Open Turn, Episode 1: A Record Breaking Weekend to Remember

In Episode 1 of Open Turn, Braden “The Machine” Keith and Garrett McCaffrey discuss the record breaking swims at the Minnesota Grand Prix and the Florida High School State Championships. While all the record breaking swims were happening here state-side the FINA World Cup Series wrapped up and sent Katinka Hosszu home with over $150, 000. Kenneth To won the men’s $100,000 grand prize, one of very few positive headlines in the Australian swimming media. What’s up with Australia in panic mode down under? Braden and Garrett discuss that and more on Open Turn!

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7 years ago

I understand Braden’s point about the private school aspect of that relay, but private schools have been around for a long, long, long time. Only two other relays in the history of high school swimming ever went under 3:00 before those boys did the first time in October, unshaved. This time, they annihilated that record. I think that BECAUSE Murphy could gone 45.3 swimming for any school is precisely what makes a team effort on that relay so incredible. To put those performances together, for all of them to be so great at one time and to be so much faster than anyone has ever considered going is unique in its excellence.

Way to go boys.

Reply to  manofthefred
7 years ago

There are ‘ordinary’ private and prep schools, and then there are a handful of schools that draw from far beyond the channels that the typical private or prep school draws from. Bolles is one of those handfuls that goes beyond, and has developed a reputation for being a place to send a talented junior who has already outgrown a fairly small pond in their home country. They’re way beyond the scope you see at a Germantown or Peddie in that regard. Add in students from a few other schools like Pine Crest, St. Andrews, etc. and the FHSAA 1A state championship is also typically the de facto Caribbean junior championships in most years. “Since 1972 Bolles has had swimmers… Read more »

Reply to  beachmouse
7 years ago

Thank you. This is why i think there maybe should be American and Open HS records. I know there are private and public school records, but that doesn’t do it for me. There are great HS programs out there that produce just as well as Bolles and Sergio (New Trier, Carmel, Hershey, etc.) but don’t have the potential national and world wide drawing power. No one will move from Singapore or Oregon to Hershey, PA to attend Hershy HS and train there. Even thought arguably they would do just as well. Despite what Sergio says about not recruiting (I believe him) Bolles does have a distinct advantage in this area.

Cathy Durden
7 years ago

Two swim nerds talking about swimming for 20 minutes? Welcome to my new favorite segment on SwimSwam! Can’t wait for Episode 2!

7 years ago

I myself swim in Melbourne, Australia up to an Olympic trials cut level and am a swimming fanatic and it too amazes me how Alicia Coutts cant make a living. the money is clearly going to the wrong places with the CEO Kevin Neil being paid upward of $800,000 a year so I hear from some people. Alicia Coutts is not the only one that is under paid that is a top level athlete, unless you are have a Stephanie Rice, Eamon Sullivan or James Magnussen public profile you’re going to be doing it tough. And the sport isn’t struggling to make money either which again shows the lack of support by both the state and national level swimming organisations… Read more »

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No one lives the sport of swimming like Garrett McCaffrey. A Division I swimmer who spent 4 years covering the sport as a journalist, now coaches club swimming and competes as a masters swimmer, Garrett truly lives the sport of swimming. After graduating from University of Missouri’s award winning journalism program …

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