Stanford Takes American, NCAA Records in 200 Medley Relay with 1:33.11


The Stanford Cardinal took the American and NCAA records tonight in the 200 medley relay, outswimming Cal and Indiana who both were also under the old marks. Ally Howe, Kim WilliamsJanet Huand Simone Manuel combined for 1:33.11 to win the national title.

Howe split 23.54 to start the relay off and tie Ali Rockett for the fastest lead-off backstroke leg of the field. Then Kim Williams was 26.50 on the breast and Janet Hu went 22.62 on fly. The team was 1:12.66 at the 150, behind Indiana, who was 1:12.10 (spurred on by a monster fastest-of-all-time 25.38 leg from Lilly King).

That left Simone Manuel a .56 deficit to make up in her 50 free, and she did it. Manuel posted 20.45 to pull ahead of Indiana (Grace Haskett: 21.79) and hold off Cal, who chose to keep Abbey Weitzeil on breast (26.68) and Amy Bilquist on free (20.95).

The three teams held the fastest three swims in history coming into the race, and after tonight, Stanford has secured their place on top. You can see a comparison below.


  1. Stanford (Ally Howe, Kim Williams, Janet Hu, Simone Manuel), 2018 NCAAs: 1:33.11
  2. Cal (Kathleen Baker, Abbey Weitzeil, Noemie Thomas, Amy Bilquist), 2018 NCAAs: 1:33.85
  3. Indiana (Ali Rockett, Lilly King, Christine Jensen, Grace Haskett), 2018 NCAAs: 1:33.89
  4. Cal (Kathleen Baker, Abbey Weitzeil, Noemie Thomas, Farida Osman), 2017 NCAAs: 1:34.10
  5. Stanford (Ally Howe, Sarah Haase, Janet Hu, Lia Neal), 2016 NCAAs: 1:34.15
  6. Indiana (Ali Rockett, Lilly King, Christine Jensen, Grace Haskett), 2017 Purdue Invite: 1:34.16


Stanford, 2018 CAL, 2018 INDIANA, 2018 CAL, 2017 STANFORD, 2016 INDIANA, 2018
Howe (23.54) Baker (23.56) Rockett (23.54) Baker (23.62) Howe (23.62) Rockett (23.63)
Williams (26.50) Weitzeil (26.68) King (25.38) Weitzeil (26.67) Haase (26.20) King (25.84)
Hu (22.62) Thomas (22.66) Jensen (23.18) Thomas (22.70) Hu (22.82) Jensen (22.67)
Manuel (20.45) Bilquist (20.95) Haskett (21.79) Osman (21.11) Neal (21.51) Haskett (22.02)
1:33.11 1:33.85 1:33.89 1:34.10 1:34.15 1:34.16

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2 years ago

Bilquist 20.9

Reply to  Swimmerj
2 years ago

Simone Manuel 20.45….the fastest in history. ??

Reply to  E+Gamble
2 years ago

I think Simone was pissed after that 200 Free and ready to go!

2 years ago

Amazing swims for all young ladies!

2 years ago

Would love to see any videos of tonight’s races from someone!!

The Grand Inquisitor
Reply to  Swimfish87
2 years ago
Reply to  The Grand Inquisitor
2 years ago

Ha ha…..

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