China’s Pre-Competition Fitness Tests Reportedly Here To Stay


  • September 26th – October 2nd
  • Qingdao, China
  • LCM (50m)
  • Results via Asian Media

If you’ve been following our coverage of the 2020 Chinese Swimming Championships, then you know there has been some controversy regarding the pre-competition fitness tests installed by the national federation.

Per Xinhuanet, according to the requirements of the General Administration of Sports of China, only those who passed the pre-competition physical tests standard can qualify for the championships finals. The swimmers took part in vertical jumps, 30-meter sprints, pull-ups, trunk muscle strength training, and 3,000-meter runs in the two-day physical tests, with only the top 8 performers able to advance in the pool.

We’ve reported how the likes of Yu Hexin, the man who yesterday just became China’s fastest ever 50m freestyle with a national record of 21.79, was denied a final swim due to these conditions.

Wang Jianjiahe, the 18-year-old who snagged a Chinese national and Asian continental record in the 1500m free (15:45.59), was also shut out of the final due to not having qualified according to the fitness tests.

“It’s not like we’re overlooking the importance of physical strength,” Wang told domestic media. “I think deciding the top eight based on physical tests is somewhat deficient.” (Sixth Tone)

Fu Yuanhui, bronze medalist at the 2016 Olympic Games, was also a swimmer denied an additional swim.

“I was training for the physical tests before the championships — hardcore training,” Fu told domestic media. “I’ve made great progress on that, despite my missing out on the final.” (Sixth Tone)

Zhou Jihong, president of the Chinese Swimming Association, said Sunday that ‘domestic athletes lack basic physical training, and the new rule will only make them stronger.’ As such, these pre-competition fitness tests will continue at future meets.

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2 years ago

If a cyclist had to make a certain swim time to be on a team, that team would never win as upper body weight from the swim muscles would not help while cycling. Same thing here. There is a correct physique for each sport.

6-Beat Kick
2 years ago

Without cursing: That’s about the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard.

2 years ago

So apparently the dude in charge of the General Administration of Sports is Guo Zhongwen. As far as I can tell he has had no prior sporting background before taking up the role in 2017.

This is wack

tea rex
2 years ago

Can Michael Andrew even BIKE 3000 meters straight?

tea rex
2 years ago

To make the Japanese sumo team, you need 10 pull ups and run a 5 minute mile.

2 years ago

@Clown Show

2 years ago

I love the implication that someone who can go 21.79 in the 50 is ‘lacking in basic physical training’…

Reply to  nerd
2 years ago

He should have been able to do a standing backflip if he wanted to swim 1 length of the pool

2 years ago

Biggest bruh moment in swimming this year.

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