates on all four charges as May 1, 2017. On December 20, Torie pleaded guilty to the statutory sexual assault: 4-8 years older charge, while the remaining three charges were held for the court. (You can see official court documents here and here).

The Mercury reports that Torie admitted to having sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl when he was 20 years old. In response, The Mercury says, a judge sentenced Torie to five to ten months in county jail, along with five years probation after his parole. The Mercury reports that after Torie spends three months in jail, the judge will consider allowing him to finish out the minimum sentence under house arrest.

The Mercury report also sheds light on the findings of the investigation into Torie. Police received a tip in July of 2017 that Torie had had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl. The girl told police that she had met Torie “through a local athletic club” and that the two conversed via the SnapChat app. Torie admitted to police that the two had sexual contact and had exchanged nude photographs, per the Mercury report.

Torie had competed for Germantown Academy Aquatic Club and at one point verbally committed to swim for UNC. Torie was at one point listed in a UNC press release about incoming freshman, but a representative from the school would only say that no one by the name of Ryan Torie had ever swum for UNC. He did, however, compete for the UNC club team at the Collegiate Club Swim & Dive National Championships this past April, about a week before his permanent USA Swimming ban began.

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Why is thiis guy on the banned list but NOT Brock Turner?


I agree, but Brock Turner seemed a lot worse. In this case, boys, watch the age of your girlfriends, Bet they had no idea it was against the law by 3 months.

MA Swim Mom

It is astounding that his supporters still view this as a age issue defined by Months rather than really taking responsibility for actions.

MA swim mom

3 months in jail and finishing out the minimum of the sentence under house arrest seems easier than the 5-10 months. Must be a nice Judge.


There is more to this story including an ongoing coverup.

MA swim mom

So are you saying that he had poor legal counsel that allowed him to plead guilty? And that he has a lawyer who isnt screaming that a coverup adversely affected him? Or is it that he has parental influence with the ability of getting him a lighter sentence?


Clearly, he did not receive a “lighter” sentence; the article makes it very clear that he received jail time of 5-10 months. Had he been FOUR MONTHS younger, the “victim” would have been able to legally give her consent to the consensual sexual relations that the two shared.


Do tell

PA Swimming

What is the coverup?

Brian M

Yeah, he got off real easy. 3 felonies on his record forever and probabtion for 5 years for an act that would have been perfectly legal had he been one year younger, or the female had been one year older.


It was actually only a time difference of 4 months. If he had been 2 months younger, and she had been 2 months older, there would have been no crime. The law, dubbed the “Romeo & Juliet Law” allows for consensual sexual relations between two people who have 4 years age difference or less between them. So, this young man became a felon because he was born 4 months too soon. That’s the real crime.

MA swim mom

Wow, that is an interesting “take” on what a Crime is. Age…… and The Denial of actions having consequences.


Age is the ONLY reason this is a crime. And no one denied there was a crime; this young man would have been a convicted felon whether he received jail time or probation. He admitted guilt. This is an offense with many mitigating circumstances, hence the reason there is such a wide range in the sentencing guidelines. Four months are definitely mitigating circumstances. Probation would have been an appropriate consequence.

Brian M

It seems that you would want this young man punished more than he already is. I would agree with you if he had done something against the girls will, which is not the case. Did he break the law? In the eyes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yes. Did he deserve to have his life forever altered by 3 felony convictions? I think that’s probably a little harsh. He will never be able to vote, serve in the military, hold elected office, obtain a license in any profession, and most likely not be able to obtain a job other than menial hourly labor work. You want him to have more prison time? At this point there is not really much… Read more »


Every college boy knows you don’t date junior high school girls. Not too hard to understand. Just as obvious as Coaches not dating their swimmers even if they are 18. Anyone making an excuse for this kind of behavior is just plain wrong.

Brian M

Last time I checked, 15 year olds were in high school. Also, comparing a coach displaying predatory behavior towards a swimmer, and this incident is plain wrong.


Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Eric Boland

Pretty sure you would feel differently if it was your junior high daughter getting raped by a college man.

Fed up parent to all the misogynist apologists

Actually, the real crime is that he raped a girl. (Oh wait, “she asked for it”) He’s lucky to get off this easy. This crime should follow him forever.
GA coaches knew about Torie’s conduct and ignored it. If it wasn’t for GA security (who caught them together on GA’s campus!!) this never would have been reported to the police. GA is crediting the GA coaches for reporting the relationship which is a complete lie. T


What are you so angry about? Unless you know the whole story, including details that weren’t released publicly, you don’t know what you’re talking about. He didn’t rape a girl. No one was “raped.” He had sex with a girl who could consent legally to having sex with a boyfriend who was 4 months younger than he was. Period. End of story.


Jane, she couldn’t consent because she was too young. Not sure why this concept is so difficult for Torie’s apologists to grasp. Perhaps Torie’s been surrounded by enablers his whole life and maybe you’re one of them.

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