SwimSwam Breakdown: 2022 World Championships Edition

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss our World Champs fantasy draft, the most intriguing storylines from Budapest, and the rest of the summer moving forward. Full list of topics below:

  • 0:00 SwimSwam Breakdown Introduction
  • 1:14 SwimSwam Fantasy Draft Breakdown
  • 9:09 Which World Record was the most impressive in Budapest?
  • 14:58 Ruta Meilutyte Makes Triumphant Return to International Podium
  • 21:40 Bobby Finke got Greg’ed by Gregorio Paltrinieri in the 1500


  • 27:44 Favorite NCAA coaching hire in this off-season so far?
  • 35:49 Will Shayna Jack medal at Commonwealth Games?
  • 39:33 Will we see an American record broken at the US Nationals?
  • 44:51 Will the Stanford women win a national title in the next 3 years?

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Miss M
1 month ago

Yes, as they said it on the podcast all I could think was that Australia was still unbeatable.

1 month ago

Speaking of how to pronounce last names, it’s MAC-in-tosh, not m-KIN-tosh or MICK-in-tosh.

Source: every McIntosh I have never known and a video of Summer introducing herself!


1 month ago

Sleepy Ben is waking up

Last edited 1 month ago by CanSwim13
1 month ago

I wish swimswam would stop staying ignorant salty stuff about Comm games .. everyone knows world champs competition is greater and better especially with USA in it, no one was ever doubting it .. but the importance of Comm games (to Aussies) is beyond what sort of competition is available at CG.. it’s a historical and cultural value which is something different to what FiNA cooks up last minute anyway

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Verram
1 month ago

For the Queen!!!

Every time y’all post about Commies I assume you’re gonna steal the SEC’s “It just means more” tagline.

Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 month ago

Ok maybe next time you will make sense to me … no judgment

Argentina on top 🇦🇷
1 month ago

, is Coleman going to Spire Institute next week? Because Dressel has a camp there with the kids from the 10th to the 12th of July.

1 month ago

Jack’s medal chances in Birmingham hinge on what condition McKeon is in as Jack’s relay outings in Budapest weren’t exactly shouting out sub53 flat start and Wilson’s 100’s frankly looked better.

If McKeon is even close to her best then she and MOC will fight out 100 gold and oddly, Jack being ruled out may well strengthen AUS chances of podium sweep in this one. As is, it looks a scrap between Jack, Sanchez and whoever’s in better form of Anderson & Hopkin.

50 looks considerably shallower with Jack’s medal chances significantly stronger. In form McKeon would have this covered. An in-form Hopkin would be a significant danger but 2022 Hopkin has not resembled 2021 model. If Harris given… Read more »

Miss M
Reply to  commonwombat
1 month ago

50 will be McKeon, Jack and Harris swimming.

If Jack isn’t up for swimming the 100, Wilson still doesn’t get to swim as Harris beat her at trials. Harris would get the nod.

Steve Nolan
1 month ago

For fantasy drafts in general, my approach is generally to get folks with really high floors early, and reach for “potential” late. (So in the first round pick a guy that’s produced consistently for a few years instead of a guy that’s just had one amazing season, and later on try to find guys that could either score the most points in the league or that you’ll cut after a week.)

This format made it a bit harder to really look for “potential” given how sorta rigid the slotting got. Tough to risk a lot on “potential” for your North American/Oceania/Wild Card picks, because if you whiff there you’re screwed. (Retta’s Liendo pick is sorta the epitome of this to… Read more »

1 month ago

Favorite NCAA coaching hire in this off-season so far? I’ll go with two assistants: Matt Bowe to Cal and Melanie Margalis to Georgia Tech.

Will Shayna Jack medal at Commonwealth Games? Yes. Not including the relays, she will be bronze in the 50 (if she swims it).

Will we see an American record broken at the US Nationals? MA (or Fink) in the 50 BR.

Will the Stanford women win a national title in the next 3 years? Yes but it won’t be easy. UVA, Stanford and Texas will be top 3 for the next 3-5 years.

1 month ago

There are no stroke 50s at Nationals, so they’d have to do it on a split.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
Reply to  Braden Keith
1 month ago

Michael Andrew: Say no more

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 month ago

Didn’t they have relays at US nationals in 2019?

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Coleman Hodges

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