Magnolia Coach Banned Pending Appeal of 1993 Guilty Plea

The U.S. Center for SafeSport has banned current Magnolia Aquatic Club coach Michael McCorvy as of April.

The Center for SafeSport is the new governing organization for coaching bans, superseding the USA Swimming banned list. Coaches banned by the U.S. Center for SafeSport typically do eventually appear on USA Swimming’s banned list as well, though McCorvy does not yet appear.

Per the Center for SafeSport, McCorvy is permanently ineligible as of April 11, 2018, though the site notes that his ban is subject to appeal and “not yet final.”

We haven’t found any news or reports of a recent arrest or charge brought against McCorvy, but SwimSwam has uncovered 1993 legal documents against McCorvy showing a charge in a sexual abuse case from 1992. The document shows that McCorvy was charged with sexual assault and criminal trespass in relation with a July 10, 1992 incident in which McCorvy allegedly entered a woman’s home in Texas and sexually assaulted her.

McCorvy eventually reached a plea deal with prosecutors. He pleaded guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass while the state dropped the sexual assault charge. He was given one year of probation.

A law passed earlier this year established the Center for SafeSport as the exclusive authority in investigating and punishing allegations of sexual abuse in sport, and also gave the Center no statute of limitations on investigations and bans. That means the Center can reopen investigations (or start new investigations) into any complaint of abuse from any time in history. That would allow the Center to ban McCorvy for his 1992 incident. We reached out to the Center for more information as to whether his ban is related to the 1992 incident, but have not yet received a response.

Magnolia Aquatic Club was also the previous employer of Scott MacFarlandwho is accused of starting a sexual relationship with a former swimmer in the 1980s, when she was only 17. MacFarland was exonerated by USA Swimming’s National Board of Review after an investigation in 2010, but the Center for SafeSport recently reopened that caseMacFarland resigned from his position at Magnolia and retired from coaching in late April, about a month after we reported about the reopened investigation.

Magnolia Aquatic Club says it took McCorvy off deck when the club was notified of his ban. Magnolia head coach Terry Jones said the case is still under appeal, but that to his knowledge, the ban is connected to something that occurred when McCorvy was a minor and before he was a coach. The club says it is waiting for a final decision from the Center for SafeSport. McCorvy is still listed as a coach on the team website.

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If a court of law determined that McCorvy would not be charged with sexual assault then why can USA Swimming ban him for the same reason if it indeed stems from the same incident. I just don’t see how Safesport can hold someone responsible and destroy their livelihood when our court system does not. Does the government not have more legitimacy than Safesport?? I don’t have any knowledge of this situation outside of this article, so there very well may be more to the story. Safesport’s transparency, or blatant lack thereof, certainly doesn’t help us understand their decisions though. I’m just getting frustrated with the idea that Safesport can hold someone responsible when legally the person walks away from it.… Read more »

Point of nuance – USA Swimming doesn’t adjudicate these cases anymore, the U.S. Center for Safe Sport does. As for the loopholes, which again we don’t know because of the lack of transparency, possibilities are: 1) Pleading down to a lesser offense, especially in the 1980s, does not mean the same thing as not sexually assaulting someone. 2) Statutes of limitations (this could be the case in several other incidents of banned coaches, though it doesn’t appear to be the case here, since he plead out). The USCFSS has no statutes of limitations. 3) Criminal trespass is arguably still a violation of the Code of Conduct. I would take a stab that there’s a lot of coaches who have a… Read more »

John Bradley

USA Swimming is a membership organization. They can determine their member’s status regarding personal conduct (within limits) of what is legal and not legal. Much like a civil case which is not held to the same standard of proof as a criminal case, the standard of evidence does not have to be as high for an NGB’s tribunal. Your assumption of the legal system providing a remedy for these cases is one of the biggest issues the SafeSport movement has to deal with. In one case the legal system allowed a victim’s parents the ability to get a settlement for their child and allowed the coach to continue to have a job. Was that right for all of the athletes… Read more »


The deals that are struck within the justice system to expedite the criminal justice process and minimize resources spent on trials often result in what many would consider disproportionately lenient convictions/punishments, but that doesn’t mean that the worse crime wasn’t committed. It’s just extremely expensive and time consuming to try a case through to the end, and the government has a vested interest in getting trials like this over with rather than dragging them out. This guy will be able to get other jobs to support himself, but if he committed the crimes listed, then he probably shouldn’t be working closely with kids regardless of when the event in question happened. Everyone’s gotta eat, but he should make his living… Read more »


This is the same toxic mentality that caused the sex abuse scandal for USAS. Oh the cries of the old board members that we can’t police our own because we can’t deny a man the right to make a living. Get ahold of yourself. Rapists whether convicted or pleading to a lesser charge should not be in this sport.

Swim Mom

Get a hold of yourself. To call someone a rapist without a conviction is unfair.


And I’m sure you stand by Scott McFarland too.



Swim Mom

This is just sad. A court that had all of the facts determined the crime did not occur. This is the result of a disgruntled parent digging into a person’s past when they do not have all of the facts. His future should not be determined by an accusation from when he was a minor. A court dismissed the charge. He has been professional on deck and has not had any incidents in the past 25 plus years. Unfortunately the sport has some entitled parents that will stop at nothing to destroy a person . As a parent of a child that he has coached, he has not posed a threat or danger to athletes. This ban is completely ridiculous.… Read more »

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