Russian Olympic Training Camp Relocated From Osaka To Vladivostok

State-run Russian media site TASS has reported that the Russian Olympic swim team will be conducting the first stage of their pre-Tokyo training camp in Lake Krugloye before heading to Vladivostok for the second portion.

The team was originally planning on completing the second half of the camp in Osaka, Japan. That would place them in the country where the Games will be held a few weeks ahead of the first swimming session on July 24.

Vladivostok is Russia’s largest port city on the Pacific Coast of the country with a population of over 600,000. The city is about an 8-and-a-half hour flight from Moscow, but is only about a two hour and 15 minute flight to Tokyo. Vladivostok is +1 hour time zone versus Tokyo, and is only slightly west of Tokyo on latitude.

Russia previously camped there before the 2019 World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea, which is also very close.

Head coach of the team Sergei Chepik explained that despite the original plan to train in Osaka, “the training camp will take place before we leave for Vladivostok on July 6. All athletes, including the leaders, are in perfect order.”

The reason for the change of plans seems to be a lack of communication from Osaka regarding the conditions of the camp.

“We are waiting for how the situation will develop. While we are waiting for clear answers from Osaka on the conditions, but they are still silent. the decision to stay in Vladivostok until the end” said Chepik. “If Osaka nevertheless proposes conditions that will suit us, then we will accept them. But 99% that we will stay in Vladivostok since the Japanese are still silent.”

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, several Japanese cities and towns have canceled foreign training camps.

The first stage of the camp began on June 10, 2021, which gives the team roughly a month at Lake Krugloye before they head to Vladivostok.

Chepik added that it is likely that the U.S.-based Vlad Morozov will likely not participate in either portion of the camp and will likely join the team in Tokyo. He also said that they have yet to hear from Yuliya Efimova regarding her plans and they aren’t sure whether she will join the camp in Vladivostok or if she will, like Morozov, meet the team in Tokyo. Efimova is normally based in the U.S., but has been training in Europe amid the ongoing Mare Nostrum series.

With the recent addition of Grigory Tarasevich in the men’s 200 backstroke, the most recent version of the 2021 Russian Olympic squad includes the following names:

Athlete Event
Ilya Borodin 200 m individual medley
400 m individual medley
Anton Chupkov 100 m breaststroke
200 m breaststroke
Ilya Druzhinin 800 m freestyle
Ivan Girev 200 m freestyle
Kliment Kolesnikov 50 m freestyle
100 m freestyle
100 m backstroke
Aleksandr Kudashev 200 m butterfly
Martin Malyutin 200 m freestyle
400 m freestyle
Kirill Martynychev 1500 m freestyle
Andrey Minakov 100 m freestyle
100 m butterfly
Vladimir Morozov 50 m freestyle
Kirill Prigoda 100 m breaststroke
200 m breaststroke
Evgeny Rylov 100 m backstroke
200 m backstroke
Maxim Stupin 400 m individual medley
Grigory Tarasevich 200 m backstroke
Mikhail Vekovishchev 100 m butterfly
Aleksandr Yegorov 400 m freestyle
800 m freestyle
1500 m freestyle
Andrey Zhilkin 200 m individual medley
Vladislav Grinev
Kliment Kolesnikov
Andrey Minakov
Vladimir Morozov
4 × 100 m freestyle relay
Ivan Girev
Martin Malyutin
Aleksandr Krasnykh
Alexander Shchegolev
4 × 200 m freestyle relay
Kliment Kolesnikov
Andrey Minakov
Kirill Prigoda
Evgeny Rylov
4 × 100 m medley relay


Athlete Event
Evgenia Chikunova 100 m breaststroke
200 m breaststroke
Svetlana Chimrova 100 m butterfly
Anna Egorova 400 m freestyle
800 m freestyle
Anastasia Fesikova 100 m backstroke
Maria Kameneva 50 m freestyle
100 m freestyle
100 m backstroke
Anastasiya Kirpichnikova 400 m freestyle
800 m freestyle
Arina Surkova 50 m freestyle
100 m butterfly
Maria Temnikova 200 m breaststroke
Daria Ustinova 200 m backstroke
Yuliya Yefimova 100 m breaststroke
Maria Kameneva
Elizaveta Klevanovich
Arina Surkova
Daria S Ustinova
4 × 100 m freestyle relay
Veronika Andrusenko
Anna Egorova
Anastasiya Kirpichnikova
Valeriya Salamatina
4 × 200 m freestyle relay
Anastasia Fesikova
Maria Kameneva
Arina Surkova
Yuliya Yefimova
4 × 100 m medley relay

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3 months ago

That’s a dream team of a men’s 400 free relay right there – 4 guys who can do a 47.XX from a flat start and go 47 low or better on a relay start. Russia wins this as long as Kolesnikov recovers from the 100 back semifinal fine. I expect Held and Apple to swim solid legs, but if Dressel and the Pieroni/Rooney/Adrian leg both go 47 mid, then that would be doom for the US relay.

3 months ago

Makes a lot of sense given the small time difference between Vladivostok and Tokyo, not to mention the short travel distance.

Corn Pop
3 months ago

Fun fact – US invaded Russia in a joint Archangelisk & Vladivostok mission in 1918-20 . I think it was not a success.