Top 5 Showdown in the Lone Star State: Texas vs. NC State (LIVE RECAP)

NC State vs. Texas – Day 2

After the Texas Longhorns won both matchups on Friday, featuring thrilling results that included nation-leading times, school records, and National Age Group Records, the books are wiped clean on Saturday for the second meet of a double-header between the Texas Longhorns and NC State Wolfpack. The Longhorn men are ranked #1 and NC State #5 in the latest SwimSwam Power Rankings, while on the women’s side, Texas is #2 and NC State is #4.

Event Schedule:

  • 200 Freestyle Relay
  • 1000 Freestyle (Men)
  • 100 Backstroke
  • 100 Freestyle
  • 200 Breaststroke
  • 200 Butterfly
  • 1000 Freestyle (Women)
  • 400 Medley Relay
  • 1-meter Springboard (Men)
  • 3-meter Springboard (Women)

Among the race to watch out for are the women’s 200 breaststroke, where Lydia Jacoby will be chasing more records. The current 17-18 National Age Group Record is a 2:05.68 set by Ella Nelson in 2020. Jacoby has been 2:06.81. Also look out for the women’s 200 fly, where the Longhorns already boast the top two times in the nation with Kelly Pash and Dakota Luther.


  • Friday – women: Texas 124-62 NC State; men Texas 98-88 NC State
  • Saturday – women: Texas 93-53 NC State; men Texas 80-68 NC State

Women’s 200 Free Relay

Texas kicked off the session with a 1:27.05 combined effort in the 200 free relay with legs from Grace Cooper (22.28), Emma Sticklen (21.28), Kyla Leibel (21.80), and Kelly Pash (21.69). The Wolfpack got off to the fastest start with Abby Arens‘ leadoff (22.22) but the Longhorns took over on the second 50 and never let up. Following Arens for NC State were Katharine Berkoff (21.69), Heather MacCauland (22.23), and Kylee Alons (21.74).

  1. Texas A – 1:27.05
  2. NC State A – 1:27.98
  3. Texas B – 1:30.47

Scores Update – Women

  • Texas 13
  • NC State 4

Men’s 200 Free Relay

NC State’s David Curtiss cracked a 19.37 to lead off the men’s 200 free relay and give the Wolfpack nearly half a body-length lead from the start. His teammate Aiden Hayes was second for the B relay (19.85), while Texas leadoff Peter Larson was third with 19.97. Caspar Corbeau pulled the Longhorns into second place with his 19.07, while NC State’s Noah Henderson kept the lead with 19.12. Luke Miller (18.86) and Nyls Korstanje (18.85) brought it home for NC State, keeping Texas’s William Chan (19.20) and Daniel Krueger 18.82) at bay.

  1. NC State A – 1:16.30
  2. Texas A – 1:17.06
  3. NC State B – 1:17.98

Scores Update – Men

  • NC State 13
  • Texas 4

Men’s 1000 Free

David Johnston, who leads the nation in the event thus far this season, won the men’s 1000 free in 8:41.62, just .01 off his best time from the season. He came to the wall three seconds ahead of Will Gallant of NC State (8:44.48) and 8.5 seconds in front of his teammate Luke Hobson (8:50.10).

  1. David Johnston, Texas – 8:41.62
  2. Will Gallant, NC State – 8:44.48
  3. Luke Hobson, Texas – 8:50.10
  4. James Place, NC State – 8:53.27
  5. Alec Enyeart, Texas – 9:05.97

Scores Update – Men

  • NC State 19
  • Texas 17

Women’s 100 Back

Olivia Bray gave Texas 9 points winning the 100 back in 51.50, the only sub-52 of the morning. NC State swept the next three spots with Kylee Alons (52.03), Emma Muzzy (52.06), and Cassie Moses (53.56).

