Daily Swim Coach Workout #229

by Dan Dingman 0

September 28th, 2020 Swimming Workouts, Training

SwimSwam’s daily swimming workout series is a collection of workouts written by coaches from a variety of backgrounds. All daily swimming workouts have been written using Commit Swimming. The workouts themselves are not indicative of SwimSwam’s or Commit’s views on training. They strictly reflect the opinions of the author swim coach.

Workout Context

  • Purpose:  Base building
  • Target age group:  19-22 years old
  • Target level:  National/ Collegiate Level
  • Weeks until target meet:  3 weeks
  • Team Location:  United States
  • Course:  25 Yards
  • Shared workout link:  Click here to view this workout on commitswimming.com

The Workout

Recruits visiting today

10:00 dynamic warm-up on deck
5:00 couch stretch, toe stretch and review workout
Warm-up your choice 1-2-3
    1 x 1200 on 20:00
Threshold-descend to speed
    3 x 100 on 1:25 DPS-Strong-Lactacte Production
    Rest 2:00
    3 x 50 on 1:00 [Men :30-:27-:24, Women :32-30-:28 or faster
    Rest 2:00
    4 x 25 on :45 fists, DBPO tempo drill (head-up swim, BR/FL with flutter kick

Tempo/Power set [from running start/relay start]
        2 x 25 on :40 95% effort with sox
        :20 sox off
        3 x 25 on :40 95% effort with 6DKUW+BRK4 cycles
        :20 sox on
    Rest 1:30
        4 x 25 on :40 with sox O: max effort E: freestyle technique focus on balance
        :20 sox off
        4 x 25 on :40 no sox O: max effort with UWDK to 12 E: freestyle technique focus on balance
        :20 sox on
    Rest 1:30 add fins, pads optional to feel strong and fast
        4 x 25 on :40 with sox O: max effort E: Bear Claw Drill
        :20 sox off
        4 x 25 on :40 no sox O: max effort with UWDK to 12 E: freestyle technique focus on balance
        :20 sox on
2:00 rest to sort lanes and keep fins

Aerobic Kick set
        3 x 25 on :25 flutter kick
        1 x 50 on :50 DKOB
        1 x 25 on :50 DKUW
        2 x 25 on :25 flutter kick
        1 x 50 DKOB
        2 x 25 DKUW
Aerobic swim
    5 x 100 on 1:20 cruise, may pull with pads or swim, keep SPL under 12

Skills [starts in lap pool]
1 x 200 on 14:00 relay starts with judging platform

Coach Notes

The swim coach was asked to define any shorthand he or she used in this workout. Their notes should provide some additional context to this swimming workout.

Warmup 1-2-3: we have 3 standard warm-ups they can choose from based on personal preference, all take 20 minutes, distance varies

DKOB: Dolphin kick on back
DKUW: Dolphin kick underwater
Bear Claw drill: search Phlex swim, goes by other names as well, connecting recovering arm to pulling arm to generate more power
SPL: Strokes per length

Matt Williams
Assistant Coach/Sprint Group Coach/Recruiting Coordinator, Northern Michigan University

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