The Fastest Times in Each Event of the 2021 ISL Regular Season

The 2021 ISL regular season has had some impressive swims, including 7 new ISL Records and 1 World Record.

First, in Match 2, Coleman Stewart produced a 48.33 in the 100 backstroke to shave 0.25 from Kliment Kolesnikov‘s 2020 World Record, set in the 2020 ISL Grand Final. Later, in Match 3, Sarah Sjostrom put up a 23.17 in the 50 freestyle, taking 0.19 from the former ISL Record and coming in as the 5th-fastest performance all-time. Kelsi Dahlia posted a 55.22 in the 100 butterfly in Match 4, shaving 0.10 from the former mark set by Beryl Gastaldello in 2020.

The mixed 4 x 100 medley relay is a new event in season 3, therefor the first time it was swum in Match 1 the winning team, the Toronto Titans, set the record with a 3:35.89. The Cali Condors took 0.02 off this mark in Match 2, and then in Match 4 the LA Current lowered the mark to 3:33.81, shaving a full two seconds from the week-old record. Then, in Match 8, Energy Standard lowered the record to a 3:31.96, which still stands after Match 10. FINA does not recognize the mixed 4 x 100 medley relay in short course competition and therefor has no records listed for the event. However, given Energy Standard’s dominant performance the the fact that the mixed 4 x 100 medley relay is not contested in other major international swim meets we conclude Energy Standard’s ISL Record is also a ‘World Best.’ The ISL Record in the mixed 4 x 100 medley relay has been broken 4 times in season 3, though since it is a new event that is not necessarily surprising.

There have been other notable swims in season 3 that did not break an ISL Record. For example, Nicholas Santos produced a 21.83 in the 50 butterfly in Match 10, the 6th-fastest performance all-time, but not as fast as Santos’ own ISL Record which stands at 21.78 set in season 2. Ilya Shymanovich swam a 25.41 in the 50 breaststroke in Match 3, though this falls 0.12 short of Emre Sakci‘s 2020 ISL Record. Evgenia Chikunova lowered her own World Junior Record in the 200 breaststroke with a 2:17.57 in Match 9, however this time is not quite as quick as Lilly King went in Match 6 and though impressive is not the fastest time this season.

Caeleb Dressel has the most top times in the regular season with 4 while Ilya Shymanovich and Daiya Seto each have 3 top times this season. The top performers on the women’s side are more diverse and only three women, Lilly King, Beata Nelson, and Kelsi Dahlia, all of the Cali Condors, have registered multiple league-leading swims. In total, the Cali Condors own 13 top times in season 3: 6 on the men’s side and 7 on the women’s side. Energy Standard, meanwhile, only owns 8 of the best performances this season, with 4 on the men’s side, 3 on the women’s side, as well as the mixed medley relay. The London Roar has achieved 5 top times (3 men’s and 2 women’s), while Iron has registered 2 top times, both in the 50 butterfly. The DC Trident has also achieved 2 top times while the Toronto Titans, the Aqua Centurions, the LA Current, and the New York Breakers all have just 1 top time. The Tokyo Frog Kings have 3 of the top times this season, all coming from Daiya Seto.

Fastest Performances of the 2021 ISL Regular Season

Match Team Swimmer Time Event Time Swimmer Team Match
Match 3 Energy Standard Sarah Sjostrom 23.17* 50 Freestyle 20.67 Caeleb Dressel Cali Condors Match 4
Match 8 London Roar Emma McKeon 51.05 100 Freestyle 45.47 Caeleb Dressel Cali Condors Match 4
Match 9 Energy Standard Siobhan Haughey 1:52.25 200 Freestyle 1:41.72 Duncan Scott London Roar Match 9
Match 5 Toronto Titans Summer McIntosh 3:58.78 400 Freestyle 3:39.20 Brendon Smith NY Breakers Match 10
Match 5 DC Trident Ali DeLoof 25.98 50 Backstroke 22.60 Guilherme Guido London Roar Match 3/Match 6
Match 8 LA Current Ingrid Wilm 55.61 100 Backstroke 48.33** Coleman Stewart Cali Condors Match 2
Match 7 Cali Condors Beata Nelson 2:00.55 200 Backstroke 1:49.61 Evgeny Rylov Energy Standard Match 1
Match 10 Aqua Centurions Arianna Castiglioni 29.09 50 Breaststroke 25.41 Ilya Shymanovich Energy Standard Match 3
Match 7 Cali Condors Lilly King 1:03.53 100 Breaststroke 55.63 Ilya Shymanovich Energy Standard Match 8
Match 6 Cali Condors Lilly King 2:16.83 200 Breaststroke 2:02.10 Ilya Shymanovich Energy Standard Match 8
Match 5 Iron Ranomi Kromowidjojo 24.81 50 Butterfly 21.83 Nicholas Santos Iron Match 10
Match 4 Cali Condors Kelsi Dahlia 55.22* 100 Butterfly 48.53 Caeleb Dressel Cali Condors Match 4
Match 4 Cali Condors Kelsi Dahlia 2:03.95 200 Butterfly 1:49.41 Daiya Seto Tokyo Frog Kings Match 8
Match 7 Cali Condors Beata Nelson 57.90 100 IM 50.68 Caeleb Dressel Cali Condors Match 4
Match 9 London Roar Sydney Pickrem 2:04.59 200 IM 1:51.12 Daiya Seto Tokyo Frog Kings Match 6
Match 4 DC Trident Bailey Andison 4:26.31 400 IM 3:58.65 Daiya Seto Tokyo Frog Kings Match 10
Match 8 Energy Standard Haughey, Heemskerk,
Teijonsalo, Sjostrom
3:27.65 4 x 100 Free Relay 3:05.05 Chalmers, Nakamura, Mildred, Carter London Roar Match 6
Match 6 Cali Condors Nelson, King, Dahlia,
3:47.70 4 x 100 Medley Relay 3:20.68 Stewart, Fink, Dressel,
Cali Condors Match 4

Mixed 4 x 100 Medley Relay

4 x 100 Mixed Medley 3:31.96* Rylov, Shymanovich,
Shkurdai, Sjostrom
Energy Standard Match 8


*ISL Record

**World Record

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