  1. Olivia Bray, Texas – 51.50
  2. Kylee Alons, NC State – 52.03
  3. Emma Muzzy, NC State – 52.06
  4. Cassie Moses, NC State – 53.56
  5. Meghan Di Martil, Texas – 54.57

Scores Update – Women

  • Texas 23
  • NC State 13

Men’s 100 Back

Kacper Stokowski and Aiden Hayes took the top two spots of the podium in the men’s 100 back, adding 13 points to the Wolfpack’s score. Stokowski touched in 45.63, while Hayes edged Texas’s Ethan Harder, 46.66 to 46.96. Harder robbed NC State of the 1-2-3 sweep, as Giovanni Izzo stopped the clock at 47.06, just .10 behind.

  1. Kacper Stokowski, NC State – 45.63
  2. Aiden Hayes, NC State – 46.66
  3. Ethan Harder, Texas – 46.96
  4. Giovanni Izzo, NC State – 47.06
  5. Chris O’Connor, Texas – 47.82

Scores Update – Men

  • NC State 34
  • Texas 21

Women’s 100 Free

Katharine Berkoff, who did not swim the 100 back for NC State, won the 100 free by .02 over Kelly Pash of Texas, 47.87 to 47.89. Berkoff was out in 23.02 and home in 24.8, while Pash split 23.6/24.8. Grace Cooper (48.92) and Ava Longi (49.07) racked up points for the Longhorns in 3rd and 4th, while Sarah Watson scored for the Wolfpack in 5th place (49.74).

  1. Katharine Berkoff, NC State – 47.87
  2. Kelly Pash, Texas – 47.89
  3. Grace Cooper, Texas – 48.92
  4. Avi Longi, Texas – 49.07
  5. Sarah Watson, NC State – 49.74

Scores Update – Women

  • Texas 32
  • NC State 23

Men’s 100 Free

Daniel Krueger eked out a .01 victory over Nyls Korstanje, 42.67 to 42.68 in the men’s 100 free. Noah Henderson (43.15) and Bartosz Piszczo (43.44), in their turn, edged Peter Larson (43.46) for 3rd and 4th, keeping the Longhorns to a 1-point net gain on the event.

  1. Daniel Krueger, Texas – 42.67
  2. Nyls Korstanje, NC State – 42.68
  3. Noah Henderson, NC State – 43.15
  4. Bartosz Piszczo, NC State – 43.44
  5. Peter Larson, Texas – 43.46

Scores Update – Men

  • NC State 43
  • Texas 31

Women’s 200 Breast

Texas freshman Lydia Jacoby took the 200 breast title with her best time of the season, 2:06.66, missing the 17-18 NAG by only 1 second. She broke the 100 breast NAG record on Friday with 57.45 in the 100 breast. Jacoby was out in 1:00.73, splitting 28.4/32.3. She went for it on her third 50 (32.55) then came home in 33.38. Teammate Anna Elendt touched second in 2:07.83, a second ahead of Heather MacCausland of NC State (2:08.82).

  1. Lydia Jacoby, Texas – 2:06.66
  2. Anna Elendt, Texas – 2:07.83
  3. Heather MacCausland, NC State – 2:08.82
  4. Channing Hanley, Texas – 2:12.16
  5. Aubree Brouwer, NC State – 2:13.66

Scores Update – Women

  • Texas 47
  • NC State 27

Men’s 200 Breast

The Texas men put on a huge show in the 200 breast, sweeping the podium and putting the Longhorns 1 point ahead of the Wolfpack in the team race. Jake Foster was about a second and a half off his season best with 1:53.62, edging teammate Caspar Corbeau by .09. Braden Vines overcame a 1-second deficit at the 100 to beat NC State’s Mason Hunter, 1:56.48 to 1:57.28, for 3rd place.

  1. Jake Foster, Texas – 1:53.62
  2. Caspar Corbeau, Texas – 1:53.71
  3. Braden Vines, Texas – 1:56.48
  4. Mason Hunter, NC State – 1:57.28
  5. Conall Monahan, NC State – 1:57.39

Scores Update – Men

  • Texas 47
  • NC State 46

Women’s 200 Fly

Emma Sticklen and Dakota Luther extended the Longhorns’ lead over the Wolfpack with a 1-2 punch in the 200 fly. Sticklen clocked a 1:51.37 to Luther’s 1:51.58 for the two fastest performances in the NCAA so far this season. Teammate Kelly Pash, who did not swim this event today, is the only other who has broken 1:52 thus far.

