Thirteen-Year-Old Aquazot Swimmer Severely Injured By Fallen Tree

Thirteen-year-old Teresa Johnston from the Aquazot Swim Club was injured during a storm that hit the Southern California region last weekend after a 60-foot tree tree fell and landed on her causing serious injury.

According to ABC News Johnston left her home to walk her neighbors dogs, and when she never returned her parents Roch and Vera Johnston began to search the neighborhood.

Roch Johnston told ABC News that, “a neighbor found her, put a pillow under her head and a blanket on top of her and held an umbrella until an ambulance and police came.”

Teresa was taken to a local hospital. According to KTLA, Johnston’s family told them that the tree caused multiple cranial facial fractures.

“It’s a really heavy tree and it must have just hit her and knocked her completely unconscious,” Teresa’s brother Timothy told KTLA. “It crushed her scull in several places.”

After being taken to the hospital Teresa was placed in a medically induced coma to limit brain activity. After being taken off coma-inducing drugs on Monday she underwent a five-hour surgery. The family told KTLA that doctors do not know whether or not she suffered a brain stem stroke.

Depending on Teresa’s level of response, doctors will begin neurological assessment tests according to Teresa’s sister Misha Johnston.

A crowdfunding page to pay for Teresa’s medical bills has been set up and can be found here. Currently just over $75,000 has been raised out of the $100,000 donation goal.

Vera Johnston told ABC News, “She’s very special. She has a long way ahead of her to get better, to get well. We are really overwhelmed and comforted within this turmoil with all the support, with all the love and prayers from people we don’t even know.”

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Kristy McGuire
6 years ago

Thank you for posting her story. #azotnation is loyal and strong.

big calves
6 years ago

Geez. Terrible ?

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