Swimming’s TopTenTweets of the Week: #8 Canoeing Your Way Thru Warmup

Karl Ortegon
by Karl Ortegon 0

September 06th, 2015 Lifestyle, News


Throwback. I’ll trade you my Coughlin for your Soni!


Stanford freestyler and 2012 Olympian Lia Neal supporting Serena Williams at the 2015 US Open.


Why not?


Safety on ASU’s football team Jordan Simone got to meet the GOAT. Phelps rockin’ the Sun Devil apparel.


2012 Olympian Jimmy Feigen started his training with Swim Mac, but he’s got a long way to go to get up to their standards… You have to start somewhere, right?


This would definitely entice me to go to practice more often…


Simone Manuel and her trainer working out. Also, her trainer was about to have a child when this video was taken?! OK! Alright.


USC coach Dave Salo turned 57 this week. Happy birthday, Dave!


15-year-old youngster Reece Whitley is suuuuper tall, guys. We’re serious.


College football is back in season. LSU put on a little twist to game day festivities.

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