  1. Emma Sticklen, Texas – 1:51.37
  2. Dakota Luther, Texas – 1:51.58
  3. Grace Sheble, NC State – 1:55.34
  4. Abby Arens, NC State – 1:57.39
  5. Mary Smutny, Texas – 2:03.48

Scores Update – Women

  • Texas 61
  • NC State 32

Men’s 200 Fly

Texas added 7 points to their lead over NC State with a 1-3-5 finish in the men’s 200 fly. Carson Foster went out with NC State’s Luke Miller, trading stroke for stroke over the first half of the race. Foster dominated the back half, though, outsplitting Miller by 2.5 seconds to win with 1:40.83. Miller faded to fourth place, as teammate Noah Bowers (1:42.21) and Texas’s Sam Artmann (1:43.23) passed him on the fourth 50.

  1. Carson Foster, Texas – 1:40.83
  2. Noah Bowers, NC State – 1:42.21
  3. Sam Artmann, Texas – 1:43.23
  4. Luke Miller, NC State – 1:43.42
  5. Holden Smith, Texas – 1:46.18

Scores Update – Men

  • Texas 60
  • NC State 52

Women’s 1000 Free

Erica Sullivan led the 1-2-3 sweep for the Longhorns with 9:33.66, the fastest time in the NCAA so far this year by seven-tenths of a second. Teammates Abby Pfeifer (9:43.18) and Olivia McMurray (9:46.39) were next, while Brooke Travis (9:48.49) and Emma Hastings (9:52.64) scored for NC State.

  1. Erica Sullivan, Texas – 9:33.66
  2. Abby Pfeifer, Texas – 9:43.18
  3. Olivia McMurray, Texas – 9:46.39
  4. Brooke Travis, NC State – 9:48.49
  5. Emma Hastings, NC State – 9:52.64

Scores Update – Women

  • Texas 77
  • NC State 35

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

Texas clocked a nation-leading 3:25.29 in the final swimming event of the day, the 400 medley relay. Olivia Bray went 51.48 on the backstroke, .02 faster than the time she went to win the individual event. Lydia Jacoby followed with 57.13 on the breaststroke. Emma Sticklen clocked a 49.35 butterfly, and Kelly Pash brought it home with 47.33 on the freestyle. The quartet broke the Big 12 conference record and now leads the NCAA by 1.7 seconds this season.

Katharine Berkoff ripped a 50.86 leadoff backstroke on the NC State A relay, her best of the season so far. Heather MacCausland (59.12), Kylee Alons (50.88), and Abby Arons (48.69) followed to give the Wolfpack a combined 3:29.55 for the points win.

  1. NC State A – 3:29.55
  2. NC State B – 3:38.08

Scores Update – Women

  • Texas 77
  • NC State 50

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

NC State beat their season best by 3 seconds to win the 400 medley relay with 3:04.22. Kacper Stokowski led off with 44.79, which is .84 faster than the time he went in the individual backstroke event earlier in the session. Mason Hunter went 52.00 on the breaststroke. Nyls Korstanje had the fastest butterfly in the field by 1.6 seconds with 44.83, and Hunter Tapp went 42.60 on the freestyle to bring the Wolfpack home. Carson Foster (46.44), Jack Foster (51.80), Sam Artmann (46.45), and Daniel Krueger (42.32) combined for 3:07.01 in second place.

  1. NC State A – 3:04.22
  2. Texas A – 3:07.01
  3. Texas B – 3:08.60

Scores Update – Men

  • Texas 66
  • NC State 63

Women’s 3-Meter Diving

2020 Olympian Hailey Hernandez scored 402.15 points to lead the Texas divers on a 1-2-3-4 sweep of 3-meter diving. Bridget O’Neil (357.60), Jordan Skilken (336.90), and Janie Boyle (exhibition, 325.43) took the next slots, while NC State’s Ashton Zuburg (312.60) and Helene Synnott (310.88) scored at 4th and 5th.

