The Sjostrom Shockwave Continues, As Swede Clocks New SC 200 Free WR


On the heels of her own short course 100 freestyle World Record clocked yesterday in Eindhoven, Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom fired off yet another best-ever time in the women’s 200 freestyle to close out FINA World Cup cluster #1.

Tonight in a field that included 2017 World Championships gold medalist Federica Pellegrini and always-threatening Femke Heemskerk, Sjostrom worked her front-end speed to go out ahead of the field and never look back, clocking a monster 1:50.43. Her outing registers as a new World Record, overtaking her own 1:50.78 from the 2014 Short Course World Championships.

Scorching an opening 100 split of 54.45, which included 25.99 in the opening 50 alone, Sjostrom closed in 55.98 to lead wire-to-wire and hack just under half a second off her 2014 WR mark. Comparative splits are below:

Sjostrom 2014: 26.29/28.37/28.38/27.74 = 1:50.78
Sjostrom 2017: 25.99/28.46/28.16/27.82 = 1:50.43

The Swede opted out of the 200m freestyle at the World Championships in Budapest and Pellegrini has said she will be retiring from the event in the near future. As such, the audience in Eindhoven were treated to a historic race tonight on multiple levels.


Here’s another look Sjostrom’s complete set of World Records as of today:

50 freestyle LCM – 23.67
100 freestyle LCM – 51.71
50 fly LCM – 24.43
100 fly LCM – 55.48

100 freestyle SCM – 50.58
200 freestyle SCM – 1:50.43
100 butterfly SCM – 54.61

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i love her goggles in this picture


Powering up the laser


Does this mean she’s literally superwomam?


katie’s got competition!


Sarah quit 200 free internationally


Lcm anyway


Katie is going progressively a slower than in previous years. Sarah is going faster and breaking WR’s. There is no competition.


Maybe she already has … given that she was beaten over 200 at recent Worlds. As to who that competition may be remains to be seen given SS has stated that Rio was her last time she would compete LCM in this event internationally. Pellegrini has stated she has swum her last (indiv) 200fr internationally …. so they would have to go back on their words to be than threat. McKeon dead-heated with her at Worlds so she looks the current nearest candidate. The key questions look to be: – has Ledecky hit her “ceiling” as regards fastest times or was Budapest just an anomaly ? – has McKeon hit her “ceiling” in this event or does she, or someone… Read more »


I think you mean 1.54 lows.


You are correct, please excuse my lysdexic paws


She said in the post race interview that she hasn’t been training for the 200 free in the last year. I hope she keeps training the way she has been for the past year because training for the 50/100 free and 50/100 fly seems to help her across the board than focusing on the 200


at least in scm. not sure about lcm


She was MUCH faster in Budapest in everything but the 100 fly than she was in Rio since she dropped the 200. We’ll see how her 200 LC is but this seems to tell me that training for the 100 free helps her in the 200


She was fast in Rome the other day – beating La Fede and Hemskeerk…


She was always fast in the 200. Her problem is not to perform well in the race but the fact that 3 turn of 200 free dry out her energy.


Plus she had to do two 200’s on the relay so a total of 5 x 200 at that level of competition and she was drained by the time the 50 free came around.


That is indeed the issue for any swimmer with medal/Gold potential in multiple events who do NOT hail from the USA. Namely the legacy of multiple rounds in each event plus the reality that most countries relay teams have limited or no leeway for resting their top seeds in heats.

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