Paralympic Swimmer Will Perry Speaks Out After Post About Abuse Goes Viral

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British Paralympic swimmer Will Perry has gained attention after posting on Instagram last week about an interaction that for him is all too common. After having a frustrating day, he went to the grocery store, hoping for a quiet trip to buy household food. Instead, he was ridiculed because of his size by 3 teenage girls. This prompted a rage-fueled post to his Instagram page, calling for the bullying and abuse to stop and for people with dwarfism, such as himself, to be treated as equals to those without it.

Perry joins us on the podcast to speak on his journey through dwarfism, swimming, and what he hopes to accomplish in and out of the pool moving forward.

Follow Will Perry on Instagram here.


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Elizabeth Williams
4 months ago

I am disgusted that this type of behaviour is seen as acceptable. Any hate crime should be stopped. Will Perry, I think you have done so well to bring this to the forefront. Well done you

Dave Maini
4 months ago

Having read this article, I’m more than willing to speak up in a tactful way if I see anyone making fun because of someone’s height. It’s the only way to move things on so they change. So those facing prejudice can be able to just live their lives like anyone else. It’s not too much to ask is it?

4 months ago

Yeah, mean girls are out there. Not all girls are sugar and spice and everything nice.

Reply to  Marklewis
4 months ago

Probably not the right takeaway from this situation . . .

Corn Pop
Reply to  Meow
4 months ago

So what is?

Reply to  Corn Pop
4 months ago

Both men and women, as well as girls, boys, and individuals outside the gender binary can be cruel to individuals with disabilities and non-typical physical presentations. Ableism is real and experienced every day by people with disabilities and it’s hurtful and harmful and wrong.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Katie
4 months ago

You have gone on a generic rant & not answered .

An alternate situation ( I believe in Britain ) a similar young man & his median height date were seated at a restaurant & a staff member came & gave him a colouring book & crayons. Im sure these things happen all the time but it was not meant to cut him.down like these girls intended.

We know what it is & they were not thinking binary or gender rights Katie .

Last edited 4 months ago by Corn Pop
4 months ago

Who raises teenagers who think it’s okay to ridicule someone about their appearance?

Big Mac #1
Reply to  Joel
4 months ago

I don’t think the parents intend, it is the way people are portrayed in media

Reply to  Big Mac #1
4 months ago

That likely will be the worst hot-take of the year… and we’re only 2 weeks into January

Reply to  John
4 months ago

Speedrunning like the klete keller jan 6 2021 article, i see

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