Swimming’s TopTenTweets: Swimming vs. Baseball

We’re back with swimming’s TopTenTweets presented by Arena, where we round up the best of the swimming Twitterverse.

Featured Instagram Post of the Week:

A+ sponsor announcement.


Motion to make this a real event?


Ok yeah, superhuman isn’t quite the right word; but you know that’s a BRICK in Antonio Brown’s hands, right??


Life comes at you FAST.


This has got to be a good feeling, Cody!


So… that’s a yes?


As we always say, swimming on TV is an instant TTT.


How dare they.


Mic. Drop.




Oh, and can we add that she is a teenager, in the top five in the world in the 1500, and swam this race – her first 25K – at the world’s biggest swimming event outside of the Olympics? This thread got big. Lots of blue checkmarks in that man’s mentions.

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Can everyone with a twitter account please go roast that Hal guy? That’s too much ignorance in one person.


I can promise u it hasn’t stopped. My twitter notifications haven’t stopped exploding since.


Pac Swim Fan

HI Erica,

I’m a big fan of yours after watching your 1500 race in Clovis: my jaw was hanging open from the first 50 onward. Congrats on your 25K swim–very well done!

He’s gotten it pretty good. I think the message has come across lol.

Just so nobody looks silly: he actually was a pretty good baseball player, so whatever clapbacks you have, don’t throw “benchwarmer” at him lol.


God that dude made me cringe….


Swimmer tries to hit a baseball: misses ball

Baseball player tries to swim 25k: drowns

Pac Swim Fan

Drowns trying a 1K, especially in the Pacific


*misses ball unless you’re Grant Shoults


This idea that he can paddle around in a backyard pool therefore swimming is easy is dumb.

Playing any sport (as in just participating) is easy. Although marathon swimming is super dangerous.

The hard part is doing it well.

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