Witold Banka

WADA Announces Approval Of Dried Blood Spot Testing Method

The World Anti-Doping Agency has announced the approval of dried blood spot testing as a method of doping control, set to come into effect later this year.


El CAS sanciona a Rusia, pero reduce la pena a dos años

La sanción no mantiene a los atletas rusos completamente fuera de la competición internacional, pero impedirá que Rusia, como nación, compita en Tokio 2020.

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CAS Conferma La Sospensione Della Russia Ma Riduce La Pena A 2 Anni

Il CAS conferma la sanzione per la Russia a causa dello scandalo RUSADA ma riduce la sospensione a 2 anni e varrà fino al 2022.

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CAS Upholds Ban On Russia, But Shortens It To Two Years

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) partially upheld a ban on Russia’s participation in international sport, reducing the ban from four years to two.


WADA, US Government, Hold “Positive Meeting” about Future Cooperation

After the White House threatened to pull funding from WADA, and calls for a US Olympic ban, the two sides had a de-escelation last week.

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La AMA Podría Excluir A EE.UU. De Los JJOO Si EE.UU. Retira La Financiación

A principios de este verano, el gobierno de los EE.UU. amenazó con retirar los fondos de la AMA, quien ha respondido con la posibilidad de exclusión olímpica.

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WADA Risponde Alla Minaccia USA Di Ritirare I Fondi: Conseguenze Per Gli Atleti

WADA risponde alla minaccia degli Stati Uniti di ritirare i fondi nazionali dicendo che questa decisione potrebbe avere ricadute sugli atleti statunitensi.

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WADA Could Bar Team USA From Olympics If U.S. Withdraws Funding

Earlier this summer, the U.S. government threatened to withdraw funding from WADA. Now, WADA has fired back with the possibility of Olympic exclusion.


WADA Pubblica Il Piano Quinquennale Contro Il Doping: L’Atleta Al Centro

La WADA ha pubblicato il proprio piano quinquennale per la lotta al doping basato sulla centralità del ruolo dell’atleta.

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WADA President-Elect Witold Banka Pushes for Corporate Funding

To extend WADA’s reach and efficacy, Banka is seeking help from corporations. WADA is currently funded by public bodies, like the IOC.

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WADA Officials Pick Polish Sports Minister as Candidate for New President

Though the official vote will come in November, WADA effectively selected Poland’s Witold Banka as its fourth president Tuesday.

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Reuters: WADA Officials Poised to Pick New President Within Days

Though the official election to replace outgoing president Craig Reedie takes place in November, WADA officials are expected to select a candidate in Montreal this week.

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