Steven Lochte Removed From SafeSport Database; Schremmer Ban Officialized

Steven Lochte was removed from the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s database of sanctioned individuals, one of three recent changes to the database. Mark Schremmer‘s interim ban was upgraded to a permanent ban, and Michael McCorvy‘s formerly-permanent ban was reduced to a temporary suspension.

We asked the Center for SafeSport for comment on all three cases, but the Center reiterated its policy of not commenting on specific matters.

Lochte – removed from database

In September of 2018, Lochte was added to the database under an interim ban under the tag “allegations of misconduct.”Interim bans are given by the Center for SafeSport while the full investigative process plays out.

Lochte had just retired from coaching the previous July. He had been a swim coach for 44 years, and is notably the father and former coach of Olympian Ryan Lochte.

As of November 1, Steven Lochte’s name was removed from the database, as well as from USA Swimming’s list of individuals temporarily suspended or ineligible. That could mean that the interim ban was overturned or changed on an appeal, that the Center concluded its investigation without a sanction that impacts eligibility, or that the Center closed the case without any sanction.

McCorvy – permanent ban downgraded to suspension

McCorvy was a coach for the Magnolia Aquatic Club in Texas. He was added to the banned list with the “permanently ineligible” tag in April of 2018. The club told us at the time that to their knowledge, McCorvy’s ban was not connected with an incident while he was coaching there, but for something that occurred when he was a minor and before he began coaching.

Legal documents showed a 1993 court case in which McCorvy was charged with sexual assault and criminal trespass. That case ended in a plea deal in which McCorvy pleaded guilty to lesser misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass, while the sexual assault charge was dropped.

When McCorvy was added to the database, his entry carried the “subject to appeal / not yet final” tag, meaning the appeal process on his ban was still ongoing. His entry in the SafeSport database has now been changed to “suspension” as of Nov. 1.

Schremmer – interim ban upgraded to permanent

On the other side of the coin, Peachtree Corners, Georgia coach Mark Schremmer was previously under an interim suspension for “allegations of misconduct.” He now has a second entry under “permanently ineligible,” as of Oct. 29. That entry carries a tag that says “violation/pending appeal” – we haven’t seen that exact wording before, but it appears to be similar to the “subject to appeal / not yet final” tag, which means the appeal window could still remain open.

Schremmer’s name was removed from USA Swimming’s list of temporary suspensions and added to the permanent suspension list

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What an honor to be upgraded to temporary suspension


Yeah what was he in trouble for?




It would be very odd to suspend someone for something done as a minor 26 years ago.


Our former coaches were reported not only to the LSC but USA Swimming in April 2019. Nothing happened. They are still on deck. We left, but worry about the kids that remain. There is much work to be done.

Hi mommabear, that sounds like it could be something we’re interested in digging into. Could you please email me at [email protected]?

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