Siobahn Haughey Comments on 200 IM DQ, Bouncing Back (Video)


Reported by Torrey Hart.

Michigan senior Siobhan Haughey, the No. 4 seed in the 200 IM, was disqualified Wednesday morning in prelims with the given reason being that she did multiple dolphin kicks in her underwater pull off the second breaststroke wall.

Her time of 1:53.88 would have made her the No. 7 qualifier of the morning, and her DQ allowed Indiana senior Bailey Andison to make the A-final, and Florida’s Vanessa Pearl to make the B-final.

We have video of her turn from multiple angles, however, and we cannot identify where the official saw multiple dolphin kicks in the footage.

You can watch the full race below, with Haughey in lane 5. Above her in lane 4 is Tennessee’s Meghan Small and below her in 6 is Cal’s Izzy Ivey. Then, you can watch her second turn specifically.

Take a look at Haughey’s second wall for yourself:

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that a high-profile swimmer got DQed for multiple fly kicks. Cal’s Matthew Josa, who also would have been the No. 7 qualifier, was DQed for the same reason at NCAAs two years ago.

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2 years ago

It looks like Ivey took two kicks. Haughey was robbed. But very impressed by her positive attitude about it.

Reply to  Oldmanswimmer
2 years ago

She definitely did take two kicks, i have no idea how they didn’t catch her but somehow thought Haughey did a double kick

Reply to  Oldmanswimmer
2 years ago

When you review the video at different speeds, looks like Isabel Ivey pulled down on the pullout which caused the extra kick, and Haughey did take an extra kick based on the foot movement.

Reply to  swimmerTX
2 years ago

Undulation is allowed in the pullout which is what happened with Haughey, Ivey has two very obvious dolphin kick motions throughout her pullout

Reply to  Oldmanswimmer
2 years ago

it seems like the judge raised his hand right after Ivey took the second kick….

Susan McNair
2 years ago

Siobhan Haughey is one class act. Articulate and mature and honest. She turned what must have been an agonizing situation into something good for her team. Michigan has much to be proud of.

2 years ago

Please leave the officiating to the officials. Most people don’t know this, each violation is not as simple as raising your hand and filling out the DQ slip–there is a process involved. It is not perfect and mistakes do happen, but every violation is taken seriously and any benefit of the doubt goes to the swimmers. Please keep in mind that the lane officials are in the best positions to observe the race.

Reply to  FormerN2
2 years ago

Yes, but this does not justify disqualifying the wrong swimmer. This is a case where the benefit of the doubt did not go to the swimmer, and it’s quite shocking that multiple officials made the same false observation in order for this DQ to occur.

2 years ago

I hope that in the future video review becomes universally accepted as a means of appeal and, frankly, for national-level meets with approved camera equipment, a necessary part of the process by which DQ’s are initially confirmed.

2 years ago

I definitely no a Meeechegun fan BUT right is right and she got mis-judged. I hope the gentleman who made the call will not be allowed on te deck as an official save for a summer league meet AND only if he buys NEW GLASSES and takes his meds!!!

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