Simone Manuel Got to See Michelle Obama for a 3rd Time (Video)

Reported by Nick Pecoraro.


  • Olympic Trials Cut: 25.99
  1. Simone Manuel – 24.75
  2. Margo Geer – 24.78
  3. Farida Osman – 25.12

While Margo Geer looked strong into the last 15 meters, Simone Manuel had the stronger last stroke to out-touch Geer by 0.03. Manuel won the event in a 24.75, Geer took second in a 24.78.

Taking third place was Egypt-native Farida Osman with a 25.12. Taking fourth by 0.06 seconds was Olivia Smoliga in a 25.18.

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I think it is Michelle Obama who should be honored to meet with Simone Manual. Simone means much more for many young girls with what she accomplished. And the major difference between them is that Simone acts and Michelle talks (except the act of marrying Barack Obama and maybe encouraging him).


Lol I’m no fan of Obama either but come on. Michelle means way way way more to young women than Simone


😀 I like this discussion about female’s preferences between two persons where the first one isn’t a fan of women’s swimming (based on your name) and another one isn’t black and isn’t a woman. 😀

cynthia curran

I’m somewhat a moderate libertarian, so no great fan of the Obama’s but this was important to Simone who has different politics than myself.


You can respect both women without putting either one down. Come on man

25 free champ

for once i agree with yozhik. simone has accomplished much more. she may not mean more to people but she’s done more difficult things. marrying someone who becomes president isn’t an accomplishment.

Karl Sohlberg


E Gamble

Michelle Obama’s charity has raised more than 3.5 billion dollars to help educate poor girls around the world. I think Simone Manuel has it correct.


Seriously!?!?! How many people on this site have accomplished even a tiny fraction of what these two ladies have accomplished??? To compare ones importance over the other is absurd. How about just appreciating the extraordinary lives these two ladies have so far led? If my two girls could emulate these women, I would be one proud papa.


Wow. Sacrificing your career aspirations to be a mom and a huge support to your (President) husband counts for nothing, I guess. Sure hope you never have a family with that attitude.


Do I really have to associate Michelle Obama now with Simone everytime Simone swims? Can’t anything remain apolitical? I know I am free to choose not to watch Simone swim, but do we have to polarize and politicize everything? Build your own life–these days politicians are the last people that should be looked to for reflected glow.


Sports and athletes have always been political. Deal wit it

I don’t understand much of the debate (in all comments). First Ladies are a big deal, from either political party. As an Olympic athlete you typically meet First Ladies and the President. I met Reagan, Bush (Daddy Bush) and Clinton. Each moment was positive, a celebrate of some kind, and an honor. I think sports transcends party “most” of the time. Not always, but often it does. It’s an honor that Simone met with Michelle Obama, and it’s newsworthy.


A LOT OF LOVE for Simone AND Michelle Obama. We named our daughter after Simone, and we think Michelle Obama is one of the best role models for young girls out there. Just putting this up to balance out some of the poo above.

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