Proposed Changes to NCAA Championship Qualifications

by Garrett McCaffrey 12

June 01st, 2012 College, News

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jeff gustavson

It’s great to see you both back together….


How many ADs are going to pay for relay swimmers to go and not swim any individual events? Answer- zero. Instead of a numerical cap, why not go to a flat number in each event. e.g. top 22 individuals and top 12 relays get invites. Anyone in swims all B cuts and schools can enter relays w b cuts and swim invited swimmers. Sounds reasonable to me. Do I need to be in charge? 🙂

Calbearfan – I think what people don’t like about that is the uncertainty. They want to know exactly how fast they need to go to make the meet, or at least have some sort of “guaranteed” standard in play.


My opionion is this new proposal is an over-reaction to this past year. I doubt any Athletic Director’s are going to be excited to pay for their swimmers to go to the meet as relay only. The old method seemed perfectly fair to me, everyone knew the rules and had the same opportunity to earn an invitation either as an individual or relay. The new proposal seems okay too, the top teams will still not have to fully rest their stud swimmer who can swim a top 30 time in season and blast it at NCAAs so really don’t see where things are going to change much frankly. We are just going to add a lot of swimmers with little… Read more »

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