Sjöström, Hosszu, Kromowidjojo highlight Bergen Swim Festival, Norway

10th Bergen Swim Festival

The 10th Bergen swim festival is held in the Alexander Dale Oen Arena. The name-giver of the arena was a Norwegian star who won his country’s first Olympic swimming medal in 2008, finishing second in the 100m breaststroke. He died suddenly from a heart attack which was caused by chronic, undetected coronary heart disease on April 30, 2012 – just 26 years old.

Hungarian swim star Daniel Gyurta gave a replica of his 2012 Olympic 200m breaststroke gold medal in tribute to Dale Oen to his parents. Guyrta also was present when a statue to honor Dale Oen was unveiled.

Daniel Gyurta with Alexander Dale Oen Statue, courtesy of

Three time Olympic champion Katinka Hosszu and Dutch swim stars like 2012 Olympic gold medalist Ranomi Kromowidjojo and her teammates  Femke Heemskerk and Jesse Puts attend the 10th Bergen Swim Festival.

The starting field will be strenghtend with another world class swimmer: Olympic champion Sarah Sjöström is set to race on the weekend.

Denmark’s backstroke star Mie Nielsen and her teammate Viktor Bromer will join the competition which will serve as FINA approved qualification meet for the World Championships in Budapest in July.

27,500 Euro (30,000 $) prize money will be awarded. Knock-out swims in the 50m butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke will also create excitement for the audience and the swimmers.

Prize Money (1., 2., 3. – in USD)

Super finals: 350 – 145 – 85 $ – in cash

Senior: 350 – 145 – 85 $ – in cash

Junior: 60 – 35 – 25 $- in cash

Disabled: 60 – 35 – 25 $ – in cash

Best overall performances according to FINA-2016 listings achieved during finals gets following prize money (only one prize per participant):

1. place 1160 $
2. place 580 $
3. place 290 $


1. place  580 $
2. place  290 $
3. place 145 $

The venue consists of a 50-meter pool holding Olympic standard, diving facilities, water slides and training pool. In addition the building has a multipurpose hall, cafe and also houses Amalie Skram Videregående Skole (high school).

Event Setup 2017

Prelims Friday

1 400 IM Women
2 400 IM Men
3 50 backstroke Women
4 50 backstroke Men
5 100 Breaststroke Women
6 100 Breaststroke Men
7 200 Butterfly Women
8 200 Butterfly Men
9 100 Freestyle Women
10 100 Freestyle Men

Finals Friday

400 IM Women
400 IM Men
50 backstroke(Knock-out) Women
50 backstroke(Knock-out) Men
100 Breaststroke Women
100 Breaststroke Men
200 Butterfly Women
200 Butterfly Men
100 Freestyle Women
100 Freestyle Men

1 Junior final and senior final in each event

Prelims Saturday

11 200 Freestyle Men
12 200 Freestyle Women
13 50 Butterfly Men
14 50 Butterfly Women
15 200 Breaststroke Men
16 200 Breaststroke Women
17 100 Backstroke Men
18 100 Backstroke Women
19 200 IM Men
20 200 IM Women

Finals Saturday

200 Freestyle Men
200 Freestyle Women
50 Butterfly(Knock-out) Men
50 Butterfly(Knock-out) Women
200 Breaststroke Men
200 Breaststroke Women
100 Backstroke Men
100 Backstroke Women
200 IM Men
200 IM Women
21 1500 Freestyle(1 heat only, 8 swimmers) Men
22 800 Freestyle(1 heat only/8 swimmers) Women

Prelims Sunday

23 400 Freestyle Women
24 400 Freestyle Men
25 50 Breastroke Women
26 50 Breastroke Men
27 100 Butterfly Women
28 100 Butterfly Men
29 200 Backstroke Women
30 200 Backstroke Men
31 50 Freestyle Women
32 50 Freestyle Men

Finals Sunday


50 Freestyle(Semifinals) Women
50 Freestyle(Semifinals) Men
400 Freestyle Women
400 Freestyle Men
50 Breastroke(Knock-out) Women
50 Breastroke(Knock-out) Men
100 Butterfly Women
100 Butterfly Men
200 Backstroke Women
200 Backstroke Men
50 Freestyle(Final) Women
50 Freestyle(Final) Men



Junior Women: born 2000-2004
Junior Men:  born 1999-2004

Senior Women:  born 1999 and older
Senior Men: born 1998 and older










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7 years ago

The women freestyle sprint events may happen to be exiting.
It would be interesting to check if Sjostrom was tapered in Stockholm last month and if it is so then how she keeps her form. She still isn’t scheduled for 200 freestyle despite it will be an easy money.
2016 wasn’t very successful for Heemskerk. Not sure if she is still a factor at sprint but she has not bad 200 this season. Will she did the same to money thirsty Hosszu as what Bonnet has done in Amiens?
Besides that don’t see much of competition on women side.

Reply to  Prickle
7 years ago

Sjostrom was tapered i Stockholm, but she was fighting a cold early in the meet(don’t think it was much of a factor after day 1).. I would have to think she’s in a training period now to make up for some lost ground this winter, so could go either way this meet. By either way I don’t mean that there’s a chance she’s bad, but that she very well could be slower than Stockholm.

Sjostrom will not be swimming 200 freestyle this season and Sweden will not be sending a 800 relay team.

Reply to  Joe
7 years ago

I know, Joe about this 200 event. But this is a training meet and 200 will be an easy win, unless Femke wants it badly. Pick up this $350 and buy a pizza or ice cream to all children on stands. I just don’t want Hosszu to have it. 🙂