Sprint Training with Loofahs and Relay Starts | LSU SWIMMING WORKOUT VIDEO

SwimSwam took a visit to Baton Rouge, where the LSU tigers are in full swing of their winter training. This Monday PM practice was focusing on relay takeovers as well as a little bit of anaerobic endurance. The men and women would switch from relay exchanges to speed work, using a shower loofah (instead of a typical swim parachute) for resistance. Head coach Rick Bishop likes the loofah as opposed to a parachute because you can swim at top speed with resistance without it hindering technique.

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8 months ago

That last relay start was CLOSE

Tea rex
8 months ago

Sprinters… going to “practice” need their loofah, rubber ducky, bubble bath, aromatherapy candles….

8 months ago

Can’t do enough relay starts

8 months ago

Dude my team uses loofahs but I thought no one else would ever subject themselves to that torture!

Demarrit Steenbergen
Reply to  OH! IO!
8 months ago

Wait till you hear about parachutes

Reply to  Demarrit Steenbergen
8 months ago

Chutes and drag sox and loofahs and brick board…GO!

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