  1. Hailey Hernandez, Texas – 402.15
  2. Bridget O’Neil, Texas – 357.60
  3. Jordan Skilken, Texas – 336.90
  4. Ashton Suburg, NC State – 312.60
  5. Helene Synnott, NC State – 310.88

Scores Update – Women

  • Texas 93
  • NC State 53

Men’s 1-Meter Diving

Texas freshman Nick Harris won the 1-meter diving event with 412.05 points ahead of teammates Brendan McCourt (353.63) and Noah Duperre 347.78), who placed third and fourth. NC State’s Bayne Bennett (361.20) and Renato Calderaro (343.35) were the Wolfpack’s lone divers; they came in second and fifth. Calderaro beat Texas’s Andrew Harness, diving exhibition, by .30 points.

  1. Nick Harris, Texas – 412.05
  2. Bayne Bennett, NC State – 361.20
  3. Brendan McCourt, Texas – 353.63
  4. Noah Duperre, Texas – 347.78
  5. Renato Calderaro, NC State – 343.35

Scores Update – Men

  • Texas 80
  • NC State 68

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1 year ago

Maybe this is a reach but could this be the year the Longhorn women place higher than the men at NCAAs? A 2nd place (long shot 1st place) women’s team and the Texas men are 2nd-4th.

1 year ago

Hey SS, we appreciate all the videos

1 year ago

That 1000 is a huge swim from Abby Pfeifer. A 13 second drop from earlier this year and an 18 second drop from last season. If that can translate into the mile, she goes from someone who didn’t come close to making NCAAs to someone who has a shot at top 16.

1 year ago

If Texas can do this well against NCS two months out from NCAA’s, I think they’re going to have a very, very good meet.

1 year ago

i can definitely see them finishing #2 again

Did not Cali UT
1 year ago

Issue with this tool, as posts are not being pot up …

1 year ago

Different Curtiss showed up today than yesterday.

Did not Cali UT
Reply to  oxyswim
1 year ago

He had a twinge with his right knee after the 100 Free, I hope this does not hold him back as he is such a great swimmer to watch.

Last edited 1 year ago by Did not Cali UT
Jily Hol
Reply to  Did not Cali UT
1 year ago

Something was up, swimming style was definitely off and he was limping on deck. Only time will tell, hopefully he isn’t hurt.

1 year ago

Coaches should post sets to show that they weren’t tapered, bob bowman did it after the asu weekend, would like to see what these guys were doing the week before

Reply to  Longhorn43
1 year ago

I dunno, does posting your workouts from AFTER a meet show that you didn’t rest BEFORE that meet?

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

He’s saying post sets from the week leading up to the meet

Reply to  Brotha
1 year ago

Yeah that makes sense but Bowman posted arts from after the Cal meet not before, so it was a bit of a non-sequitur to me.

Reply to  Longhorn43
1 year ago

That’s silly, time will tell. I have a pretty high degree of confidence that these 3 coaching staffs aren’t going to sacrifice championship performance for a dual meet.

Reply to  Longhorn43
1 year ago

Anyone that says a team rested for a dual meet must not know much about college swimming. It’s entirely possibly that a team goes a little easier 1-2 days before but that’s it.

Most swimmers are able to swim very fast with suits on while in season especially if it’s a big meet. Most swimmers suit up every LCM meet and swim very fast; it’s the same thing during the college season but up until recently you never see swimmers suit up in season.

None of this matters anyway. It doesn’t matter how rested or not rested a team is during the season. As long as they swim fast at the end of the season, who cares how… Read more »

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
1 year ago

A+ – right on all accounts!

Not-so-Silent Observer
1 year ago

Since this is the A squad (or the ‘travel team’) for nc state. I wonder why we didn’t see Ross Dant here

NC Fan
Reply to  Not-so-Silent Observer
1 year ago


Reply to  NC Fan
1 year ago


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Anne Lepesant is the mother of four daughters, all of whom swam in college. With an undergraduate degree from Princeton (where she was an all-Ivy tennis player) and an MBA from INSEAD, she worked for many years in the financial industry, both in France and the U.S. Anne is currently …

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