Taylor Ruck Becomes Top 10 All-Time 100 Freestyler With Relay Lead-Off


While Cal breaking the NCAA record in the 400 free relay was borderline Earth-shattering, it was not the only notable thing to happen in the 400 free relay. Stanford freshman Taylor Ruck led off their relay in a blistering 46.76. The time would have come in 2nd in the 100 free itself earlier in the night, but more impressively makes Ruck a top 10 performer in the 100 free all-time.

Her time ties Lia Neal for 10th all-time fastest performer in the SCY 100 free, and ties Neal for 9th all-time in the NCAA. Ruck will not likely be swimming the 100 free at NCAAs in a few weeks, since her 200 back is so fast, but it seems like the odds are good now that she’ll lead-off the relay again there. If she wasn’t peaked here, we may see her climb even higher in the rankings in her freshman campaign.

Here are the new top 10 performers in the 100 free in NCAA history:

1 Simone Manuel 45.56
2 Mallory Comerford 46.20
3 Olivia Smoliga 46.30
4 Abbey Weitzeil 46.35
5 Erika Brown 46.41
6 Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace 46.61
7 Missy Franklin 46.66
8 Siobhan Haughey 46.72
9-T Lia Neal 46.76
9-T Taylor Ruck 46.76

While it would be very exciting to see Ruck race this event at NCAAs, it should be noted that 4 other swimmers from this list will be competing in the 100 free at NCAAs this year. Mallory Comerford, Abbey Weitzeil, Erika Brown, and Siobhan Haughey will be going head-to-head in a very deep field of 100 freestylers. Additionally, the swimmer Ruck knocked out of the 10th position all-time was Anna Hopkin, who will also be competing in the 100 free at NCAAs.

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4 years ago

That Simone record is really incredible.

4 years ago

The amount of haters on this forum. Jesus H… a TRUE freshman just went a 46.7 3 weeks before the big dance.

Reply to  Swim
4 years ago

I ‘think’ swimswam is about informing us about the ins and outs of the swimming world like we’ve never had the opportunity or technology for before (ie when I grew up). I read only a portion of what they publish, what I’m not interested in I don’t read. Certainly don’t go on all of those articles and question the rational for writing/posting. I’d rather have more options and weed out then be left trying to find info. Which we had this when I was a young swimmer…

4 years ago

Good for Taylor and that is fast but with four girls that are currently swimming having gone faster I don’t think it is headline worthy.

Reply to  Mike
4 years ago

Ruck is a freshman. Gotta give credit where it’s due. Hard for youngsters to get their props sometimes in the rarified atomosphere of a stellar college program.

Reply to  Mike
4 years ago

Well I was interested, and this is Swimswam reporting on all things ‘swimming’ related. I would argue any all time top 10 swim in the NCAA is very significant. There are some very legendary names past and present on that list, and now I am slightly more interested in how the 100 free or the 4*1 leadoff leg at NCAAs shakes out then I was a few min ago… But that’s just me… Happy Sun 🏊☀️

Reply to  Mike
4 years ago

They wrote a freakin article about a freshman who swam a 45 100 Back. At least this is about one of the top 10 times ever swum.

4 years ago

Ruck’s 200 Back might be fast but her racing is sometimes wanting more than speed. Can’t understand how a competitor with her experience – not to mention coaching – makes the rookie mistake of going out way too fast and blowing up in the back half of a middle distance race, thereby gifting the event to a more senior swimmer. SMH. Ah well… put it down to the trials and tribulations typical of a freshman’s collegiate campaign, I guess. Congratulations to Ella Eastin for putting her stamp on this Stanford squad. Inspiring.

4 years ago

Amazing freshman campaign for Ruck. Hope she get some rest and can bring her speed to NCAA in 3 weeks.

Reply to  tnp101
4 years ago

Ruck is pretty good BUT when Erika DOWNTOWN Brown brings it to NCAAs she will hop out, dry off and head to the willynilly loo before Ruckkster or others hit the pad.