RACE VIDEO: Caio Pumputis Hits 48.4 In 100-Yard IM

Jared Anderson
by Jared Anderson 6

September 28th, 2020 News

Georgia Tech senior Caio Pumputis hit one of the faster 100 IMs on record, per a race video posted by a coach.

The video shows Pumputis going 48.4 in the 100-yard IM. Pumputis is wearing a racing suit, but the post suggests the swim came after a Swim Across America mile swim:

The 100-yard IM is a bit of a novelty event – it’s not included in the NCAA Championships, though it technically could be added to any conference championship meet. Per our previous reporting, the fastest men’s time ever on record is a 47.06 hit by Matt Grevers in a race against Michael Phelps and David Nolan back in 2016.

Michael Andrew has been 47.34 in the race, the fastest time in USA Swimming’s historical database. Only a few others have been faster than Pumputis in database-official swims. That list includes Simon Burnett (47.44), Adam Mania (48.18), Shane Ryan (48.24), Mark Gangloff (48.30), Giles Smith (48.42), David Plummer (48.43) and Alex Tyler (48.44).

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2 years ago

I want that ISL 100IM !! Vlad v Dressel v Manadou would be so fun

Reply to  THEO
2 years ago

Dressel’s 100 IM would technically be a 44. something wtf

Joe Mama
2 years ago

100im would be the perfect NCAA event-who cares about distance swimmers we want more sprint events!

Distance Swimmer
Reply to  Joe Mama
2 years ago

X Glide
2 years ago

I know this isn’t a database-official swim, but didn’t SwimSwam have a video of Ryan Held going a 47.9 100 IM after practice in a brief at Indiana?

X Glide
Reply to  X Glide
2 years ago

Nvm. It was in a Cody Miller vlog and I don’t think it was timed lol

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