Swimming Specific Yoga Launches Online Classes and Courses

Swimming Specific YogaJeff gives fantastic instruction in his online videos. He explains how to both open up and strengthen the body using his specially designed Swimming Specific Yoga. Included are fantastic exercises to promote recovery and prepare the body to perform in the pool.

Mitch Bowmile, Toronto Swim Club

Swimming Specific Yoga is now open for business! Their online yoga classes and courses designed for swimmers can be found at:


The online classes and information on the website will assist swimmers of all levels to develop physical and mental characteristics that lead to success in the water.

Jeff Grace incorporated yoga into the training programs of several swimmers he coached during his 20-year swim-coaching career. After implementing yoga he saw incredible results in both the athletes performance and their wellness.

Since becoming a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and therapist he has worked with 100s of swimmers. Individuals from the age of seven to Olympic athletes have benefited from his unique approach to the ancient practice.

“The swimmers have enjoyed the approach and orientation that Jeff brings to every class. I feel they are more flexible, more aware of their bodies and able to control their thoughts much better.”

Tom Johnson, 11-time Canadian Olympic Swim Team Coach

The Swimming Specific Yoga website shares this approach with the swimming world. There are currently nine 45 minute classes, a fundamentals course and detailed database of poses on the site. All of these can be accessed free of charge until August 31, 2017 when you sign-up for our newsletter.

Starting in September two different Swimming Specific Yoga practices will be published each week. Access to these practices can be purchased individually or as part of a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions will allow users to gain access to the class database, Swimming Specific Yoga courses and our detailed pose database.

Team packages will also be available. Team programs are designed in co-operation with individual coaches to ensure the yoga practices compliment the athletes core training plan.

“It is unique finding someone who understands swimming and can deliver yoga sessions geared for the specific needs of the sport while following the coaches objective.”

Corey Beatt, Simon Fraser University and Simon Fraser Swimming

In addition individualized programs are available. These customized programs include Skype consultation and teaching sessions, customized video classes based on the individual’s strengths, weaknesses and goals, unlimited email contact and a monthly subscription.

“As an aging competitive masters swimmer, both flexibility and core strength have become of increasing importance in my dryland training regimen. Unfortunately, like many time-constrained adults, conventional “stretching” often ends up on the back burner (it’s boring).

Enter Jeff. He has created a focused program to target my swimming specific needs as a sprinter and has effectively improved my mobility in the pool.”

Nick Szucs, Masters World Championships competitor


For the last three years Grace has written a “Yoga for Swimmers” series of articles for SwimSwam, which you can find here.



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Stuart Dustan @SwimCoachStu
6 years ago

“After implementing yoga he saw incredible results in both the athletes performance and their wellness.” Was this carried out as a randomly controlled trial (or any other scientific test) to show that indeed, it was the yoga that caused the improvement in performance?